DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A college student from the University of North Texas in Denton has been diagnosed with a suspected case of tuberculosis. School spokesman Buddy Price confirmed the student’s diagnosis on Wednesday afternoon.

The student lives off-campus and is not attending classes while undergoing treatment for the disease. Price said that this case no longer poses any sort of threat to members of the UNT community. The campus was notified about the student on Wednesday morning.

Tuberculosis is very contagious and potentially severe. Symptoms include a fever, weight loss, a persistent cough, fatigue, night sweats and a rapid heart rate. The bacteria moves from one person to another through extended amounts of exposure. It is rare for a person to develop the disease after only limited contact.

Health officials with UNT have identified 27 other students who were in close contact with the infrected student. They are being tested for tuberculosis at the UNT Health Center on Wednesday.

This diagnosis comes on the heels of tuberculosis cases in the Ennis Independent School District and then in the Denton Independent School District. Despite the close proximity of UNT and the Denton ISD, university health officials do not believe that this case is related to those previous ones across North Texas.

Meanwhile, about 270 students and staff members at Denton High School were tested for tuberculosis on Tuesday. The results of their skin tests are expected on Thursday. School officials are expecting some positive results to come back, but that only means that those individuals had been exposed to the disease at some point. They might not currently have the disease. Those with positive test results will be referred to other doctors.