Occupy Dallas Can Continue Downtown Protest

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Under a deal reached Friday with city leaders, Occupy Dallas can continue its Wall Street protest at downtown’s Pioneer Park, until Sunday. After the weekend the group will have to move to an area behind Dallas City Hall.

A lawsuit, filed to protect the protesters from arrest, has not been withdrawn. But it may soon be a non-issue if all goes well with the planned move.

What these protesters want is not to be heard in court but for the public to hear them.

“We vote politicians in but once they get in there they either get bought or scared into voting the corporate way,” declared protester Nick Campbell. “It gets kind of scary.”

Campbell is a student and father. “I want to see corporations not have the power that they have. I want to see the citizens take back their country,” he said.

So, as of Friday, Occupy Dallas will continue its quiet protest in downtown Dallas: hoping to convince others to walk to the beat of a different drum.

Kooper Caraway said he is in it for the long haul. “A month, two months, three months, three years… as long as it takes,” he said.

Caraway said Occupy Dallas is his full-time job and community support is how he survives.

“They [supporters] bring in food every single day, they bring in water, they bring us towels, they do our laundry, they offer their home so we can shower there,” he said. “The community is what keeps us alive and they do that because they realize that we are representing them, because the congress and the senate are not representing them.”

Despite their problems with “the establishment”, attorneys for the group had nothing but good things to say about Dallas city attorneys. The two sides worked together on a deal that allows the protest to continue.

“They want the group to be able to express themselves legally and properly and we’ve gotten nothing but cooperation up until this point and we really appreciate that very much,” said Occupy Dallas attorney Cameron Gray.

Occupy Dallas had faced forced removal from downtown after their permit was revoked, because the group failed to obtain a $1 million insurance policy.


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  1. Jerry Frey says:

    Get the money out of politics. Campaign contributions are the nexus of corruption in the capitol. Reduce the amount of money involved in re-election, which really is the name of the game, by promulgating free air time during elections. Keep the current system for primaries.

    Lobbyists infest Washington like locusts in a cornfield.

    Protesters on Wall Street who represent anger, despair, and frustration with the status quowill begin making an impact on the Establishment’s consciousness when the protests are transferred to Pennsylvania Ave. and McClean, Va.


  2. Cal Jones says:

    THE WALL STREET PROTESTERS RESEMBLE MORE THE FRENCH REVOLUTIONARIES THAN THE FOUNDING FATHERS WHO SET UP THE US CONSTITUTION IN RESPONSE TO THE FRENCH LIBERALS. The 1% who have most of the wealth in this country earned it on the backs of the 99% who deserve this wealth according to Elizabeth Warren. Roseanne Barr Oct,. 3, 2011 proposed the next step: Bring back the guillotine and behead those who won’t give up wealth. Their lives which they have a inalienable right to and their wealth which they earned lawfully under the US Constitution are there for sacrifice to the people. On with it. Vive la revolution!

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