Cleburne Teen Strangled In Juvenile Center Tug-Of-War

By Chuck Schechner, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD & Jason Allen, CBS 11 News

GRANBURY (CBSDFW.COM) – A tug-of-war game inside juvenile detention has left a Cleburne teenager dead.

Jordan Adams, 14, and another inmate at the Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Center in Hood County were using a bed sheet for the game of tug-of-war between the cells.

Granbury Police Captain Alan Hines says it looks like Adams tied the sheet around his neck.

KRLD’s Chuck Schechner reports:

Hines says the boys could not see each other between the cells, so it is unclear if the other boy was unaware of Adams’ actions.  Detective Chris Cogdill says they are treating the case as a homicide. “Based on witness statements, I believe the actor knew that the victim was choking and continued to pull the bed sheet.”

The incident happened a week ago. Adams was rushed to a Fort Worth hospital and died Sunday from his injuries.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner says the boy died from asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Adams’ grandfather Cecil Hughes told CBS 11 he was hoping his grandson might get some help at the center.  “I guess the facility wasn’t the place to get it.”

The detention center is run by a private company, 4M Youth Services.  Hughes says the company told him someone checked on the boys ever 15 minutes.  That’s not sitting well with the grandfather.  “I just think they should have been watching them better than that, you know? Knowing all of them in there have got problems or they wouldn’t be in there.”

According to state records obtained by CBS 11, the facility hasn’t always met the state-mandated 15 minute standard.  In May of 2011, inspectors found room checks were exceeding the required time.  And in 2010, the facility was found to be deficient on at least two occasions of monitoring moderately suicidal youth every 10 minutes as the law requires.

Following the incident, the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission sent investigators to Granbury to determine how the choking could have happened in a facility equipped with guards and surveillance monitors.

The other boy, also 14, remains in the facility.  It will be up to Hood County authorities to decide if he will face any charges in connection to Adams’ death. He has not been identified.


One Comment

  1. mark lampkin says:

    The detention center is run by a private company, 4M Youth Services.
    The government cant do anything right. oh, wait, it was a private for profit company. not like we havent seen judges end kids to these camps to get kickbacks or anything. nah, that didnt happen. just wish i could pull up the link. when i was in the service the branches did all their own security and logistics. since bush and haaliburton with cheney and all, now we have blackwater providing security for the friggin MARINES!! at a cost of 10x per person than what the military provides. yea, all this privitization is a good thing, just ask any braindead republican

  2. tubby says:

    praise the Lord Jesus for the youth of america in jails,on drugs,hating their families,sex perverts,fat,lazy,useless,etc..america is doomed..and stupid grandpa,why dont you take care of your evil kids instead of dumping them off on the city jails???

    1. Laura says:

      This child was not evil, and how dare any adult even utter those words. I knew this boy, and he was sweet and kind, and loving. He just had a few problems, but dont we all.

      1. cyndy says:

        Laura this boys mother is my niece & I want to thank U for defending Jordan. Pray for this “Tubby” he needs it because, Jesus doesn’t like UGLY

    2. Christi Wilson says:

      Words cannot explain the pain that our family feels over the loss of this child, who you know NOTHING about. We have our friends and people we don’t know praying for our family. I will pray for you that some senseless tragedy NEVER happens to someone that you love.

      1. Karen says:

        My condolences to you and your family.

    3. Rene says:

      Tubby, You are an IDIOT!! You don’t know anything about Jordan! He was a sweet kid who didn’t deserve to die the way he did. All you see in the article is that he was in a Juvenile Detention Center, so he must of been a bad kid. You know nothing! What you should take from this story is that ADULTS were neglectful in supervising children! And now a child is dead because of it. You don’t know the story of why Jordan was there to begin with, and it’s not up to you to decide that a child is evil.

    4. LadyJustice says:

      OMG, this is my nephew and how can you say such a thing about a child. Either you do not have children or you your self are on drugsm hateing family, a sex pervert fat lazy usless ect. Did I hit the nail on the head.

    5. Jackie Wonderland says:

      I was right look at his/her screen name

    6. Samantha says:

      TO: Tubby, I bet you would think different if the shoes were on your feet or on a loved one of yours, Jordy was none of those that you talked about, He was a wonderful person! He shouldn’t have been in there, because really he didn’t do anything wrong, You don’t know his story so keep your mouth shut and respect the dead, This little guy was my cousin! And its a shame to see him go this way! Watch what you say next time

    7. Barbara C. says:


      it’s a shame there’s no law against being ignorant, small-minded, and just plain mean — you’d get life in prison.

      Don’t worry though; I’d visit you, and even bring a nice new sheet for you to use!

  3. darrell says:

    this is a privately owned company. the only important connection 4M has with these kids is an inmate number that gets them paid every month. everything else is just a dog and pony show done on the cheap.

  4. Crystal says:

    I dont think people should have the right to talk so negatively about something they obviously know nothing about.

    It’s a shame that your hearts are so cold and hard. How will you ever find peace in your life.

    My prayers go out to the family and friends of Jordan, the facility and the child on the other end of that sheet.

    My God be with all of you!!!

  5. Jeff D Johnson says:

    Something doesn’t smell right about this. Why would this young man tie the bed sheet around his own neck? That just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    1. Cheryl Cheney Fox says:

      I agree Jeff.. He was 14 and I can’t imagine he didn’t know NOT to tie a sheet around his neck and play tug of war… There is more to this story than what they have shared in the article. Just the same it is a sad story and I can’t imagine what his family is going through. My only thoughts are why do so many judge and blame?? It happened, the victim certainly holds some responsibility because he was certainly old enough to know better. This doesn’t negate the fact a child has died however.

      1. LadyJustice says:

        IF IT was a game maybe he thought he would have more strenght if he tied it that way, regardless of who why what how, there are two families (Jordons and the other childs) life torn apart. HOw about pray these family get through this, instead of judgeing children you dont know

  6. Tracy says:

    My heart goes out to this family. I know the sister (Amanda) of this boy. My prayers are with the family.

  7. Scott says:

    My nephew spent about 6 months in that Hell hole last year, and what happened to Jordan could have just as easily have happened to him. He was regularly abused by other kids in the place. If he complained, it only got worse for him. You know what his protection was? He would be told to stay in his pod while the perps got to have their regular privileges. The state really needs to investigate this place and either get it whipped into shape or shut it down.

  8. dumb says:

    Assisted suicide?

  9. Concerned says:

    tubby seems to be the one with an evil side. No child should be talked about that way! As for the center you should spend some time working there before making judgement! These people are not babysitting, this is a jail. Thank you Crystal for being concerned for all parties involved. We should all do the same

    1. Jackie Wonderland says:

      No they r not babysitters but they could get thier nose out of personal things and watch these kids. They dont work there because they enjoy helping these kids if they did this would NOT OF happened, They work there becuase it is a job,

  10. Laura says:

    I would like for all to see the web sight G>A>S>P. Our precious little jordan is gone, but perhaps awareness will save others lives… Life is so short, and we must take care of what God has given us. for he can take it in the wink of an eye.. I dont pass jusdgement as it is not my place, but Jordan was the sweetes little boy, and he was so very loved by his grandmother. Please people just pray for strength for all concerned. Especilly Tubby who really needs and understanding of life.

    1. Good Neighbor says:

      You are so right Laura more people need to think about everyone involved.

    2. Jackie Wonderland says:

      Laura I am one of Jordons aunt could u send me the URL to the site

  11. Good Neighbor says:

    Instead of pointing fingers people need to look at the big picture. This is a tragedy no matter how you look at it a young man passed away, another kids life will never be the same, all the people involved either family or staff at the center have to deal with this. To sit there and say it is negligence without knowing everything is absurd. How many parents watch there kids every single second of the day this could have happened in a home, a school anywhere it just so happened that it took place in a detention center. Now everyone is so quick to point fingers and place blame. Shame on everyone instead the attention should be placed on making sure that Jordan’s time on earth never be forgotten and to educate other young teens on how to handle different situations from bullying, to boredom to suicidal thoughts. Say a prayer for all involved the family, the friends, and the staff at the center who knows what they are having to deal with.

    1. Jackie Wonderland says:

      Last week a child in my town shot him self to death over being bullied at school, it is the detenion centers JOB to WATCH that is y cameras are in place to PREVENT things like this

  12. JuvyDO says:

    I 100% agree with Jackie. I have worked in Juvenile Detention and I’m sorry to say that job does attract adult bullies who don’t give a damn about the kids just a paycheck. I think there should be a complete investigation into it and find out what has really been going on. All the children in there are under the responsibilitie of the detention center and the DOs are responsible for their safety and care. I have 2 questions. 1 who was supposed to be monertering the cameras? And 2 who was supposed to be doing the walks? No way they should have missed what was going on between the cells!!! Just my opinion

    1. Amber says:

      If you worked in a Juvenile Detention Center then you would know, that cameras cannot be used as substitute to actual supervision of residents. The cameras are strictly there to record behaviors not supervise, so your first assumption is not only incorrect, it is irrelevant, because no one is “supposed to monitor the cameras”. Next, it is not who was supposed to do the walks, but were the walks down randomly within the fifteen minutes allowed by the standards? Was he high risk or moderate risk? Did they have any knowledge or indication that he was high or moderate risk? Until you can answer these questions, you cannot not assume what you have experienced is what is happening here. Let the investigators do their jobs. Lastly not all who are employed in the field are bullies out to pick on kids. There are a lot of good officers that do the job because they love kids.

  13. Cyndy says:

    Reserve judgement until you KNOW all the facts. Even then, keep your mouth shut if no useful purpose is served by adding your two cents.

  14. Samantha says:

    Jordy, ( Jordan) was my cousin! WONDERFUL Young man, So sad to see him go and the way he went, I wish they would have watched a little closer, and he would have probably still be here, Jordan has had a ROUGH life, and yet he was great! But he is in such a better place!! No one bullying him or hurting him where he is now! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU JORDY!!!

  15. JuvyDO says:

    1 there is a control room with a guard on duty 24/7 that. Are suppose to ( monitor) the cameras in the facility ! It’s NOT just recorded it is supposed to monitored at ALL times. 2. Do are assigned to walks so yes I would want to know who was responsible for the walk at that time. And 3 Yes there are some wonderful DOs my point is that it is a job that attracts adult bullies and they need to be sorted out and fired? Period.

  16. melissa says:

    first off i would like to sent my prayers out to the family. my son was recently sent to the granbury facility a month ago. he has mental health issues and is diagnosed with ptsd. in the month that he was there he was put on anti-depressants and was locked in his room for 6daysonly being aloud 30 minutes out. i didnt want my son to go to the placement but the courts found it was the proper place for him to go so he could receive mental health treatment and assured me it was a safe locked down facility with gaurds to watch over them while they were there. my son wrote me a letter while he was there letting me no of his fears of being beat up for his food. just today the kids from austin were taken out and brought back. my heART GOES OUT TO THE FAMILY. I WILL KEEP YOU ALL IN MY PRAYERS. REST IN PEACE JOSHUA.

  17. Laura says: web sight that all should visit

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