ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Fans and health officials are speaking favorably about Arlington’s request that Rangers and Cardinals players refrain from chewing tobacco during the World Series.

“I became a fan when my dad started taking me to games when I was a little kid,” said Samuel Medina, longtime Rangers fan and Arlington resident.

While Medina said the Texas Rangers might have influenced him to pick up a bat, the team didn’t influence him to pick up chewing tobacco. It’s a habit that many players have visibly displayed over the years.

“Baseball players had a history of that long before they knew how dangerous it really was,” said Allen Henderson who serves on the American Cancer Society’s national board. “We know what a devastating effect it can have on your body.”

Now as the Texas Rangers once again find themselves in the World Series, local health officials are urging the players to can chewing tobacco during the game and while they are on-camera. It’s an idea that many fans and parents seem to support.

“I do think they certainly have their freedoms, but its something they should consider,” said Rangers fan James Johnson. “They have more responsibility than they would want to admit to.”

While Medina wasn’t personally influenced to use tobacco, he said the players are role models and should act accordingly.

“For me, I look up to the players,” he said, “and little kids may not be informed about the dangers of tobacco and what it can cause later in life.”

The public health officials from Arlington and St. Louis are also asking Major League Baseball and the Players Union to ban tobacco use during games beginning in the 2012 contract year.

The union has said in the past that its officials are discussing the idea.