Mom Shoots 7-Year-Old, Self In Sachse Murder-Suicide

By Barbara Schwarz, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD & Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

SACHSE (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Sachse say a mother shot her young son, then turned the gun on herself Friday.

Police chief Dennis Veach tells NewsRadio 1080 KRLD the mother and her husband, who is the boy’s father, were in the process of getting a divorce, and the dad had been granted sole custody of their 7-year-old this morning following a year-long custody battle.

Veach and another officer went to the mom’s home at the request of the father Friday morning as he went to retrieve the boy. As they approached the front door, they heard three gunshots.

KRLD’s Barbara Schwarz reports:

Once the officers got inside the home they found the mother and son dead in an upstairs bedroom.

Veach says the couple had been estranged for a year and a half, and their relationship had been very rocky.  “It’s just a terrible, terrible event,” Veach said.

Texas Child Protective Services told CBS 11 it had investigated the family previously, and sent its finding to the court.  Sachse Police says they have been callled to the house before, but not for anything violent.

The mother was identified late Friday as Karen Hayslett-McCall, a former professor at University of Texas at Dallas.  The child was identified as her son, Eryk.

UTD released a statement Friday saying the university was ‘deeply saddened’ by the news.  She had  taught policing and crime victimology at the Richardson school from 2002 until last spring.  UTD said Hayslett-McCall left the university in June.

Eryk attended second grade at Tibbals Elementary, a Wylie ISD school. The school district says they were informed Friday morning of the child’s death, and sent a letter home to parents, but did not tell the students in class.

The school, which was scheduled to have Monday off already, will make counselors available to students Tuesday.


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  1. silkphoenix says:

    What a tragedy! Why did the mother has to end the life of an innocent child? It’s a shame that adults have to bring their problems of themselves upon their innocent children. While I feel bad that the mother is dead, but she does not get my sympathy because she took the life of her innocent child also! He deserved to live!

    1. jack says:

      Welcome to our society.

      1. silkphoenix says:

        Don’t blame the society, blame the people who actually committed the “crime”. We all have to take responsibility of what we do.

      2. TNT says:

        …which is why this is a direct reflection of the direction our society is heading. Do the math. Jack is correct.

    2. NiteNurse says:

      Humans since the beginning of time have always used children as pawns in their petty fights with their spouses. We tend to notice it more when it turns violent. As always there is a pressure to have children even if you aren’t fit to parent them.

      1. 2sister says:

        We don’t know that the father was using his son as a pawn. He really might have felt the child would have been better off with him. I agree, however, that some people do use their children as pawns during a divorce, and that is sad and sick.

      2. NiteNurse says:

        Spouses know that the ultimate prize in most divorces is the kid. Once the courts decide who gets the kid then some mental cases hate losing. The ultimate checkmate is to kill the kid, themselves or you, sometimes everyone gets killed. Again you should really think about the person you have children with because you are tied to them for life!

    3. altha says:

      Obama is the blame!!

      1. 2sister says:

        I’m not a Obama supporter, but I think it is sad that people make these kinds of political jokes when tragedies like this occur. Obama is not to blame. The mother chose to do this. She might have some mental illness issues that influenced her, but nobody else forced her to take this action.

    4. Voice for the Victims says:

      @silkphoenix Yes this child was innocent. And because allegations and proof to abuse has been discovered, this mother feared for the safety of her child now that the legal system let them down and she couldn’t bare the thought of her child being further abused by the person he was given custody to. Such a tragedy!

      1. Amazed says:

        You need to research the truth before you make false accusations of abuse. The father was proven innocent of ANY abuse! The mother falsely accused the father trying to alienate her son and others which is pathetic and sick. When her plan failed and the judge and other professionals saw her as very disturbed she chose to punish the father by killing his son. That is the true tragedy?

    5. Jo says:

      She probably couldn’t protect her son from abuse and thought death was the only way out. Protective parents – who don’t get help from the usual channels (police, family court) will often flee, go to jail, or, in rare cases, kill their children and themselves.

  2. james says:

    Why do we hear about gun misuse from all over the world, but when guns are used to stop crime, the news is restricted to the local area?
    Omitting crucial information gives the false impression of rampant gun misuse.

    1. jack says:

      Could have something to do with the liberal media.

      1. silkphoenix says:

        It’s a shame that you have to bring politics into this tragedy. That shows how much you care about human lives.

      2. chris says:

        spoken by a concervative I bet. Blameing eveyone else but themselves

      3. Idiocracy Is Upon Us says:

        Chris, are you even literate? Drinking already? Mildly ret@rded?

  3. rd says:

    silkphoenix is right. you can’t read any story without some moron connecting it to politics somehow. amazing, I can go a whole day without thinking something political.

  4. PT says:

    A precious innocent child died today from the hands of the woman that is suppose to protect him. A man just lost his one and only child in a vicious, warped, and unbalanced act! Give your children an extra hug and thank God for them. My prayers are with you, Dad, as well as the extended family.

  5. The Voice of the Victims says:

    I will start this post off with Karen and Eryk need a voice and someone needs to speak for them and being that I know much about this case through personal contact, I have decided to speak up against those who only know one side of the tragedy. What people do not know about this case and what has been personally described to me by a very close friend who also resided with Karen and her son and supporter her through everything was that Karen and her child were victims of Domestic Violence at the hands of her husband and the father to her son. To try your very best to protect yourself and your child and to follow the laws of those who swear to protect you and then to have the very system let you down and take away your rights and place your child in harms way is an injustice. I am not saying that shooting her son and herself was right, but I can understand that she had done her very best to protect her son from this monster that he child feared. I have spoke to a personal friend who spent every day with this family, and had come to me for help when this all first stared as I have been a Victim/Legal advocate for 23 + years and I also suffer from the same rare brain illness Intracranial Hypertension. I remember the stories this child told of abuse, and the bruising he had, and the thoughts of suicide he displayed due to the fear of his father. expressed his wishes to not go with his father because he was afraid of his father. They were numerous allegations which many see in custody battles. Yet his father openly admitted to sexual addiction, porn and masturbation in which was done in front of his son.He admitted needing help. Yet the justice system felt compelled for some reason to give custody to him Yet letting this child down and failing to protect him. Mom feared for the safety of her child. Prior to the final decision her child asked “Mommy if we loose can we just go to heaven together because I can’t be with my daddy because he scares me?” His mother wanted to run away with her child for his safety but believes she would eventually be caught. So she felt she had no other choice but to take his and her own life in order to protect him from a future of further abuse to which she couldn’t protect him from. This situation is heart wrenching. In my years as a legal/Victim advocate I have seen many victims fear their abusers and finally gain the strength to protect themselves and children and to stop the abuse and it ended with the abusers life being taken as they felt they had no way out. None of us walk in her or her son’s shoes to know the fear they felt. Investigation into “Battered persons syndrome” has been researched showing that battered partners can use force to defend themselves and sometimes kill their abusers because of the abusive and sometimes life-threatening situation in which they find themselves, acting in the firm belief that there is no other way than to kill for self-preservation. The courts have recognized that this evidence may support a variety of defenses to a charge of murder or to mitigate the sentence if convicted of lesser offenses. Again, battered woman syndrome is not a legal defense, but may legally constitute:
    *Self-defense when using a reasonable and proportionate degree of violence in response to the abuse might appear the most appropriate defense but, until recently, it almost never succeeded.
    *insanity (usually within the meaning of the M’Naghten Rules); and
    diminished responsibility.

    It seems as in this case we have a mother who felt there was no way out for her child and herself and to protect themselves other than to end their lives. This also comes from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Again I am not condoning the taking of lives but feel like this mother and child needed a voice as many are casting judgement and making the mother out to be a monster, vicious, warped, etc. And I believed that the other said of the story needed to be heard so that all have a better understanding and realize that although this isn’t condoned, it is understandable. As a mother of 4 children and a previous victim of domestic violence I too all understand clearly. Many can sit back and judge and make statements that it is easy to leave, to take back your life, to protect yourself, but what many don’t understand is the those who abuse also control and place their victims in fear for their lives constantly for leaving them, they use the children to try and keep control if a victim is fortunate to get away as the abuser know they can use their parental rights to keep control and punish their victim by also harming what they love the most….their child. So I ask that people have open minds and forgiving heart and ask yourselves what would you have done to protect your child if you felt their were no other options available and your child feared further abuse and a system and those that took an oath to protect have failed you and let you down? Just remember that most of you are lucky to have never experience What Karen and Eryk have, and understand that now they are at peace and no further harm shall ever come to them. Rip Karen and Eryk, and Eryk, remember many will love you forever.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      So seeing how it all ended don’t you think maybe the courts were right in awarding custody to the more mentally stable parent?

      1. clarissa says:

        the dad was not more stable. he was a sex addiced man that cps found 5 hard drives full of child porn, this case was poorly treated, the judge is a nutter and should not be one anymore.

    2. silkphoenix says:

      The Voice of the Victims — Thank you for your post. I have seen many domestic violence cases which the law had failed to prosecute. Why don’t you contact all the major networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) and tell your side of the story? At this point, every finger is pointing at the wife, no mention of the abuse, etc., even in the local news. Not only this will shed some light on the reason behind, also it’ll might further the importance of domestic violence vs the system that has failed repeatedly.

      1. Jo says:

        Advocates have been trying for years to get the media’s attention. Oprah and Dr. Phil both did a show. Time has covered this. But really – the media doesn’t provide enough context — abusers getting custody or unsupervised visitation is a huge problem. See for some research citations. The 9th annual Battered Mothers Custody Movement is coming up in January – Albany NY.

      2. The Voice of the Victims says:

        @Silkphoenix Thank you and you are correct. I will be spreading the word on the other side of this story. I have seen many failures of the court system to prosecute, or which have failed victims. It is sad. I have spend many years as a CASA Volunteer to also know this. It amazes me how judgmental that some are or their unwillingness to see the truth and would rather look the other way. DV has always been a behind the doors type of thing with silent screams, and fear. If you report, then you face further abuse, stalking, and even death at the hands of your abuser. And laws need to change and there needs to be accountability, Awareness needs to be spread,

    3. KRG says:

      The Grand Jury did a thorough investigation and found nothing to charge the father with. I trust that are legal and human services know how to listen to a child’s spoken or silent word when there is abuse. The CPS saw enough evidence that this woman could not care for her child, hence, they needed to have him taken . It is always the last resort – sole custody happens only in extreme cases. This child was not abused. This woman was not a victim of any abuse. She was a victim of mental health issues that were not addressed. One of many of thousands that will go untreated – the father tried to call this to the attention of many during the last year and a half but to no avail. Regardless, blame is never the answer. Tragedy should teach us a lesson. When we are ready to listen. As a society and as individuals. Forgiveness is the start.

      1. wyo4fun says:

        @KRG Clearly it seems as if you are somehow related or personally knew the father. So clearly you have taken his did despite evidence of abuse. Grand Jury matters are confidential especially when involving a minor. What proof do you truly have that she was never abused either? why is it that he would admit to his addiction to porn and masturbating, etc. How was it that his son could describe in detail these occurrences that the father did in front of him. The father was arrested so they had to have something on him and not just a allegation but also proof. Yet sometimes even with proof there is not enough to move forward and send them away. If there was true concern for this child with its mother Social services would have placed the child in a foster home for his protection until this matter was completely resolved. Yet hey did not.

    4. Amazed says:

      Your “side of the story” is full of holes and untruthful accusations! I find it really difficult to believe that anyone who is truly a “Victim/Legal advocate for 23 + years” as you stated would post this vicious STORY! Plus you stated you had “personal contact” through a friend? When did information from another party become considered “personal contact”? You are just a pathetic as this mother. THERE IS NEVER EVER ANY JUSTIFICATION FOR MURDERING AN INNOCENT CHILD!!

      1. Amazed says:

        My comment was to The Voice of the Victims!

      2. The Voice of the Victims says:

        @Amazed You must be on the side of the father and supported him through the lies. I am friends with the person whom lived with the victim and who knew personally of all that went on. She came to me for help when this first started. Can you explain why it was that he admitted then in court that he was addicted to porn and had done some of the things he was accused of? Do you find it is ok to watch porn with your child while masturbating? Really? And I am pathetic? If you read my posts over and over as I realize it might take numerous times to wrap a tiny mind around it you will see I stated that I do not condone the killing of any child , but was only trying to help other see why she felt the need to do this in order to protect her child from further abuse. Again I do not condone it.

  6. LaurieTX says:

    I am terribly sorry for the deaths of this woman and her son. My heart breaks for the boy. I just can’t imagine what goes through a seven year old’s mind, at that last second, before his mother kills him. It does not matter how much I open my mind or whose shoes I put on, killing that boy was sick. I have been through and seen much worse than what was described by The Voice and I’m concerned that this person is allowed near children in the court sysem. IF, I stretch my self, I can POSSIBLY understand an abuser being shot, but NOT a seven year old child. And before you jump ugly on me, you should walk in MY shoes. God Bless Eryk.

  7. The Voice of the Victims says:

    People need to know what Eryk and Karen had to endure. Again I am not condoning or agreeing with her choices nor is anyone close to her, but only want everyone to know her side and why she felt she had no other choice. Poor little Eryk had been through so much abuse, physically and sexually, as well as emotionally that this 7 year old child had attempted to take his own life and was hospitalized for a suicide attempt for a month. What 7 yr. old child attempts to take his own life and pleads and begs not to go with his father. One that is so deeply disturbed because of the abuse.

    My heart breaks also for this little boy and his mother who I know loved him deeply and did her best to protect him from any further abuse and in the end felt that the only way to protect him from further suffering and abuse was to take his life and then as she couldn’t bear to be without him….her own. Am I surprised at the method….YES! It saddens me to know that so many people let this child and his mother down.

    As a Victim/Legal Advocate I fight for adults and children who need help on stopping their abusers and holding them accountable. I myself have been a Victim as well as an advocate to Domestic Violence. Yet despite all that I went through I and my son were one of the lucky ones, my son, unborn child, and I survived, yet running away to a different state to help protect us wasn’t enough. He found us, and then proceeded to gain custody of our son, but not the daughter I carried and was due to have because she was a girl. He had threatened to cut her out of me when he discovered the sex of her. Because of jurisdictions and that I fled for safety after 6 years or abuse, isolation from my family, etc and because he had abused me and my young son 3 1/2 yrs old. for the last time ( as he picked up my son and slung him into a wall by his hair like he was a rag doll) I waited for him to go to work and I took my son and fled with nothing but a a small suitcase. In the end the courts in CA could not protect me and my children from him due to how laws were then, and I was told that I had to go back to the state of New Mexico to determine this. My ex was given temp. custody, despite the abuse and pictures of the abuse as well as my restraining order and when time came to sort things out despite letters from my doctors, etc as I was in preterm labor and risking loosing my child NM proceeded and he won and my child was given the sentence of further abuse. I stayed in contact and eventually got visitation. My son would beg me to please not send him back, or to come get him because of the abuse, yet no one helped him. If I reported the abuse and DFS went out to investigate, my son got it worse for disclosing. He and I lived in fear. A few years later he was pick up and sent to jail. my son was 8 now. I received a call that he had been living on the streets as his father had been in jail. I immediately arrange to fly him home with the help of law enforcement and I regained full complete custody and his father went to prison. Although my son was now safe, he was damaged by his fathers abuse. It was discovered that my son had numerous bones that had been broke and there were allegations of sexual abuse by my son. He told stories of not being able to breath and pain in his ribs from his father, yet his father refused medical care. It was discovered through xrays that there were numerous broken ribs and fractures which had calcified during healing. My child has now grown up to be a wonderful, compassionate young man. He was one of the lucky ones and with the help of life long therapy he turned out ok. He is a volunteer coach for Special Olympics, works with the mentally disable adults, goes to College, etc. But like I said he and I were the lucky ones. So like I said before until you walk in someones shoes and the system lets you down when they are suppose to help protect you, then who are we to judge or blame. This mother unfortunately felt she had no other way or choice and to hear the pleas of her son begging for them both to go to heaven then allowing his father to abuse him further, just breaks my heart. This child was suicidal and was smart beyond his years in many ways. He just wanted peace, and to be protected, and right or wrong his mother felt what she did was the only option left to protect her some from continued and further abuse. Here is a link to Many situations and stories: Like I said repeatedly I do not condone her actions but can understand why. So please pray for them, and know that Eryk and his mother will no longer suffer. This all could have been prevented if the justice system would have just listen and protected them. This is why I now do the work I do, and help fight for justice and help change laws to protect the victims. God Bless them both and any victim of such serious abuse.

    1. Joseph Offutt says:

      People will never understand the love and protection between and mother and her son. The Karen i knew was not crazy, but crazy for the love of her son. That women taught me so many things and so did Eryk. Reading him bed time stories has me reading books all the time now, something i never wanted to do. The fun times when we had game nights were the happiest moments to be shared with them. Karen taught me how to be a man and be strong. She was my other mother and she always will be, and Eryk will always be my little brother. He didnt care what the color of my skin was. The world should know the Karen and Eryk i know. The good people that walked this earth and brought smiles to people. I will stand up and fight for them just like they fought for me in my times of need and lifted my heart when i was down. And i know that they still have my back as the days go by I’m 17 years old and i learned the greatest life lesson from them. He was the biggest Garland owl fan there was. and the football team will miss him. Thats all i have to say for now but i will speak on the ones i love. Thank you.

  8. Texan at heart says:

    Loose/Lose — please use correctly or it makes you sound like an idiot.

  9. The Voice of the Victims says:

    @Joseph Offutt. I am a friend of your moms. Her and I spoke at great lengths late last night/early morning. Thank you for sharing the real Karen and Eryk with us. You were blessed by them and there presence in your life as they were you. I am so sorry for your loss however, yet so proud that a 17 yr. old young man has the courage to stand up for the truth and to tell people. You are an amazing young, but strong young man. Again I am sorry for your loss and you all are in my prayers.

  10. Jospeh Offutt says:

    Thank you @The voice of the Victims. When i read your post, i had to say something and I’m not stopping at this. And @Texan at heart I’m so sorry that i misspelled one word. I’m still crying and it just shows how Mature you are. thank you for sharing that comment.

  11. oldman68 says:

    knowing our legal system-probably the one who had the most MONEY to fight this wins regardless what the facts are or anything else.Everyone in this country equates money with intelligence-morals-better parent-what justice you get etc.The truth be known- the man probably had a better and more expensive lawyer.

    1. Jo says:

      Abusers get custody fairly often – they have more money, they have legal representation, they claim the woman is unfit or negligent, they benefit from “Friendly Parent” policies, etc. etc.

      1. James Weaver says:

        Whoever you are, Its comming. Nothing but love.

  12. Cherron Rodriguez says:

    I am not going to judge the mother what what she did. I wish more mother’s who were in her situation, if the son were indeed abused, would take the life of the abuser instead of the life of the child and herself. Do what you must to cover it up, but spare the life of the child and yourself. If this man was indeed an abuser, then I hope he feels the pain from now until the day he dies, of losing his son. If he did not abuse them, then my thoughts are prayers go out to him. I’m sure there are numerous people who do know the full story. Trust me, the courts do not always make the right decision. I KNOW!!!

    1. wyo4fun says:

      @Cherron I too wish the turn out would not have been to take this child’s life as well as her own. I also do hope that this was all worth it to the father who used his child in a sick and twisted way and which in the end played part in the tragic ending of his only son’s life. He just abused and pushed for his own gratification. And not in the best interest of the child. This child was used as a pawn to get back at the mother. But he will have to live with this, or he will move forward as if it truly didn’t matter. How long do you think it will be before he creates another child to abuse and repeat his actions? Or finds a girlfriend with young children? Just wait. Once an abuser always a abuser.

  13. Airforce Mama says:

    “The Voice” has lots to say about abuse and I do not condone any sort of abuse. But let it be known that the facts in this situation are not to be confused with the facts from other abuse cases. Karen McCall was a very smart savy educated woman. She had multiple degrees that included criminal psychology. She knew how to manipulate and work the system. She wanted out of her marriage and she systemmatically set out to destroy Rod’s carreer and alienate his son from him and used Eryk as a pawn to accomplish all of this. Eryk was abused and terrorized by his mother and possibly individuals associated with her. Karen was never abused by anyone but herself.

    The court system saw through Karen’s madness. They felt Eryk’s safety and well beeing could best be provided by his father. The jury awarded Rod sole custodial rights. Eryk wasn’t afraid of his father he was afraid of disappointing Karen.

    Folks can make all sort of speculations but unless you actually know the family, the history of their lives or sat in court and heard ALL of the evidence that was presented by both sides PLEASE DO NOT pretend you know what is going on. I personally know all parties and have to live with without the joy that Eryk brought to my life. “The Voice” says that they know someone that knew of supposed statements that Eryk made about wanting to die. If that is factual then they are as guilty as Karen for his death. Eryk was never in any danger from his father. Results speak louder then words.

    Our angelic Eryk now rests in the arms of our heavenly Father. God did not call Eryk home, Karen sent him there. He will never again enjoy playing with this friends from school or gymnastics, or with his cousins. He had a birthday in 10 days that he will never see. Eryk my sweet boy, we love you and miss you.

    1. The Voice of the Victims says:

      @Airforce mama Really? If you sat in the court then you would have heard him admitting to his obcession to porn, masturbating, and that his child was in the room with him. This is why he was arrested and charged with sexual non touching abuse. Yet you condone this? You support this?

      I know personally the person who lived in the house with Karen and Eryk, and who spent everyday with them and saw what a wonderful mother she was, and heard what Eryk had to say about his father. Since you know know so much about this family and on the fathers side why not say how you are related and your involvement in this matter? Eryk was in danger of his father, and he did say he wanted to die, why do you think that his mother sought help when he placed a plastic bag over his head and tried to suffocate himself over the stress of his fathers actions? Why was it that this child spent the next 30 days in the hospital for help? How could this person I know be responsible for Eryks death? Help was sought and she assisted with getting him help and supporting this help. What a horrible thing to pin on the person who stood by Eryk and loved him dearly.

      Why would any 7 yr. old want to take his life unless he was so afraid of others forcing him to see and be with his father, and inflicting abuse upon him as accused. These are not the thought of a normal little boy who is not afraid or being abused.

      This poor innocent child. I feel bad for him and Karen who the system and those in it let down and made feel that they had no further options. Again I don’t condone these actions but just understand as to why she felt she had no other choice.

  14. When Pigs Fly says:

    Sorry for your loss AirForce Mama

    My ex-wife was a sociopath (actual diagnosis, not just my opinion) and tried to alienate my kids. I can forgive her, but I can’t seem to forgive the people who sided with her .

    Voice of hte Victims reminds me of the militant man-haters who sided with my ex, simply because she’s female. Don’t underestimate women’s willingness to lie, fabricate and exaggerate in a divorce situation and NEVER assume the mother is the better parent because she’s female. Much of the “battered woman” stuff is bogus and is manipulated by unscrupulous divorce attorneys. And be suspicous of anyone who calls themself an advocate.

    1. The Voice of the Victims says:

      @ When Pigs Fly Let me make this clear. I am not a man hater and don’t side with the females. I have worked with both genders of victims, and numerous races. I have seen a few who have cried wolf and who trully weren’t victims and refused to allow them to use me or anyone else in this way. Not only have I defended the Victims who have accused their abusers, but also helped the defense to those being falsely accused. Both Genders lies not just women. Seems to me that because of your experience with your ex, you have become a woman hater classifying all woman as liars, fabricators, etc. You clearly don’t know enough about domestic violence, PTSD, etc to speak on the subject. Next you will be stating that our military personnel who have seen horrific death etc and who have PTSD are all liars and manipulate others . That they fabricate this. Really? You have had a bad experience with your wife, and now you are full or resentment towards everyone else and place them all in one group.

      It is clear that you have never been in the shoes of a victim. My ex was very abusive, yet I remarried and have been for 15 years. My husband is amazing and the total opposite of my ex. Just because 1 person did me wrong doesn’t mean that all men are the same.

      And as for being suspicious of anyone who calls themselves an advocate, keep this in mind when one day you will need an advocate to help you or your child, a friend or family member. As an advocate we have one of the hardest jobs. We see first hand the abuse, deaths, and results. I personally have had to make funeral arrangements for families, go with them to identify the bodies of their loved ones, (even children) we work with these victims from the start to finish. We arrange counseling, make the calls for further resources, if their is court involvement, we are their sitting through and supporting them, with are the liason between the police and them. We are able to gain more info , theat they would never get or are not allowed to have, etc. We are on call 24/7. We make non profit wages. (We don’t do it for the $, but the love of helping protect, support and make a positive change in someones life.) So before you put down a victim advocate realize we are not the bad guy and their may be someday that you or someone you love needs us. (I hope this day never comes for you tho)

      Are jobs as Legal/Victim advocates are hard, but we are your voice and support when you need us.

    1. LaurieTX says:

      Ooops….DOES NOT HAPPEN ACCIDENTLY!! DOES NOT! The woman had to have have serious issues for this step to be taken.

  15. amalia castillo says:

    Airforce Mama and NightNurse, I guess you both had been his lover so is that why you defend the you know for sure he did not abuse his son and did not have child porn..Are you both 100% sure that this man is a saint as you both portray him..Seems you both portray the mother as something less.When pigs fly just cause your ex-wife was who she was ..Does not mean all women are the same just as all men are not the same..Their’s two sides to each story and No-one knows the TRUTH unless you actually lived in the home and seen it With YOUR OWN EYES..So quite judging..Only GOD can JUDGE, not you or I

  16. Seriously says:

    You know, amalia, it would seem pretty logical to think that if this man was in possession of 5 hard drives of child porn (as alleged above) he wouldn’t have been to this custody hearing. He would have been too busy rotting in jail.

    That’s not exactly something that Texas authorities take lightly, being a pretty serious felony and all.

    But I see your point, feeling sorry for the dad for this insane act perpetrated by the mother totally means anyone who believes what the grand jury in the investigation and the 10 professionals in the custody hearing had to say about her coaching him to fabricate a story means they were this man’s lover.


  17. Dallas Mama says:

    For those who are “in the know” in this situation (particularly in the defense of the mother), why on earth would a jury and court system terminate the rights of the mother when the father is so dispicable, as you claim?? Clearly, there are more facts than you are willing to divulge. It is a sad, sad story….a tragedy. However, all of the facts were laid out to the jurors (who are completely unbiased to all parties). There is clearly more to the story than that of a mother fighting to the death for the safety of her child.

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