By Jason Allen

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – President Obama said Friday the way in Iraq will be over this year, but not all North Texans who were part of it think it’s the end of United States involvement there.

Michael Meyer was one of the first Marines to sweep into Iraq in early 2003.

A day before Baghdad fell, he fell to eight shots from a Fedayeen militant and grenade shrapnel.

Now an owner of his own business, Purple Heart Pawn in Fort Worth, Meyer said the President’s announcement didn’t hit him like it might have several years ago.  “It wasn’t an impact like I guess you would say victory in Europe or victory in Japan.”

It’s a plus he said, that people he knows who are still in the military, won’t have to be in the country anymore.  He’s not so sure though they won’t go back.  “You’ve got nine years and trillions of dollars into this war? Even the slightest uprising you don’t think troops are going to go in there and squash it?”

Arlington’s Cynthia Loman-Etheridge said she was thankful for the announcement.  Both of her sons have served tours in Iraq, including one that finished this month.

Her nephew was one of the 4,700 casualties.  “I want them all out of Afghanistan too,” she said. “I’m glad they’re going to get to come home. We’ve done enough. We can’t police the whole world.”

88 North Texas have been killed in Iraq since the war began.