Perry Makes It Official, Files S.C. Candidacy Papers

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP)Texas Gov. Rick Perry is making himself an official South Carolina presidential primary candidate.

State Rep. Eric Bedingfield said that he notarized Perry’s candidate papers Monday. The papers are filed with the state Republican Party and the state Election Commission.

Perry still must pay his $35,000 candidate filing fee. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann have not filed papers or paid the fee, either, for the Jan. 21 primary.

The Election Commission says Nov. 1 is the deadline for candidates to get on the ballot.

Perry is stopping in South Carolina on Tuesday, giving a policy speech in Gray Court and talking to Gov. Nikki Haley and reporters at the Statehouse in Columbia. He’ll wrap up the visit with a fundraiser.

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  1. Chris McPhail says:

    Rick Perry allows corporations to bring profits home from abroad at a discount because these corporations would not allow him to get the nomination otherwise. The problem is that corporations are “legal fiction” and people are “real.” Corporations must be taxed to death and controlled so they will not grow too large and powerful. The reason for this is because under the law a corporation is an “artificial person.” As such, corporations and people cannot both free together at the same time – one will be enslaved to serve the other. This is the natural order of things. Sweat shops are an example of this. Corporations and people are diametrically opposed to one another. What is good for corporations is bad for people and what is good for people is bad for corporations. Mussolini said that Fascism is Corporatism. That is when banking interests and governmental interests come together and form an alliance against the people. Why? Because they are both corporate. This is what we saw happen in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany and the same thing is happening again on a world scale. This agenda is being promoted by those who control our issuance of currency. The private Federal Reserve is a phony store front for private offshore banking cartels. They control our issuance of currency. And they removed our sound monetary system (backed on the gold standard) and replaced it with a crony credit system. Credit is conceptual and not tangible like cash (paper). Anytime you have to pay the bank you must pay them tangibly. Anytime the bank pays you or makes you a loan they pay you conceptually with “credit.” That means that the banks have loaned you nothing! It is a scam. And Rick Perry is bought and paid for by these bankers, like all of the other career politicians. The only candidate who will discuss real issues is Ron Paul.

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