DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s something that rarely happens in the region: The Texas Rangers are dominating the airwaves on local sports talk radio.

At 105.3 The FAN, it was all Rangers all day, nearly non-stop. And it is happening at a time of the year when football – particularly Dallas Cowboys football – is king.

“I could talk all Rangers tonight on the show,” host Gavin Dawson said. “And there’s not many days on the calendar that I can do that.”

Dawson calls the Rangers ’round-the-clock mania a rarity.

“Without a doubt, the Cowboys are 365 days a year. The Rangers have to do something for them to get into the show,” said Dawson.

So, if everyone is talking about the Rangers, do the fans feel America’s Team – currently 3-3 and hasn’t reached an NFC Championship Game in 15 seasons – losing its edge to the Rangers? Or are the Cowboys still King?

“No they’re not,” said Bob Rosen, sitting on a barstool at Humperdinks on Greenville Ave.. “The Rangers are fixin’ to be King tomorrow night.”

“They have not been able to produce like the Cowboys of old, right now the Rangers have got it,” said fellow fan Paul Hinman.

Sarah McNeill made her answer clear “Yes, of course! It will always be Cowboys country.”

Derek Jones says the Cowboys may have lost a little stream, but they are not out yet. “Maybe (Cowboys are) not the head honcho, but not quite the red headed step child just yet,” he said.

And while the Rangers are currently the team with more spotlight, Forbes values the Cowboys at nearly $2 billion making them financially the No. 1 team in the nation’s No. 1 sport, which shows their power whether they are winning or not.

Dawson says its all about marketing and longevity.

“It’s a testament to the incredible brand that Jerry Jones has built and the success they had in their early years,” said Dawson. “You’re talking over 50 years of Cowboys dominance in this region and a couple of World Series appearances isn’t going to do anything long term.”

But every dynasty has to start somewhere. The Rangers hope Wednesday, October 26, 2011 will be their day.