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Selig: MLB Plans To Expand Replay

ARLINGTON (AP)  Commissioner Bud Selig tells a Dallas radio station baseball plans to expand its use of replay, but he says reviewing every close call would hurt the game.

Umpire Ron Kulpa blew a call at first base during St. Louis’ 16-7 victory at Texas in Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday night, kickstarting the replay debate once again. Baseball currently limits replay use to disputed home runs.

Selig tells ESPN baseball will “enlarge replay a little bit.” He also says ”If you’re going to start replaying every controversial decision or every close call, I think that hurts the sport.”

The Associated Press reported in April baseball was leaning toward expanding replay for the 2012 season to include trapped balls and fair-or-foul rulings down the lines.

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  • TXDandyDG

    What about instituting something like we have in football now, the managers get 2 challenges a game or something like that. You couldn’t challenge a ball/strike call, or maybe even a balk call, but safe/out, home run, fair/foul, catch/trap, those types of calls could be challenged.

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  • cwpatt2

    Yes, cricket has been using video refs for a long time now with success. MLB is very backward and insular. Probably, the umpire’s union is part of the problem. There is no excuse for these bad call when they can be so easily rectified. Incidentally, cricket is the most watched sport in the world after soccer. Cricket’s World Cup has an estimated 2 billion viewers worldwide. 20-20 cricked which is very popular now is played in the same time frame as baseball.

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