Dallas Homeland Security Director Talks About Firing

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – After only 15 months as Dallas County’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director, Lisa Chambers was fired Tuesday.  “It was a sad day for me.”

She says she was told her time card didn’t match her county parking pass.  “It’s not supposed to be a desk job, Emergency Management. As a department head, if they had an issue with that, why was that not brought to my attention before?”

Chambers believes she was fired for raising a red flag during the FBI corruption investigation into county commissioner John Wiley Price.

The FBI raided Price’s house and office, and those of his county assistant Dapheny Fain.

Chambers says a county security employee told her that Fain asked him to sweep her house for hidden cameras or microphones.

Chambers showed CBS 11 an email in which she complained to county administrator Darryl Martin. “This isn’t the right thing to do if you were under FBI investigation, and you want to have your house sweeped, google 1-800-house sweep.”

Martin says he had discussed the county doing the sweep at Fain’s house, but that ultimately, the county security chief was uncomfortable doing so. Martin says Fain later decided to have a private company do the job anyway.

Fain’s attorney, Tom Mills, says he didn’t have any knowledge whether his client asked a county employee to do the sweep.  If so, he says she didn’t go very far.  He says he was in touch with private companies to do the job.

The FBI hasn’t commented on this situation. But experts believe the FBI wouldn’t have placed hidden cameras or microphones.

Martin insists the situation had nothing to do with Chambers’ firing.  But soon after that, Chambers says the county requested she seek counseling.  She says a doctor told her she was okay, but in a bad work environment. “I was told I had a problem, that my emails were nuts.”

In a statement, Dallas County Commissioners Court Judge Clay Jenkins said, “…the decision to fire her was made after interviews with staff.  A review of county records and other information surrounding performance issues.   Meetings have been had with Ms. Chambers since July, but the situation did not improve…”

Chambers says she’s now seeking a Homeland Security position in the private sector.

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One Comment

  1. Pepe LePew says:

    What’s this story about again? She’s just way too good-looking for me to read news copy right now.

  2. foe says:

    I like for her to secure my home.

    1. The Gipper says:

      That reminds me of a scene from Horrible Bosses:

      KURT – Tell you what, I’d like to show her the fifty states, you know what I’m saying?
      NICK – I don’t know what that means.
      KURT – Ah, it’s a saying.
      NICK – I don’t think so.
      KURT – No, it is, it is. Yeah. No, people say that.
      NICK – I haven’t heard it.
      KURT – I’ve definitely heard people say that.
      NICK – I’m not gonna argue with you. Let’s… continue the recon.
      KURT – Well, it’s definitely a phrase.
      NICK – Sure isn’t.
      KURT – Yeah, it is. It’s from a book. The Great Gatsby, maybe?

  3. Kevin says:

    Yeah, she’s extremely hot. And by hot, I mean gorgeous. Does it really matter why she got fired? I mean, she’s hot. That’s all that counts.

  4. Rick McDaniel says:

    Hmmmm. This looks like a very young girl, to have that kind of responsibility.

    The issues with the Price investigation, are of course, ones that should be looked into.

    I suspect, however, that this job needs a little more experienced person in it, and someone who has minimal political affiliation.

  5. Carol Ryan says:

    I’m wondering how someone whose only experience from 1996-2010 is being a public relations/spokesperson and has only a bachelors degree in English and Japanese is suddenly responsible for “Homeland Security, Emergency Management and Counter terrorism for the County of Dallas, Texas” – according to her LinkedIn page. What a joke on the American people!

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