A Fan’s Takeaway From The 2011 Texas Rangers

By Ryan Crowe, CBSDFW.com

10:26 p.m. 10/28/2011: I know you are sitting there in a daze, wondering ‘how did this happen?’ and trying to justify your passion for the Texas Rangers this year.

That’s when I’ll say it’s just baseball.

Don’t get me wrong, the past 48 hours have been gut-wrenching, but Rangers fans you should be numbed to coming up short by now.  They’ve been doing this to us for 40 years, just not quite as dramatically.  Usually the bottom drops out in the middle of May, not in Game 6 of the World Series.

But fear not, you have to remember the Rangers pulled off the unbelievable again this year, they made it to back-to-back World Series’ – the only other team who can say that in the past 10 seasons is the Philadelphia Phillies, and that’s good company to be in.

130721579 A Fans Takeaway From The 2011 Texas Rangers

I heard a sports pundit say that Sports is not Entertainment, he said it’s winning and losing and nothing else matters.

I would argue that.  Yes, the Rangers winning would have been one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed, but in the end, I’ll look back on this season as an enjoyable ride.

The best memories I will take away are not games watched from the Press Box or sitting at the TXA 21 studios on Friday nights, but it will be the games where I went with friends and family and had a great night at the Ballpark.  Those are the ones I’ll have pictures of in my mind.  Baseball is a game meant to be enjoyed with others, not watched in silence.

And on Saturday morning as you wake up, I know you will be bummed, but remember, we get to do this all over again starting April 6.

Go Rangers!


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  1. TEASER says:

    The biggest beef that i have had is the local idiot news people calling it a done deal 2-3 days ago~~THANKS FOR THE JINX!!!!

  2. Mel says:

    Sorry but just playing the game is not the same!!!!! WInning it all is the ultimate!!!!! Otherwise we would just play and there would be no championships.

  3. Scott says:

    I watched last nights game and the game tonight between St Louis and the Rangers, and never could figure out why the home plate umpires were giving the Cardinals the low pitch across the plate aa a strike and the same pitch by the Rangers for a ball.
    I should know better because there is no such thing as an honest umpire or an honest referee.

    1. Mel says:

      I agree Scott. They wanted St Louis to win and they got help in that department for sure.

  4. Jay says:

    i dont want to see the rangers in the playoffs next year, they dont deserve it.

    1. Scott says:

      If they win the American League pennant next year, they have as much right to be there, as anyone else.

  5. Ed says:

    What I do not understand is why Manager Washington did not put Derek Holland in to pitch the last game being he was the only pitcher to give the Cardinals a shutout. Why did he not use his best pitcher against the Cardinals in the last game ? That is a real puzzle to me. Also while not using Holland in the last game,
    why did he leave the pitchers walking batters all around the bases instead of pullling them out right away and putting in another pitcher ?

  6. Scott says:

    I am curious as to why Gonzalez wasn’t allowed to pitch more. La Russa just flat out coached Wash.

  7. Mike says:

    Thank you Texas Rangers for a great season. Looking forward to another great one next year. Been a fan since 1972 and will not stop being a fan. To all the fair weather fans stop bad mouthing them and thank them for a great year.

    1. STLFAN says:

      Finally, a true Ranger fan. It was a great series, one of the best series, since I can remember. Making it to the World Series two years in a row is a great feat, and I applaud the Rangers team and organization for what they have done to turn the team around.

  8. Mike says:

    As StL fan that lives 40 miles outside of StL, I do have to give lots of Kudos to the Rangers! I was worried about facing them, would have much rather went up against Detroit. The Rangers gave their all and I was sure in the 9th inning of game 6 you guys had a championship. I am Glad the Cards won, but hats off to the Rangers for giving us a big fight!

    1. Scott says:

      I didn’t figure they would have a chance last night, after the big letdown on Thursday nite. Their thoughts couldn’t change back to win mode after what happened, but all in all it was a great series.

  9. Shaun says:

    We can make all the excuses in the world why the Rangers lost but after playing baseball for 19 years myself it is all about making the fewest mistakes and I believe the Cardinals did that. I am a Rangers fan through and through and I will cheer them on again but we have to see if they are winners by preparing in off season and be ready in April. Congrads to St Louis and you were the better last night.

  10. jko says:

    Had to get this out of my system, once & for all. We all know that The Rangers blew it in the WS, due to mainly walking in 40 runs, ( most in WS ever ), horrible rotation pitching, Cruz afraid to back up & catch the ball when approaching the wall, One-Strike Pitch Away ( 2 – separate times),
    BUT, boys & girls, THE NUMBER # 1 REASON WHY THE RANGERS LOST THE WS = WAS DUE TO = WASHINGTON !!!!!!! Reason Why : Game 6, Top of 6th, with Rangers clinging to a tight 3 – 2 lead, BASES – LOADED, with a fantastic time to knock in those extra, needed runs, 2 Outs, & pitcher Colby Lewis coming to bat. At this point in time ( top of the 6th ), Lewis had been pitching fairly decent, but nothing to write home about. INSTEAD OF PULLING LEWIS AT THE CRITICAL TIME, & put in a pinch-hitter to knock-in those valuable, extra needed runs ( bases-loaded ), & ( we had Holland, Adams, Gonzalez, and other good arms in the pen to come in & replace Lewis ), what does “ genius “ & “ all my players love me cuz I relate to them “ Washington do, = OF ALL THINGS, HE LEAVES LEWIS IN TO BAT ( which shows all his players & the whole-world that Washington really does loves all his players & gives them his vote of confidence for their self-esteem ), & Lewis then makes a routine, run of the mill = 3rd Out, STRANDING THE BASES-LOADED = “ GAME, SET, MATCH ! “ = BALL-GAME, WORLD –SERIES OVER NOW HERE TONIGHT ( Game 6 ), NOT = GAME 7 FRIDAY NIGHT !!!!

    *** YES, BOYS & GIRLS, THE ONE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR LOOSING THIS HEART-BREAKING WS, WAS YOURS TRULY RON WASHINGTON, = AND NOT THE 40 WALKS, ETC, WHICH ALSO HAD A MAJOR PART IN IT ALSO ! Thanks Wash, for now having this monkey on our backs ( ‘ 86 Red Sox , poor Bill Buckner ), and ( i e = more recently = Your 2006
    Mavs ), to live and agonize daily over the next four to five months, until Spring Training starts all over again !

    1. Ed says:

      I agree with everything you wrote. But I also do not understand why
      Washington did not put Derek Holland in the last game to pitch ?

      1. Jim says:


        Thanks for your input & agreeing with me on this. I also agree with you, on the fact that Wash should have pitched Holland instead. Believe it or not, I also sent my email to = ” The Ticket – 1310 ” = Norm Hitzges, & believe it or not, he said Wash made the best decision, which I disagree wholeheartedly w/him. Plain & simple = Wash’s bad decision, COST US THE W S, when we ” were just one -strike away ” = 2 different times !!! Tks, Later, Jim

  11. Michael says:

    5 REASONS the Ranger Fans need to stop micro-managing the loss and see the big picture:

    As HUGE CARDINALS FAN, I learned the hard way *back in 1985* that the team with more wins during the regular season isn’t the better playoff team. That year St Louis had the best manager, best players, best winning percentage in all baseball, but lost in 7 to Kansas City. Here’s what the Rangers fans need to digest to move past all their regrets and (perhaps legitimate) scapegoats:

    1) Ron Washington might be a good AL manager, but was out-managed for seven games. The Real advantage is that LaRussa has tons of experience in BOTH leagues. He could “read the mind” of Ron Washington, but Washington didn’t know how to maneuver in a National League setting. You prefer a manager with experience on both sides. Managing Advantage: Cards

    2) Home field advantage meant the Cardinals were helped tremendously- which didn’t seem to be reflected correctly in the Vegas odds. That means The Rangers were over-confident and therefore less likely to adjust their game plan until it was way too late. (Think: Germany 1945, Libya 2011) Home field-Advantage: Cards

    3) When Vegas wrongly figures the odds, it means St Louis gets slapped in the face and has chip on shoulder. (A person with something to prove is more dangerous than “talented”- we all know that, right?) Psychological Advantage: Cards

    4) The old adage still applies: “The two teams that get to the World Series are the best team and the hottest team. The team that usually wins is the hottest team.” Momentum advantage: Cards

    5) The Cards have a long, successful history. Before a game, they can cart out old relics like Bob Gibson, Lou Brock- even Stan The Man! I didn’t even realize he was still alive! Lets be honest- this is a HUGE psychological advantage. And that kind of “rubbing it in your face” stuff really matters. If we were just bodies without souls, then no problem. But since we are are complicated, this kind of mental stuff works and deflates the opposition. Historical Advantage: Cards

    Sure, you can micro-manage each pitch, each play, each umpire, etc, but this is one Vegas may have got wrong from the get-go.

    That year my Cardinals won 101 games- pretty awesome. Kansas City Royals, the American League team won just 91 games. Easy victory, right? The odds-makers had St Louis down as the huge favorite.

    1. Ed says:

      Its really simple. If Washington put Derek Holland in the last game, or the Previous game, his team would have won. It boiled down to a pitchers
      draw or game.

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