Celina Residents Surprised To Find Road Planned Through Homes

CELINA (CBSDFW.COM) – No one wants a freeway running through their backyard, but some Celina Residents are learning for the first time that they might soon have one.

The county’s proposed outer loop has been planned for nearly ten years.   But some homeowners are just now learning about a change that puts them right in the path of it.

Kim Mcquiston’s home in Celina is surrounded by trees planted for lost loved ones, and has a separate living space for an ailing parent.  “The tree we planted when my husbands grandmother passed away… Each tree we have is really special to us.”

It’s more than just a house for her family of five.  “We built this ourselves, this is our home. This is all my kids know.”

McQuiston didn’t know that the Collin County Toll Road Authority has her property in its sights as a possible route for a new toll road.   “I heard it was going to be the north of us, so I wasn’t too concerned. But now I’m hearing it could right through our property and its kind of irritating when you don’t know anything about it.”

“Eventually this will be the new George Bush (tollway), this will be a huge road for us,” says Celina Mayor Jim Lewis.

Lewis is excited about the project, which would eventually link Highway 75 to Interstate 35.   But he says he was blindsided by another plan presented this week.   Lewis and other town officials think the new freeway should go through an existing county road.  But new proposed routes put it right in the path of existing houses.   “I don’t want to see them tearing down anybody’s houses to build a road.”

The alternate routes are considered safer with less curves and elevation also offering better accessibility to a future college campus.   The houses in the way range from modest to million dollar.

Homeowners say they never expected to be fighting to preserve their property in a rural area where there are still more cows than cars.

As many as three dozen homes could be impacted by the right of way for the new road.
The Collin County Toll Authority plans to hold a public hearing before a decision is made.


One Comment

  1. YRofTexas says:

    Eminent domain issue again?

    Who was first? The homeowners or the roadway designers?

    Why didn’t the real estate agents inform potential buyers? Homebuilders…did they know? Did anyone do their due diligence?

    Pre existing roads should always pull priority over new plans. We’re becoming a community of fast environmentally intrusive roads. And of course, they are tollways. Costing taxpayers and commuters. What harm to let the countryside survive?

    Collin College would be more practical to push for the campus at Farmersville, and pass on Celina. Celina is in close proximity to both the Frisco and McKinney campuses.

    Spread out over Collin County would make the best use of tax dollars, and leave this new tollroad in the file 13 drawer.

  2. PatriotOne says:

    Thee People of Texas had better start learning that government is nothing more than a gang Men and Women using “their” disguise as the State to take any thing thry please. The State of Texas cannot touch you, but a government employee claiming to be the STATE will not only touch you it will poing a gun at you to get “its” way.
    Visit landrights.com and start learning about your land Rights and how you, thee People, have authority over STATE employees that claim “they” can take any thing “they” want because “they are the STATE.
    Don’t sue the STATE, sur the guy/gal claiming to be the STATE..

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