FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Jamie Gallovich loves her neighborhood and loves to bike with her kids, but crossing four lanes of traffic at Heritage Trace Parkway is a daily challenge.

“What’s going on right now isn’t good enough to feel safe as a family to cross the street,” says Gallovich.

Friday afternoon she tries to cross the street with her kids, “Stop for a second,” she says to her boys as she scans the street “The cars haven’t stopped yet.”

The mother of three is pushing the city of Fort Worth for a flashing crosswalk.   Her neighborhood has started a petition demanding something be done.

She says with the speeding drivers it’s often tough to get anyone’s attention.  “Right now it feels like you are in a Frogger video game, because you’re trying to travel across four lanes when cars are going about 50 miles per hour,” says Gallovich.

Peggy Davis is a crossing guard and even she agrees with Gallovich’s concerns.  “When you stop the traffic before you get a cross the side you stop will take off they don’t wait until you cross,” explains Davis.

The crossing guard is only at the intersection to help elementary students, middle schoolers are on their own.  The neighborhood is in Keller Independent School District, which cut free bus service this year.

For some families that means their children walking to school now.  A spokesperson with the City of Fort Worth says a traffic study was already done and a traffic signal wasn’t necessary.  But after CBS 11 started asking questions the spokesperson said the city would look into it again.

Gallovich says besides kids crossing to get home from school families including hers like to walk over to the shops in the Alliance Town Center, but crossing Heritage Trace Blvd continues to be a battle.  “We are just interested to get it safer for people to cross with their families,” says Gallovich.

The City of Fort Worth says the new traffic study could take a few weeks.  After that they will decide what needs to be done to make crossing Heritage Trace Parkway safer.