CPS Seizes Baby From ‘Occupy Dallas’ Site

By Bud Gillett & Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A homeless family living at the ‘Occupy Dallas’ camp said that they will find a new place to stay in order to keep their baby. CBS 11 News was on the scene as officers with the Dallas Police Department and Child Protective Services took custody of the 9-month-old boy on Thursday afternoon.

Brian and Cathy Carpich said that they met with CPS and were told that the camp was, in their words, an unhealthy living environment. The couple cannot get their boy, Zachariah, back until their living situation improves.

There were plenty of tears coming from the family after they returned from a meeting with a woman who they called their CPS caseworker. “It’s not against the law,” pleaded Brian Carpich. “We’ve not broken any laws.”

The meeting started a few hours earlier, after police – who assisted CPS agents – took the small boy away from his parents. Police explained that they were acting on an “open child welfare case” dating back to September, but that a call from within the downtown Dallas camp prompted Thursday’s actions. “The complaint was a child in the encampment that was pretty much screaming and crying all night, and folks were concerned about it,” said Lt. Anthon Williams with the Dallas Police Department.

“My wife and baby get clothed every day,” Brian Carpich continued to argue.

Carpich acknowledged having a criminal history, but contended that his son had all of the essential diapers and necessities, and that their tent even received heat. Still, the parents unwillingly turned Zachariah over to authorities. After meeting with CPS, they returned to the camp without their son.

“We’re already in a program for housing,” explained Carpich. “They’ve basically screwed up, because the child was part of us getting housing, which we’ve been waiting for since March.”

The family’s problems have created another concern for the ‘Occupy Dallas’ organizers. CBS 11 News has learned that the campers are so unhappy with their current conditions that organizers are planning to temporarily move the protest in hopes that local homeless and squatters will leave the movement. “We’ve had a large amount of unsavory elements which have gotten plenty of media coverage,” said protest organizer Reagan Clark. “Just made people feel unsafe.”

Police had already arrested a man – a registered sex offender – who had been accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

Officers from the Dallas Police Department met with ‘Occupy Dallas’ campers Thursday night to help build cooperation and prevent further problems. Chaplins and social service workers also went tent-to-tent to ensure the safety of any children living in the camp.

Reagan explained that camp organizers are planning to select peacekeepers – who have passed background checks – to help secure the campsite. The ‘Occupy Dallas’ campers have already been living in downtown for nearly a month.


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  1. Bill Haley says:

    There are plenty of shelters for women and women with children who are homeless. The faith based ones such as the Dallas Life Foundation do not allow couples to reside together without proof of marriage…but still, there is no excuse for a homeless couple exposing their young child to the elements.

    1. SOULkidsMinister says:

      they have been through every sheletr in the system, believe me. Because of her mental illness and/or his substance abuse, they have been removed from or have left every one of them. The last one was the one where they had met with CPS in September and realized Z was about to be taken so they were trying to blend in with the OWS folks. They were simply taking advantage of free shelter, food and warmth which is what they know how to do to survive. It is a mindset – an abyss they have fallen into due to bad choices and mental illness – and there is little to no way out for most of them sadly. But they are are still human. We cannot just throw them away – well at lleast I can’t. “There but for the Grace of God go I”

      1. Vicky Bevis says:

        Get off your “pity party” for them. Every line you wrote “justifies” their “right” to live where they want & how they want, which is fine until it includes an innocent infant. Then all bets are off!

        BTW, I’m a retired nurse who treated terminal kids & worked Hospice, so i’ve done it all & SEEN it all, SO I know whereof I write!

      2. Maura Mikulec says:

        SOULkids Minister!!!!!!!! If you are talking about this family, (versus speaking hypothetically) you are violating confidentiality!!!!! Remove your post!!!!! Maybe you should not work in or minister in that field if you are so casual about sharing very confidential information. Shame on you!!!!

      3. Tom says:

        So I assume you are taking them in your home, or paying for their rent, right?

  2. Rick McDaniel says:

    People no longer really have freedom in this country. That is more than obvious.

    1. caligula says:

      you’re right! they should have the freedom and right to let their child get a communicable disease or to die of cold weather!!!

      forget the rights of the child to live in a stable, comfortable environment.

      1. Oy Vey says:

        …and finally some common sense. Thank you!

      2. FrankL. says:

        Irresponsible people have babies all the time, its called life. We are not responsible for your decisions to have a baby that you can’t afford. I work too hard and my money is stolen by my government to give to enemy countries around the world, so sorry, I don’t have any extra money to take care of your kids. Churches and private charities exist for this purpose. Child “protective” services is an evil government agency staffed with idiots who can’t find work in the private sector. Just ask Jacey Lee Dugard about how well CPS operates.

      3. caligula says:

        thanks for sharing, Frank. i always like to see people’s opinions on various topics.

      4. Cynthia says:

        And don’t forget, last night there was a hard freeze in Dallas. This action may have saved this child’s life. If he was crying all night there was a reason. Apparently, the parents hadn’t addressed whatever the problems were.

      5. Locke says:

        Children are much more likely to be raped while in custody of the state than anywhere else.

      6. Vanyali says:

        Yeah, and where is this stable, comfortable environment going to come from for this kid? From that CPS case worker? Is she taking him home?

        Of course not. She’s taking the kid away from his parents and sending him to hell. All because some Occupy Dallas protesters didn’t like listening to the baby cry at night. That’s just evil.

      7. JM in San Diego CA says:

        Nailed it! (Except for the assorted numb-nuts who don’t grasp sarcasm.)

      8. how2findtruthTube says:


  3. Really Tired says:

    That encampment is not a place for any children, especially as cold as it was last night. I was wondering how many of those folks are on welfare and get checks every month, how many are on unemployment, how many are on food stamps, Section 8 and all the other “entitlement programs”? Just wondering. Those on unemployment are supposed to be looking for a job and that ain’t happening there. I know one of my relatives went to “Occupy Ft. Worth” and he is on food stamps and he got paid to be there. He did not take his kids with him though. I would have called CPS myself if he had done that. He just doesn’t want to work and wants everyone else to support him. Seems to me that he fits right in with that crowd.

    1. Super Mario says:

      Unemployment is not an “entitlement”. You pay into it while you’re working and it exists to help you in between jobs. Idiot.

      1. Yoshi says:

        Yeah, between jobs, occupying doesn’t help you move onto the next job…. Also unemployment has been extended several times and I know quite a few people that are perfectly able to work and could find a job but choose not to, because while on unemployment they can do a lot of nothing.. one is currently in Vietnam, the other was selling drugs on the side, the last one lived at home with his parents… The only one that was saving money was the one in Vietnam, even though all 3 of the above could have saved money…

      2. Brad says:

        Its an entitlement Mario. Do some research. Unemployment has been extended out 2 years. Most are taking FULL advantage of it and the fund is out of money. Thats why you see the man acting as president arguing with the house and the senate to extend it PAST 2 years. Jobs exist everywhere, its just that most are too proud or too lazy to obtain them.

      3. Vicky Bevis says:

        No YOU don’t; your EMPLOYER paes into it. It doesn’t come out of your pocket; it comes out of his/hers!

      4. briana says:

        EMPLOYERS in our state are the only ones who pay into it…employees pay NOTHING into it. So not sure where you are getting your information.

      5. dam says:

        @Brad. You had it right until you said “too proud.” Too proud to take a job but not too proud to accept a government handout?

      6. justthefacts says:

        Unemployment is a hidden tax that YOU DO PAY through cost increases companies pass to you the consumer. Companies don’t just pay it, they sell stuff to you then use that money to pay it. Economics101 people, learn it.

      7. Tired of Ignorance says:

        Some do pay into it, though many do NOT!! Regardless, unemployment was NEVER intended to be used the way Obama is using it! And the way Obama is using it IS an ‘entitlement’ (though, no one is entitled to another’s money, EVER! If a person wants to give, great! Which, BTW, MANY do, majority comes from conservatives & Republicans (this is a FACT)!!

        Unemployment, how it is supposed to be used, is given for about 3-6 months, at most! It is based on your previous income & you ONLY recv it if you lost your job due to NO fault of your own! You are also REQUIRED to be actively perusing employment & must show PROOF of no less than 2-3 interviews/ job applications a WEEK, which you MUST turn in before recv’ing your next check!

        Therefore ANYONE trying to state that unemployment is anything less than 1, of many programs, that Obama trying to push a Socialistic agenda, is unbelievably NAIVE!! EVERYTHING this administration is doing is DIRECTLY out of the Communist Manifesto!!

        Another FACT- those who r on unemployment & r about to run out, DOES find employment w/ in 1-2 months Max!!

      8. BigCat9 says:

        In Ohio anyways you don”t pay into Unemployment Insurance. Only employers pay into it,

    2. ditchdigger2 says:

      He is wise in protecting his famly from CPS, some hint of responsibility. I don’t know how old this kid is, but is his pay worth living in a hobo camp, when the first Blue Northern hits. That will test his metal.

    3. Tired of Ignorance says:

      You mentioned that your relative “Got Paid to Protest”. I’ve heard this before as well and was curious who/ what group paid him?

      I do agree w/ you! There are SO MANY that use this system! And this system traps those that do just need some help, but then can’t get off due to the loss of entitlements vs. the amount they’d need to make to make up for that difference.

      But sadly, these Occupy folk are either to ignorant to think for themselves and ask questions, not to mention 0% common sense; or they don’t care what happens to the country as long as they get a free ride (or so they think since History has PROVEN the utter failure of Socialism/ communism! One only needs to look at N.Korea vs S.Korea!)!

      What is sadder is the complete compliance of the media! Example the Moral Tea Party vs the Immoral Occupy! If you ask me, the Media, and the Occupy (of course Obama & many in Govmt) are the ones that are truly Greedy!! Not to mention envious, lustful, hateful, and on & on! Yes, there will always, sadly, be those w/ money the cheat & lie to get their wealth. But the majority of the wealthy are NOT! They do so much GOOD for those less fortunate/ motivated, MUCH MORE than the Govmt can or ever has!!

    4. Tired of Ignorance says:

      You mentioned that your relative “Got Paid to Protest”. I’ve heard this before as well and was curious who/ what group paid him?
      I do agree w/ you! There are SO MANY that use this system! And this system traps those that do just need some help, but then can’t get off due to the loss of entitlements vs. the amount they’d need to make to make up for that difference.
      But sadly, these Occupy folk are either to ignorant to think for themselves and ask questions, not to mention 0% common sense; or they don’t care what happens to the country as long as they get a free ride (or so they think since History has PROVEN the utter failure of Socialism/ communism! One only needs to look at N.Korea vs S.Korea!)!
      What is sadder is the complete compliance of the media! Example the Moral Tea Party vs the Immoral Occupy! If you ask me, the Media, and the Occupy (of course Obama & many in Govmt) are the ones that are truly Greedy!! Not to mention envious, lustful, hateful, and on & on! Yes, there will always, sadly, be those w/ money the cheat & lie to get their wealth. But the majority of the wealthy are NOT! They do so much GOOD for those less fortunate/ motivated, MUCH MORE than the Govmt can or ever has!!

      1. Tired of Ignorance says:

        Sorry about the double post, my computer is acting a bit crazy :0)! I can’t seem to delete the duplicate :0(.

  4. goodyt says:


    The people do have the freedom to camp out in your front, or back yard if you Invite them over. I think that it is wonderful that you feel anyone who wants should have the right to occupy public parks without the attendant responsibility.

    Ergo, if you let them have their “freedom” in your yard everyone will be happy!!

  5. Carey Bst says:

    If the Occupy movement can adopt an anti-corruption platform instead of the disjointed messages, they will become much more effective. One Occupy member’s page progressivist.hubpages.com/hub/story-jeff-baron seems to go a long way in starting down that road.

  6. jj cambell says:

    I cannot believe these sqatters are allowed to put up tents and live on
    public and private land within a city.. Its costing citizens,its unhealthy, and dangerouse. If you or I decided to put up a tent and live in it we would be arrested.
    In the big picture global unions and progressive socialists in the Senate(there are 70 of them) are using these squatters for political gain.
    Let them march but living in tents is unsanitary and should not be allowed.

    1. Super Mario says:

      Obviously you never served in the military. haha

  7. Chris McPhail says:

    CPS is a child kidnapping ring. “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson

    1. Liz Salander says:

      I second the motion.

    2. Super Mario says:

      I third that motion.

    3. ditchdigger2 says:

      The crimminal and the government are both stripping the U.S. Citizen of their rights. Nothing new, its called oppression.

  8. LAZRTX says:

    Just avoid downtown Dallas and there is no problems. The people camping there are mentally unstable.

  9. August says:

    That poor baby; being in the hands of CPS puts that baby’s life in peril: physical abuse and at-risk for sick sexual thing to happen to him….

    1. M.S.S. says:

      As a former foster parent and now the adoptive mother of 3 kids from foster care, I take offense at your reference to CPS. Yes, they are not perfect but all of the kids I ever had in my care were taken from parents who were into drugs and alcolhol and didn’t take care of their children. My children now have a safe and loving environment to live and grow in without drugs and addicts coming in and out of the house. I don’t drink or smoke and do not associate with anyone who does. So quit making general statements that you cannot back up…

      1. Liz Salander says:

        MSS – you are a kidnapper.

      2. Oy Vey says:

        …and you’re a moron who can’t do better than the typical “I know you are but what am I” type of infantile retorts.

      3. Super Mario says:

        How often do you touch them in thier special places?

      4. Canof Sand says:

        Liz, “Mario,” you are sick, perverted, hatemongering tools. You have no evidence whatsoever to spout your smears against foster parents like “M.S.S.” But of course, that doesn’t matter to you, because FACTS don’t matter to you. You have mental and moral problems. Seek counseling.

      5. ditchdigger2 says:

        God bless you, here in Kalivornyka, we need more like you.

      6. M.S.S. says:

        Just goes to show there are sick people who condemn others because they are ignorant of the real world. When you receive a 14-month-old child in the middle of the night because he has a broken arm done by a relative as well as both of his knee caps being broken before he was saved and protected, you will have a different view of foster parents and why we do what we do. You do need counseling big time…

    2. Keith in Seattle says:

      Naw, just let the baby live in the tent in unsanitary conditions and maybe catch pneumonia and die. That’s the ticket YEAH! Get real.

  10. tinkerthinker says:

    Why are those people still there? The whole thing needs to go.

    1. ditchdigger2 says:

      Winters a commi’n, the homeless and the street crimminals are starting to prey on them, this will go away until spring. Same mistake Nepoleon, Hitler, made, only on a mini scale.

    2. SweetOlBob says:

      Tinkerthinker: These people are there because folks like Soros, ACORN, and other un Americans paid a few malcontents to start an unorthodox “protest” against nothing in particular. Paid groups such as this will always draw out the real weirdo and sicko portion of society. That’s what they have done. They will probably remain there, fueled by their mental derangement until they are forcibly removed.

  11. jw says:

    More ridiculous government intervention–but they don’t touch the bankers or corporations.

    1. dj says:

      Your ignorance is unparalleled. So I guess Bernie Madoff is one of those that was untouched. You’re comparing child abuse to banking. What exactly should they do to the corporations. It would be almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with you based on such an ignorant comment.

      1. Damon F. says:

        Bernie Madoff was neither a banker nor a corporation.

  12. Otis says:

    So the homeless are now unsavory? They aren’t part of the 99%? How very bourgeois. Power to the proletariate! Down with OWS elitests! Sombody needs to listen to the song “Don’t Get Fooled Again” by the Who.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      Maybe that someone is you. The song is about tools pushing for “revolution” and when they get their way, nothing really changed for the better. Who’s pushing for “revolution” here? Oh, that’s right. Useful idiots. Claiming THEY “won’t be fooled” only shows you’re a useful idiot as well.

      We don’t need revolution or redistribution or any of the other filth these useful idiots chant about or their puppetmasters plan to bring about. We need restoration – of values, personal responsibility (no handouts!), and the Constitution. We need to be a nation of laws, not men, and that means the laws need to be enforced, not complicated with endless piles of economy-killing red tape.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        Eh, perhaps misread your comment, and there’s no edit button. You get the point, though.

      2. ditchdigger2 says:

        Doe’s over a few million notice the stop of comment on FOX, whats up?

  13. atrollsays says:

    Hey Occupy you are getting EXACTLY what you are protesting for. BIG GOV WILL TAKE THAT BABY FEED IT CHANGE IT. Take care of its education and medical needs. ISNT THAT WHAT YOU ALL WANT!

    1. Bryce Anderson says:

      If there were adequate assistance for struggling families, the child wouldn’t have been taken away. As they said in the interview, they had been trying to get on government housing for months. Now that they no longer have custody, they no longer qualify for that housing.

      Had more housing been provided, the waiting list would have been shorter, and this whole situation probably would have been avoided. Of course, if we lived in a society that adequately cared for the poor, #OWS would be unnecessary.

      This isn’t a show of “big government”, but a demonstration of a government that would rather kick its citizens while they’re down than help them succeed. Of course, the former kind of government is much cheaper to operate, and is therefore supported by the right wing.

  14. fecal_heroes says:

    Sounds like Dallas is a prison, but of course the fascist Shrub lives there. I hope I hear more such critics from the cancer that is Crony Capitalism, as their comments are the most laughable and condemnatory.
    In other words the very parasites (or useful idiots) feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class, can’t handle being confronted with the truth. They really have earned all the steamy excrement patriots everywhere can provide.

    As far as the freedom fighters victimized by these very apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, the nation’s prayers are with them. And with the Anonymous brigade.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      Anonymous is a group of lowlife thugs with no sense of moral boundaries or respect for just laws, private property, and private/personal information. If you’re with them, you’re not with the American people, no matter how many lies you tell yourself.

  15. Dan R says:

    “The complaint was a child in the encampment that was pretty much screaming and crying all night, and folks were concerned about it,” said Lt. Anthon Williams with the Dallas Police Department. – ME; I think I’m getting used to these dirty hippies #OccupyTheNews but why is an officer calling a baby “IT”???

    1. Canof Sand says:

      Because that’s common practice in the English language? Oh no, that CAN’T be it, cuz he’s a COP and we all must assume the worst when dealing with “the pigs,” amiright?!?!111 You’re disgusting.

  16. Mike Notsaying says:

    by the way cbs stop being puss bags and let me post my peaceful political opinions , i notice every time i mention the con**ution of the usa the message never shows up , you only post the sides of the arguments you agree with

  17. George Johnson says:

    So, the “99%” is slowly becoming the “1%”??

    The elitism is turning my stomach….

  18. Al Teal says:

    Just being at one of these protests is proves that you are an idiot and/or you have no morals. Some idiots can raise children without damaging them but if you have no morals, you are unfit to be a parent.

  19. HPS says:

    There is a BIG difference between A PROTEST and A OCCUPATION.. The people at the OCCUPATION are NOT PROTESTING they are PARTYING.. AVOIDING RESPONSIBILITY and SQUATTING on land that is NOT there’s we hear how they WANT from the RICH but when a homeless person WANTS from them as compared to a homeless person THEY are the RICH they yelp.. try to avoid them.. don’t SHARE with them.. BUT THESE OCCUPIERS are JUST LIKE THEM.. THEY WANT SOMETHING for NOTHING.. As far as the baby goes.. ONLY and IDIOT parent would take a child into this kind of environment don’t deserve a baby they deserve a @$$ beating..

  20. hector says:

    haha the local dallas cops are the ones picking up the homeless from mockingbird and dropping them off at the occupy protests to keep them fed and warm.
    Gotta love how all this is going full circle.
    Oh p.s. you can’t get a job if you are out camping in the cold.

    1. barbara says:

      yes the police are doing this. to make the protesters look worse. It is all a part of how any grass roots movement is discredited.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        And I suppose those eeevil police also forced those other OWS guys to defecate on a police car, neighbors’ doorsteps, and in bushes? And throw bottles and stones at the police (as an OWSer admitted to MSNBC when the “reporter” was trying to vilify the police and paint OWS as peaceful)? And forced them to break store windows all over Oakland and elsewhere? And push that cop off his motorcycle? And leave their camp sites full of trash and filth and stink up the place? And spout anti-Semite comments? And hand out Far Left extremist literature and recruit for the Communist Party? And obstruct traffic and ports? And trespass on private property? And bum rush policemen and security guards in the streets and in museums? And threaten people with violence and kidnapping? And hide rape and other serious crimes, allowing criminals to do as they please, because they don’t want to hurt their oh-so-great “Cause”? And…

  21. Richard Crosslin says:

    As much as I love my hippie friends and sympathized because I feel so disenfrancized myself, this story underlines several issues that make it impossible for me be enthusiastic with their ideology.

    I don’t feel like a group of unhappy people have the ‘right’ to tear up a park that I help pay for with my taxpayer dollars.

    I don’t want to pay for policemen and social services to take care of these people.

    I don’t want to think of these people as better and more worthy of using public land than homeless and panhandlers.

  22. grnma moses says:

    this would be a great job for obama, he was and is a very good oranizer,which is what he did prior to getting elected by the left drive by media…

  23. dfwfireman says:


  24. OMG says:

    IF you have $20 bucks to your name, a roof over your head and you ate a meal today, you are better off than 95% of the world.

    The 1% pretty much everyone in America.
    The 99% go to somolia or some other hole and tell me you are not the 1%

    1. glitchus says:

      We have the fattest and most spoiled “poor” in the world, it’s truly pathetic. I’ve seen families with three generations on welfare who have every fancy accessory imaginable and absolutely no desire to work, it disgusts me to no end and I’m, quite frankly, sick of being forced to support it.

      1. cat says:

        amen, i am tired of it too !!!!

  25. forrest says:

    Well, if the “rich” are the one percent and the occupiers are the “ninety nine” percent then are the homeless the zero percent in the eyes of our tantrum throwing brats?

  26. WhileInSchoolGetAJob says:

    So I watch on CNN some OWS protesters talk about how they can’t find a job after college. That some companies want experience and they can’t get that because they cant get a job. My response is, why didn’t you get a job while you were in school. While I was in college I knew having a degree in my field was not enough, having a portfolio was not enough, I had to show I had done some previous work before in my field. If you look at job openings on Monster, pay attention to what they ask for, first is knowledge in the field, two is experience and three is degree. Any job opening lays out exactly what you need to do to get that job.

  27. Peoria Arizona says:

    Protests are one thing, but living/squatting on public property is illegal! You tell me how long this would of been allowed if any Tea Party group decided to camp out in a public area….and don’t give me any Bulls*&T, you know full well, what would of happened, we would of been accused of being of racists elements and terrorist havens and all arrested in one swoop!

    1. antifreeloader says:

      The Tea Party WAS accused of being racist and being terrorists.

      1. Coffee Party says:

        Accusations are one thing. PROOF is another. Andrew Breitbart put up a bounty of $100,000 to anyone who could produce a video of racial slurs and/or terrorist threats being made at any Tea Party Rally. Guess what? No videos are anywhere to prove the accusations. The $100,000 is still up for grabs. What does that tell you?

  28. Liz Salander says:

    God, people in Dallas, Texas are utterly so cruel to the marginalized, the poor, the disabled. I’m sick to my stomach at the comments they make on the internet toward these human beings who are our brothers and sisters. One thing that #OWS did for sure is bring out the ugly, putrid side of those who criticize the Movement.

    1. Oy Vey says:

      That’s pretty hard to do when most of the participants in the movement ARE ugly and putrid trash-of-the-earth types.

      1. Bryce Anderson says:

        I think you’ve made her point better than she ever could.

    2. M.S.S. says:

      And exactly, what is the movement? You don’t hear anyone who is in charge of the so-called movement telling the rest of us, who have lives to live, what the heck they are trying to prove. Protesting is one thing, but squatting and living wherever doesn’t prove anything or help the rest of the world understand their purpose. They need a spokesperson to explain…

    3. robert william says:

      let them stay with you

    4. Genial says:

      I don’t support my own “brothers and sisters” and I certainly don’t want to support those parasites. You can be sure of one thing, if anything has to do with ‘take over,’ Pres. Yomama’s fingerprints are all over it!

  29. alanwillingham says:

    Why are so many of these protesters so offended by those who have so much less than they do? Certainly the homeless should be welcome to whatever material possessions and money the protesters have. Their greed and their complaints about the poor are so hollow and reveal them as being far richer than those whom they shun for wanting their fair share of the comparative riches in the tent city

    1. tcb says:

      It reveals them to be the hypocrites they are.

  30. TLB says:

    Poor kid. I hope they find him a good family. The birth parents don’t seem to have a clue if they think this is a good environment for a child’s formation.

  31. barbara says:

    I think there is censoring of comments going on. My comments are not showing up because I DO NOT agree with what happened to this family with their baby.

    1. DJ says:

      It’s only because your comments are so stupid barbara

    2. dad says:

      You’re probably cool with the rapists and druggies running around there, too, huh?

    3. Daneil says:

      Yeah! Let the little kid live in the gutter in filth around low lifes and deadbeats!

    4. Mike Notsaying says:

      you are correct , any time you type a cuss word or type liber***ty or constituti***on it wont show up , cb**s is the worst news org in the entire planet followed by the pussF**ucks at msnbc

    5. TNT says:

      Check your words. Anything containing anything remotely offensive is banned. I’ve posted words with a-s-s in them, and some of them have been banned. Some were bad words others not.

  32. Debby Thompson Smith says:

    @glitchus: Well said! I, my extensive circle of family and friends (all of whom give generously of their time and money to charities and helping others, btw) applaud and support your sentiments EXACTLY! I grew up in a poor, abusive, non-sober household and know first hand what hell is. Oh…and I am a Republican and conservative on most…liberal on some…lay a lot of this on Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, and NoNoObama’s ilk… and his circle of racists, socialists, and communists supporters and activists. I worked hard, picked a good man, and CHOSE to have children when I COULD AFFORD to. It’s a funny thing called being responsible. I know all about being an enabler…and that’s what our bloated government has become.

  33. Dave-o says:

    Time for all of these clowns to Occupy a Job.

    1. Mike Notsaying says:

      you got some jobs for em? or are you sittin smug in your chair at your computer just belching hate? hell i do that too sometimes but atleast i have the ba**ll*s to admit it

  34. Jeremy says:

    The one thing I can’t stand is so many people are saying “Oh, this couple was not properly caring for this child”. Give me a break. They loved it, they provided all his needs. Yes, it may be a dirty place. Yes, they may be homeless. So what? So it’s illegal for homeless people to have children now? So much for freedom and choice. You people make me sick to be sitting here fighting for your freedoms when you are so quick to take them away from others. You may not agree with the parents, but unless they are actually harming the child (And no, the chance that he could be harmed is NOT reason to remove the child from the parents) then CPS had no right to take the child. There is no difference of having a child living in a tent in a camp like that than living in the ghetto and leaving your door unlocked. CPS would be stepping over the rights of the parents if they EVER did something like that.

    1. llig says:

      “So what?” you say.

      Forget legalities. It shows a great lack of good judgement on the parents part to even entertain bringing a child into their current lifestyle. It isn’t much of a life for them or the child.

      1. Cameron Hanson says:

        Are you saying they should have aborted their baby?

      2. Canof Sand says:

        Are you saying abortion is the only other option?

      3. llig says:

        Cameron Hanson, Canof Sand –
        No. I am not even suggesting abortion. There are methods for not conceiving. When you are barely able to take care of yourselves, it does not make any sense to bring a child into that world.

        Is abortion the only option you can think of?

    2. vjones says:

      If they provided for all “it’s” needs, then he/she wouldn’t be crying and screaming all night….to the extent that one of these ‘oh so tolerant’ lefties would feel compelled to call and report that the child was possibly being abused. That is the issue! You’re right in the sense that the child can’t simply be taken from the parents because of their choice of lifestyle, but SCREAMING AND CRYING ALL NIGHT!!! Something is wrong.

      1. Cameron Hanson says:

        are you a parent?

    3. Craig says:

      I agree with you Jeremy, but most of the posters here hate OWS, and so they side with the city services. They think OWS is just a bunch of welfare hippies. I believe this movement is about no representation for the middle class in America anymore. No representation for the millions of middle class jobs being sent to China, India, & Mexico.

    4. Mike Notsaying says:


      1. Mike Notsaying says:

        @ jermy

  35. TheChairman says:

    I love it when liberals are forced to ingest their own ‘medicine’…

    The only victim is the child, who is unable to select new parents.

  36. Luke Stone says:

    Is it surprising? Look at these fools.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPd46AJ-9F8 facebook.com/stoneaccount

  37. Daniel Cooper says:

    If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em. These parasites on society use their child to game the system for MORE benefits. Welfare check and food stamp card must be used for drugs, since these slugs live at an Occupy filthy camp.

    Take the kid away and find a decent home for him.

  38. CW Thoma says:

    In reply to BIZKIT:

    you think it is alright for the parents to live in a tent on grounds with drug dealers, rapests, and communists? You dont think what CPS did was correct. Well maybe after the child has been beaten, or raped, or killed….


    SO I guess your answer is let ’em live in the projects surrounded by the same beaters, rapists and murders. Then you can scream to lock that kid up when they grow up to be criminals. Jeez.

  39. Mik says:

    WOW! Now the OCCUPIERS have themselves become the ONE % and want nothing to do with the less fortunate………….LMAO

    1. hebgb says:


  40. Rod Anders says:

    Good. It’s about time. Let there be consequences.

  41. roger says:

    Are these violent protest bums still in the news? Stop paying attention to them, they’ll go away.

    Also worth mentioning is that “Wall Street” had itself a history making month… profit wise! ooops! 🙂

    Another thing: The internet now allows people to exercise freedom of speech anytime they wish. Why are these people allowed to threaten violence and mayhem by their constant presence and social interruptions? That’s not speech! That’s harassment and obstructionism. Not to mention the huge amounts of money they cost the cities! Use the internet for your “speech”, the 60s are long over. There is technology now!

    Send these spoiled kids and “rent-a-mobs” home.

    Next time, before you believe some college (who wants your money), do your own research… It not rocket science to see that 90% of these college degrees aren’t really worth squat in the $marketplace$! It’s not OUR fault you were stupid enough to believe a liberal arts degree was worth more than the paper printed upon. And let’s not forget ethnic and gender studies, the “value” those subjects must hold in society is priceless!

    I guess science is too hard and thus any degree will do?? lol

    Grow up please!

  42. nobama2012 says:

    “The complaint was a child in the encampment that was pretty much screaming and crying all night, and folks were concerned about it,”

    When the annoyers become the annoyed ……..
    Hey, it takes a village.

  43. hebgb says:

    …We’ve had a large amount of unsavory elements which have gotten plenty of media coverage,”…

    Welll now, aren’t we getting a little elitist with our attitudes. I thought this was an all inclusive arrangement and everyone was welcomed. Does this mean that the protesters have figured out they don’t want redistribution of resources within their ranks – kind of like the government does to those of us who work? WOW!!! what a concept. You have to woinder how many of these slugs have now seen the light as to why Republicans are so very against paying for those who scam the system and maybe have begun to change theior attitudes.

  44. John says:

    >>> The complaint was a child in the encampment that was pretty much screaming and crying all night

    This is a joke right? Because that pretty much sums up the entire movement.

    Give me free stuff!! Waaaaaa!!!

    1. Minerva Schwartz says:

      The Occupiers are now facing what the rest of us know – what happens in “utopia”. Ironic : they are now the 1%. Too bad they don’t see it,

  45. Leonard says:

    Any idiot that brings a child to this needs to have the child removed for good. Just the fact that they are at this event probably means they would never be any good as parents anyways.. heh

  46. Russ in OR says:

    So the ‘occupiers’ believe that they are getting a raw deal. Those better off than them should be willing to give more of what they have. You know, spread the wealth. Yet they are decamping to shake loose the ones who really ARE less fortunate.

  47. els says:

    Really? Who does not know by now that the people and money behind these protests are Soros organizations (Move On) Acorn (under changed names) and the SEIU under the guidance of good old Barry himself. The original protestors were paid to go out and organize, while anarchists have infiltrated these groups waiting for a flash point to erupt into planned violence. These people bringing their families down there, and all the rest are just being used. It turns out that none of the people arrested so far in Oakland are actually from Oakland. GET IT YET?

  48. Mark says:

    Although there may be free food available there thanks to the liberal enablers, these protests are not fit for anyone let alone a child.
    I wish them good luck in finding a home, but I can certainly say that surrounding one’s self with losers is hardly a path to success.
    All these protestors should be setting up outside the White House and Congress because they are the true source of the corruption, greed and failure we are now saddled with.

  49. vjones says:

    Taking the “environment” out of the equation for a moment-consider this….a baby who is crying and screaming all night is not being taken care of properly by his/her parents, and thankfully someone called to alert the authorities to possible abuse.


    I should have known the comments would mainly be from haters. CPS has REAL cases to investigate, not a kid who has two parents that love him and are teaching him to fight for what he believes in. I am not part of Occupy Dallas (or Wall Street or anyother place) only because I believe it is futile. But I support its activists. This is just another way for the Establishment to hurt people that take shots at it. I will be praying for the safe return of the baby. I happen to know a couple personally that had their baby taken away by CPS and the child was KILLED by one of the so-called safe guardians appointed to keep him. You and these CPS people are just pure evil.

    1. Susan Dupree Keller says:

      How do you know these parents were competent. They already had an open case with CPS. Did you actually read the story?

    2. SOULkidsMinister says:

      please see my post below so you have the whole story – I admire your passion, I do. But CPS is neither evil nor wrong, in this case. The child was in imminent danger. The mother has already lost two children by abusing them because she is mentally ill. CPS is however highly overloaded and overworked because of the number of sick individuals that abuse their children, or because of the huge number of mentally ill parents that cannot take care of their parents, or the children whose parents are incarcerated, then there’s the ones whose parents are dead, let’s not forget the abandoned ones……you get the picture. Are there problems with the System? OH horrible ones. Absolutely! But I happen to know where this child is going and he could not be in a more loving secure home with people that are simply amazing in the amount of unconditional love they pour out. So you can rest easy about little Zachariah. He is safe from evil 🙂


    Also, all you people crying “Get A Job” dont’ seem to understand that this very country began when people decided the status quo wasn’t helping people. The Loyalists and people back in Merry Old England all thought the Revolutionaries were rabble rousers, too. I get tired of the wealthy and the ridiculous celebrities lording over the world and wasting money and opportunities, but they don’t care. But I support anyone who isn’t a SHEEP and will strike back. The only USEFUL way to strike back is to find a way toward complete independence..from Conservatives, from the wealthy and the other Establishment figures. I have found this way and am pursuing it mightily and I suggest others do the same. I would support a French or Russian style revolution if it would purge some of the filth that call themselves elite. Suburban America, that means most of you too.

    1. longhornmama says:

      “I would support a French or Russian style revolution if it would purge some of the filth that call themselves elite. Suburban America, that means most of you too.” So your supposed sympathy for the baby is a bunch of manure. Like a true Leftist, you yearn for mass murder guillotine/pogrom style. At least you are honest enough to admit it.

  52. Cameron Hanson says:

    I wonder about all those children dragged along the Oregon Trail, with all those malcontents moving West. Why would those parents let the Kid Nazis take their child? Babies cry all night all the time. Ask any mother.

  53. BigV says:

    SpellCheck!!! Its Chaplain you wanker!

    As to other things, Octowench, cakehole lass, cakehole. It was someone IN the camp that called CPS in the first place, so stop your whinging. As to sheep… check out who they are, they are being led around by the nose by the Communist Party, Community Organization Groups (more communists and socialists) and big Daddy Soros (socialist, as long as it isn’t His money). Socialism is Failed, look at Europe in the 80s and 90s, socialism was the order of the day, they had to stop it because they were falling apart. Socialism bleeds the job creators and those who actually work dry. You’re already getting 20% of my money that I Worked for, you don’t need another f’ing penny. 46% of the nation receives every dime they paid-in back and a large portion of them get back More than they put in.

  54. JohnRalph says:

    Obama’s brand of socialism, which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America.

    Except Islamic America, which is an excellent example of both types since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

  55. Susan Dupree Keller says:

    My Momma used to say of you hang around with dogs you’re going to get fleas.

  56. Sharon Spraker Barnes says:

    These people placed their child in a dangerous situation and CPS acted to protect the child. Perhaps if these folks got a job instead of waiting on a government handout they could get an apartment.

  57. Craig says:

    Man this is a shame. These people have a hard enough time without some stupid CPS clowns ordering the cops to steal their chlld from them. I hate CPS, but you can bet that all the local politicians were in on this act. This is just an extention of their hatred for OWS.

  58. jamie says:

    This may be on the rise with people losing jobs. One illness away from cps taking your children and putting them in some nasty bug infested foster home. They should have given them resources to get back on their feet. Oh wait there isn’t any. I think its sad for the baby to be broken up from his family. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

  59. Mike Notsaying says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

  60. Bill says:

    One clever way to break up the occupy sites around the country is for local authorities to encourage the worst dregs of society to join the protestors. The authorities could even send in a few hired provocateurs to disrupt the peace. The media seem to enjoy covering stories of bad things happening at the occupy sites.

  61. CB says:

    this is what authorities need to do more, any “parents” who are there with kids should have them taken away until they stop the foolishness of the “occupy” garbage…..they go home and they get their kids back

  62. Il Bui says:

    “Carpich acknowledged having a criminal history”

    Of course. The VAST majority of protesters are low life commies.

  63. keyser soze says:

    Lets Start Occupy Kim Krapdashian! Ill be the first to squat on her!

  64. SOULkidsMinister says:

    I am a children’s minister for a homeless ministry in downtown Dallas, and Zachariah is one of my kids. His parents are not OWS protestors. They wouldn’t have a clue what the protest is even about. Nor can they read the signs very well as they have very low IQs. They are a chronically homeless couple, she has MD and mental health issues and has lost two children to the System already. Dad is an ex-con who battles a substance abuse problem daily – he is clean right now. Zachariah needed to be removed from their care – but not because of anything to do with OWS or politics or any of the other bile flying around here – but because he is a helpless, homeless child who didn’t choose to be in this situation. The clothes he is wearing in this video? I gave those to him. The blue blanket? I made it for him when he was born. The white hat on his head? Came off my head on Sunday because he was cold – and they had one set of clothes, a ooat 4 sizes too big and no food or diapers until I stocked them up. The last thing I gave him on Sunday morning after Sunday School in a parking lot was the stuffed brown dog in the video – and a kiss. Don’t get me wrong, they love their child very much, but they are neither mentally nor financially capable of taking care of him. So if we can just put protests and politics and media spins aside for one moment and focus on the real problem here – the baby – maybe we can stop the bickering and come together to do something about the horrendous problem of homelessness in children in this, one of the richest countries in the world. Just sayin…

    1. SOULkidsMinister says:

      oh yes – one more thing – as for Zachariah crying all night? That is a falshood. Zachariah doesn’t cry. Ever. About anything. I have seen him come to me in situations any other baby would have been crying their head off and not one whimper. Sadly I am afraid there are mental health issues there too. It was more likely the mother that was crying and screaming all night. She is not well and needs to be under constant doctor’s care. Please pray for this baby – I think his welfare is certainly one thing we can all agree on? By the way – it was the OWS organizers who called CPS out of concern for the child.

  65. Sukalubov says:

    An over stepping and over reaching government better be very careful, you will soon be stepped on and put out of business.

  66. Cactus02 says:

    Because it may be messy and dirty in the protest aria and the child is crying at night is no reason to take a baby away from his parents. My girl was colicky and cried from 7:00 at night to midnight every night. I have to wonder if do-gooders who were tired of being kept awake half the night reported the parents to CPS. Fortunately the parents have the common sense to move on and not let their child become devoured by the system.

  67. JeffShaffer says:

    Listen very carefully…
    See something strange, report it to BIG Sis….They made the mistake of asking for your help. We all see strange things every day. Be a good citizen and help her out. Go to The Drudge Report and learn what they did after a light bulb exploded at a Post Office. How much did that action cost you and me. http://www.drudgereport.com

  68. Phil Mckracken says:

    White Trash.
    CPS please keep the child so that he has a chance. His parents are L-O-S-E-R-S.

  69. David Ball says:

    when they found out there was going to be an investigation,Acorn started shreding all their paperwork.Is’nt that illegal? To destroy evidence of criminal activity? I hope it is because then the obama administration will soon be in prison.With obama first in line and adorned with shackles.

  70. David Ball says:

    We should have picked our own cotton.

  71. terry rohan says:

    I’m glad my kids are grown and I have no grandchildren planned or otherwise. How could you bring a child into this hell we are fixing to be in, is beyond my comprehension.
    Stuff going to get so bad these camps are going to look like KOA or Jellystone Park.
    People are going to be living in the camps, and buying black market food in the camps, and maybe children, as a commodity.
    We are precipitously edging the abyss, sure to be dragged in less we fail to shed our nation of this treacherous wretch in the whitehouse.

  72. Billy says:

    The gov’t owns us anyway, why not let them take everyone’s kids for whatever reason they wanna give?

  73. SandyK says:

    Well, my goodness. You would think the Occupy Dallas “movement” would welcome the 1% of the 99% – the homeless and truly needy people.

    I guess they don’t like to SHARE their wealth, do they?

    Bunch of hypocrites.

    1. JB says:

      You really DO believe what you read, don’t you?
      You might want to reserve judgement until you research the real story
      about this family. It might just be that the Occupiers were trying to get
      this family help.

      1. Prisoner 8824136 says:

        When it comes to this ACORN/Union-orchestrated chaos, Antoine Dodson may have said it best, “Hide your kids…hide your wife…’cause dey rapin’ ev’rybody out there…”

  74. Buster says:


  75. JB says:

    Finally, the truth. Thank you for telling us the real story of this family. It has been near freezing in the Dallas area at night, so I cannot imagine a baby outdoors in these conditions right now. I agree that in this day and age, in a country full of resources, with millions of stimulus dollars thrown at unnecessary projects, it is truly tragic that this family cannot receive the help they need to function in this society.
    It is also sad that the media decided to make this a “political” story, rather than searching for the full truth. They might have actually helped this family had they participated in professional journalism

  76. Truth Detector says:

    By virtue of his instructing and directing the Occupiers through his Press Secy, Obama owns the movement.

    He is its figurative head and has assumed its leadership.

  77. Alan Wray says:

    Keeping these hard working protestors up when they are trying to rest by crying? Guess the kid isn’t in the 99%…….

  78. Bill Mac says:

    Hey folks just pay them protesters no mind ! They will kick and scream ,and when see no one is looking,they will leave !!! Problem solved !

  79. Garry says:

    In the early 20th century we had Hoovervilles, people living in shantys close to where they might possibly get jobs. In the early 21st century we have obamavilles, people living in tents nowhere near where they might find a job, just a handout. The tea party wants government to stop the unsustainable spending, the flea party wants government to stop spending on everything but THEM. Forgive our student loans, more foodstamps, pay for our healthcare, pay for our housing, be my big government daddy. Your ideas and desired policies are what has spawned the above story. Collectivism ALWAYS fails, and destroys families as it does so.

  80. lili says:

    Texas is a hole. The “bad parts of society” ARE parts of your society.

    I remember the days when Texas churches would take these people in and help them rebuild their lives.

    Now it’s forget about them they aren’t my problem. Good Christian behaviors right there.

    God WILL judge you Texas. Believe it.

  81. Mitch Rapp says:

    Obama told us this was a Good movement! So, who cares about streets and sidewalks filled with excrement and debauchery? The City of Dallas abandoned all forms of sanitation, ignored the health Department, trampled on the businesses in the area to bring yor the best in Anarchy, Socialism, Communism and Obamatronics.

  82. VotersOfNY says:

    Good, take their kids and throw the parents in jail.

    I’m sick of these filthy dirty hippies trying to say this is a protest. Half of them don’t even know why they’re there. THe rest want free money form people who worked hard for it.

    I waited on tables, washed dishes, worked for psot office, did manual labor and a lot of other jobs during my life. One thing I didn’t do is whine about why other people have more than I do.

    It took me a while but soon I had a good job, a wife and kids and a house. Then came a better job and grandkids. Now I got some money I WORKED HARD for and am retired.

    I never asked the rich to give me some of their money like these bums want. I went out and EARNED it, you lazy slobs. Get some dignity you lowlifes.

  83. A. Brown says:

    They are getting a taste of the nanny state that they’re demanding. They’re also living in the conditions their little utopia will create.

    If this is what “democracy” looks like, it will never work. Every time one group doesn’t get what they want they’ll pitch a fit and shut down society until they get their way. Might makes right? Whine makes mine.

    I’ll keep my republic and everyone being equal under the law. Long live the tea party! –Save our republic!!

  84. Rob says:

    Aren’t the homeless part of the 99%? The occupiers want a share of what others have worked for, but aren’t willing to share what they have with the “less fortunate”? Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

  85. Thomas Mongan says:

    The point that all the comments have missed so far is that the baby belongs to the parents, not the state. A parent’s right to custody of children is the fundamental right that the family is based on and the family is the building block of society. The CPS here are acting like totalitarian thugs breaking up a family because the parents are not conforming to the states idea of how the child should be raised. What is more dangerous to liberty, OWS communist revolutionaries, or jack booted communist thugs working for the CPS out to destroy the traditional nuclear family? I say the CPS.

  86. James Holloway says:

    Wow such negativity, by people that don’t understand what the movement is, who started it, and what it is about. Do a little research and get off the main stream media (which is owned by six big corporations, of course they are going to vilify people protesting them). With just a few minutes research on http://www.wikipedia.com you can find out that the protests are about more than homeless people (which the police are dropping off and telling to do whatever they want like defecate in public or sleep at the location and get drunk). It is about how multinational corporations (with no loyalty to the US) are able to legally bribe er.. I mean lobby our politicians into passing laws to favor them over other businesses, give them money, or tax breaks and subsidies. Its about how the banking industry regulates itself (see Federal Reserve), and invests in toxic derivatives. Its about the corruption that let the 1% of the 1% steal all of our money and how politicians have to pander to interests and not voters to stay in office. Do some research away from the main stream media it will open your eyes…

    1. SilentNoMore says:

      You are a fool. #iamthe53

    2. shoppegirl says:

      This website is so strange. It will not allow me to reply to anyone but thomas mongan. So. Sorry Thomas.

      I am sure the cops are just thinking of this childs safety. If the cops ignored it, and the baby was harmed, there would be hell to pay.

      Maybe people in the town, or the churches can help this couple find a WARM safe place to live..

      I think the OWS folks have proved their point, they are all wacko, and dangerous, so lets just arrest them and send them home.

  87. SilentNoMore says:


  88. FRISCO WALT says:


  89. al Right says:

    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

  90. bigmeow says:

    What ever happened to due process? Having your child taken is worse than going to jail or even being executed.


  91. jan says:

    If I was homeless, I’d go there. It gives them shelter and food and is probably safer than living on the streets. It would give them a place to stay, and food while they look for work and a [;ace to live.

  92. Maura Mikulec says:

    I think it is a overstepping their bounds for social service workers to be walking through the camps checking on children. Parents should be presumed to be properly caring for their kids unless there is a reported concern. Are they next going to be roaming our neighborhoods? And don’t get me wrong, I totally get when CPS is doing their job according to the law, and support the necessary removal of children in danger, but this is beyond their mandate.

  93. craigmk1974 says:

    Well, this is what big government does, tell you that living conditions are “not good enough” for your child. The Occupiers are protesting for more government like this. Ironic, isn’t it, protesting for more government control over your lives?

  94. moose says:

    The CPS has him sold already no doubt!

  95. snap says:

    People have every right to live as they wish – and I guess can even subject their child(ren) to socially-reprehensible (not unsafe or obviously harmful) situations – but the rest of us have no obligation to subsidize those choices.

Comments are closed.

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