More Docs Turning Away Unvaccinated Patients

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – No shot, no service.

It sounds extreme, but that’s how far some doctors are going to protect some of their patients.

A growing number of doctors are standing up to families who decide not to get vaccines for their kids.

The Griffith family in Dallas is one of those families that decided to at least delay vaccines for their three children.

They followed a standard vaccination schedule for their first son.

After researching vaccines though, and hearing stories about children who had bad reactions, they became just as concerned with what was going inside their kids, as they were with risk of disease from the outside world.

“That’s a lot, in their little bodies,” said Melissa Griffith. “At the time they’re 20 pounds and they’re getting essentially eight medications, eight vaccines in their little 20 pound body.”

The Griffiths aren’t a rare case. An October 2011 study found that more than one in 10 families don’t follow recommended vaccination schedules and some people don’t get the shots at all.

“Most people are not anti-vaccines,” explained Dr. Jason Terk. “They’re simply concerned or questioning.”

The Keller doctor said he tries to ease vaccine concerns at his practice, but it’s a topic that comes up there almost every week.

Dr. Terk feels so strongly about the good vaccines can do that when he can’t change concerned parents minds, he has them change doctors. It’s something he’s done with a few of his patients in the last five years.

“I have made the decision in my practice I simply can’t increase the risk to otherwise innocent patients in my practice,” said Dr. Terk.

Often there are children in his office who are too young to be exposed to infectious diseases, or have weakened immune systems. He said he has as much responsibility to keep them safe, as he does the child who isn’t receiving vaccines.

Some parents might feel that waiting a few months for vaccinations, until a child is older, might seem like a good compromise, but Dr. Terk said even that causes physicians to pause.

Vaccinations are scheduled for when a child is most vulnerable to disease and waiting can leave them exposed.

One survey shows one in five doctors have dropped patients who refuse vaccines.

While parent Melissa Griffith said being dropped would be irritating, she feels parents are probably better off with a doctor who understands their decision.

“Putting it on a timeline that you feel comfortable with, that the doctor feels comfortable with, to me that’s the best case scenario,” she said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that doctors work with patients as long as possible, but also gives physicians advice on discharging patients if necessary.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    I feel that too many parents are risking their children’s lives when we know these vaccines are proven to prevent life threatening diseases. The one beauty of modern medicine are vaccines! Medicine has almost totally eliminated dangerous diseases like small pox and polio which were killing and crippling people just a few short decades ago. Cheers to the doctors who are standing up to these stupid parents.

    1. Geffen says:

      I agree with you to a point. Vaccines in many ways are a modern miracle. I am a religious man and think much of our modern medicine is a gift from God. But at the same time, many of these vaccines have not been tested out long enough to know for sure what the long term negative affects on them are. There are too many cases out there where it appears that they have caused more good than bad.

      To call them stupid parents for trying to educate themselves only shows more the ignorance of doctors and nurses in today’s world. They believe themselves to be Gods or greater than Him themselves. Yet like them, you are stupid in your arrogance. You sound like the doctors of the 70’s that believed the best way to give birth was to strap the mother to the table and pull the baby out with a suction or clamp. If a doctor doesn’t want to treat a patient for any reason (no matter how ridiculous) that is there choice. I personally wouldn’t care. I like the lady from the article would prefer a doctor that is willing to work with me and understand my preferences.

      1. David J says:

        Please post your evidence that “many of these vaccines have not been tested out long enough to know for sure what the long term negative affects on them are” and “There are too many cases out there where it appears that they have caused more good than bad.”.

      2. Patrick Thomas says:

        David, J – No, how about YOU prove that vaccines have been tested for safety longer than a few weeks and multiple shots given together. Also, where are the studies of the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated?

      3. lenard says:

        Here is a link of some interesting stuff on vaccines:

    2. Paul says:

      Well, hopefully there is not a $$ motive behind all this .. Do those same docs offer to give those immunizations (and I’m sure, not for free)? If so, one has to wonder ..

  2. Patrick Thomas says:

    Vaccinations did NOT save the world. All of the so-called “vaccine-preventable” diseases were in 95% decline before the vaccines were introduced. Here are graphs based on official govt statistics going back to the late 1800s:

    “Proof That Vaccines Didn’t Save Us”


  3. Patrick Thomas says:

    And as for the whooping cough vaccine, I have made the following collection of mainstream news articles and studies which PROVE that it is useless:

    “A collection of mainstream news reports and studies exploding the whooping cough vaccine myth”


  4. Jim says:

    Go fXXX your self doc …..Any doctor that would acquiesce to such obvious stupidity has no business being a Dr. anyway…. Plus I would sue his azz pronto…The nerve of these big pharma lackeys…no shame , no integrity, no honor

  5. Penny says:

    I wish my doctor turned away patients who refused vaccinations for their children. These people should also be shown videos of children suffering from these diseases (e.g. whooping cough) so they can see just how devastating these conditions can be. Also, maybe the anti-vaccine people don’t realize that the doctor who was at the epicenter of this movement was de-registered for falsifying his data. Please cut through the hysteria and look at the cold hard facts. Of course, there are possible side effects from vaccines – what medication doesn’t have a possible side effect? But compared to the dangers involved with catching the disease, the decision has been a very easy one for us – our child has been vaccinated.

    1. Richids Coulter says:

      Yes and YOU should be shown videos of children who have suffered adverse vaccine reactions and suffered permanent brain damage or death…after their doctor failed to give them ANY informed consent about the possible side effects vaccines have nor giving them any info sheets with the lot # so they could properly report an adverse reaction nor even giving them the time of day when they question whether it was the vaccine’s fault.

      IN 2010, 10 people died from Pertussis, none from the other diseases that the DTaP-IPV vaccine innoculates against. In 2010 there were 42 deaths reported to VAERS following DTaP-IPV innoculation, a record LOW. It had been over 100 in previous years. I guess the “anti-vax” crowd is reducing the number of deaths following vaccination.

  6. K Martin says:

    If vaccines work, then the people who are vaccinated are protected, so how could unvaccinated people put vaccinated people at risk?

    1. raven says:

      cus the parent who r anti vax or r waiting 4 a while might influence other paitents 2 do the same, they would lose people 2 vaccinate so they would then lose money. (small fact did u know that the flu vaccine only works for around 1.5 out of 100 people, and even then only around a 6% effectiveness)

  7. john says:

    The last time I went to get an influenza flu shot they made me sign a paper that basically said if I contract a rare brain disorder and a bunch of other things from the vaccination that they were not responsible.

    It was the last time will ever get a vaccine.

  8. Jim says:

    If vaccines are effective then wouldn’t a person who was vaccinated be protected from those diseases. So what is the concern over people who do not vaccinate. You are suppose to be protected. Why the big concern over people who do not vaccinate if the vaccines are so great.

  9. Jeff B says:

    There wouldn’t be some of these arguments if some of these people lived 50-60 years ago to experience the diseases that went around. Like anything else, modern medicine is taken for granted. Measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, all ran rampant when I was a kid. I had everything except polio (vaccinated), diphtheria (vaccinated) and pertussis (vaccinated). I got very painful shingles as an adult from the chicken pox virus lying dormant in my body. In years past people died from diseases that we now have protection for. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

  10. ba says:

    Good riddance to meathead docs.

  11. KAP says:

    This is called Medical Fascism and it is becoming increasingly dangerous. The drug companies drive much of this, along with the federal government. You can control a nation by making them afraid of sickness. And if someone resists, you just cut off their access to healthcare altogether.

    Hitler tactics in a new age.

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