Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

rw whitts end Whitts End: November 4th 2011

*Troubling trend concerning your Dallas Cowboys. In his first year as a starting quarterback, Tony Romo’s average pass traveled 9.4 yards. This year he’s down to 6.9, lowest of any quarterback in the NFL. Translation: The Cowboys throw successful deep passes less than any other team, and that is taking Laurent Robinson’s meaningless 70-yard touchdown in Philly into consideration. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant weren’t even targeted in last week’s first half. Inexcusable. If the Cowboys are going to be anything other than 8-8 mediocre, Austin and Bryant have to get the ball down the field. Jason Witten is great and all, but the Cowboys can’t checkdown their way to a Super Bowl.

*Talked to former Texas Rangers’ CEO/co-owner Chuck Greenberg last week. Asked him how his relationship was with Nolan Ryan. “There really isn’t one,” he said. “I haven’t heard from him since I left. Not even a text.” Ouch.

*Damn you, NBA. By now the Mavs should be 1-0 with rings on their fingers, a championship banner raised to the roof of American Airlines Center and a game in San Antonio against the Spurs tonight. Saturday night we should excited about a rematch of the Mavs-Thunder Western Conference Finals in AAC. But nooooo, instead I’m subjected to an ESPN Top 10 plays littered with hockey. Vomit.

*Drew Pearson, Charles Haley and Larry Allen go into the Ring of Honor on Sunday. Betcha other NFL teams see the ceremony and are like “Wow, how are they not already in there?” And that, of course, is what makes it so special. That said, still don’t think Haley deserves the spot. He’s the first Cowboy to join the ROH after establishing a successful career with another team. Some will forever see him a Niner. He’s not 100% ours. Sorry.

*If you have the stomach for it, my column on the Rangers’ epic collapse is right here . One of the saddest stories I’ve ever penned.

*Cowboys’ linebacker DeMarcus Ware about the Eagles Thursday with RAGE on 105.3 The Fan: “They’re not that good. The next time we play them it’s going to be different.” If Rob Ryan says that I think we’ve got a national story on our hands.


greatamericansweethearts1 Whitts End: November 4th 2011

Texas Motor Speedway's Great American Sweethearts (Photo courtesy of http://www.TexasMotorSpeedway.com)


86226548 Whitts End: November 4th 2011

(Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images)

*LSU-Alabama feels like a mid-season championship game. Over 600 media credential applications were filed, including one by Snoop Dogg. Most hyped regular-season No. 1 vs. No. 2 since Michigan-Ohio State at the end of ’06 or maybe even Charlie Ward and Florida State vs. Notre Dame way back in ’93. By the way, give me the Tide. They’re 25-1 in their last 26 home games.

*C.J. Wilson is a different dude. Players in the clubhouse don’t necessarily love him, but more so “tolerate” him. And in his 10 playoff appearances over two seasons he’s chalked up one win and an ERA of 4.82. One win. Still, a guy with 31 wins over two seasons seems a valuable commodity. Not sure why the Rangers wouldn’t make him an offer during their exclusive negotiating period. Unless I’m reading that wrong, the Rangers aren’t desperate to have him back. Reasons? Tanner Scheppers. Martin Perez. Scott Feldman. Neftali Feliz. Etc.

*Much as we enjoyed/appreciated the Rangers’ season, I’m happy that there’s no celebration and/or party to commemorate it. A party for last year’s inaugural trip to the World Series was fitting. But this year it would feel really lame.

*I pondered getting excited about the Dallas Stars. Saw they got off to a decent start (8-3, leading the Pacific Division). But then Greenberg told me he wasn’t going to bid on them in bankruptcy auction because no TV network would give the team a decent long-term deal. And then I looked at their home attendance. In five home games only two crowds over 10,000, a low of 6,306 and an average of 8,683 per game. Yikes, guess nobody else cares either.

*I wear a Livestrong bracelet every day. I hate cancer. I have friends/family fighting the terrible disease. But at the risk of sounding like an a-hole, I welcome November with open arms only because we’re done with all the pink over-accessorizing our NFL.

*Why is Martellus Bennett still a Cowboy? When the media asks about his lack of plays in the passing game, Jason Garrett keeps talking up his blocking. But he was a second-round pick, for his potential to score touchdowns not to perform a seal block on the edge. By the way, Babe Laufenberg said this week that the Cincinnati Bengals offered a first-round pick for Marty B last year. Made me sick to my stomach. Just can’t be, can it? In 52 career games, Bennett has exactly four touchdowns, none since his rookie season in ‘08.

*I set my alarm for 6 a.m. I awoke at 5:26, to the scratching on my ceiling by squirrels in the attic. Yep, they’re baaaaack. To be continued …

*Kentucky’s basketball team opened its season this week with a game against Transylvania. Promise. Even funnier, across their uniform is the shortened word: “Transy.” Makes me giggle. Because I am still 7 years old.

*What am I tapping my foot to while I return to blogging this week? Free Blood. Duh.

*TV numbers: The Rangers’ Game 7 drew a 40.3 on Fox. The Cowboys’ loss to the Eagles earned only a 30.5 on NBC.

*For those of you who didn’t think RAGE would stay on the air until sundown, I’ve got bad news for you. Goes like this: Ratings bonuses cashed in. 3-year contracts signed. And this week we celebrated our 1-year anniversary in afternoon drive firmly – Rangers’ day playoff games aside – in second place ahead of ESPN’s Galloway and Co. and behind The Ticket’s Hardline. For those that believe, support and listen, a hearty thanks. To the critics, my condolences.

*Having driven a stock car for a high average lap of 135mph recently at Texas Motor Speedway courtesy of the Kurt Busch Driving Experience, I have a new appreciation of NASCAR drivers. But, no, they still ain’t athletes.

*Sorry, Kim Kardashian and her legendary butt are way overrated. Kris Humphries can do better.

*Played golf Thursday morning at the Champions Circle course on 114 just across from TMS. Great tract. Froze my ass off early after the 8 a.m. tee time, but a hole-out from 75 yards on the Par 5 6th made my 82 feel a little more warm and cozy.

*This weekend? Saturday it’s LSU-Alabama and UFC 138 at Baby Dolls at Northwest Highway/35. After an extra hour of “Falling back” on Sunday morning, I’m off to Cowboys Stadium’s west plaza for the official pre-game show on 105.3 The Fan at 9. Welcome back. And, still, don’t be a stranger.

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