Ron Washington’s Game 7 Pregame Speech Leaked

DALLAS (CBSSPORTS.COM) – You ever want to be in a clubhouse before Game 7 of the World Series? Well, the website has you covered, as they were able to get an audio recording of Rangers manager Ron Washington’s pre game speech to his team.

Warning – there is quite a bit of explicit language, do not click if you’re easily (or even moderately) offended by bad language, including the F word and several other naughty words.

Things didn’t turn out like Washington or his team wanted, but you can see why his players like him. I’m sure some fans – especially Cardinals fans – will take issue with things he said, but keep in mind this is supposed to be private and between just the players and coaches, it’s not supposed to be for public consumption, even if now the public is consuming it.

The AP is reporting the Texas Rangers are investigating who leaked an audio recording. said it was made by a member of the clubhouse staff it did not identify. The profanity-filled speech includes Washington encouraging and laughing with his players.

General manager Jon Daniels says the team is looking into the leak. He says it was a “private moment” for the team and it is “unacceptable” for it to be in public.

“We are aggressively looking into the matter,” Rangers spokesman John Blake said.

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  • Charles Corey Stewart

    I found it all without baseball limitations except for making fun of Carp and dismissing strategies. Sounded like a chump IMO. That’s not a World Series speech you want to hear, you want it to be respectful and powerful. Sound like a bar-room full of has-beens than Major Leaguers.

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  • Joshua Barksdale

    Bad ass speech! Would play for Wash in a heartbeat

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