Dallas Animal Shelter Manager Acquitted In Cat Death

DALLAS (AP) – A man in charge of an animal shelter in Dallas has been cleared of felony cruelty charges over the 2010 death of a cat trapped in a wall.

Jurors on Thursday acquitted Tyrone McGill.

McGill was manager of Dallas Animal Services when co-workers say they told him, over several days, about a cat meowing and scratching from within a wall.

McGill allegedly said he’d rescue the animal, which had escaped from a cage, but the cat died before being saved. The wall had to be cut to remove the dead animal when workers complained about the foul odor.

McGill testified that he told his superiors about the trapped cat, but was advised not to cut into the wall without first checking on plumbing and electrical lines.

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  1. darrell says:

    this case must have been prosecuted by a slug. animal services has no facility maintenance people? safely cutting a hole in any drywall with a simple boxcutter is so easy that proverbial caveman could do it.

  2. Elmer says:

    How much tax money did we spend to prosecute this case because of a stupid cat and a stupid law.

  3. NiteNurse says:

    I’m a huge animal lover but I can understand the difficult problem this guy had. If it’s a big facility and depending on the wall it might have been difficult to get to the cat without having to cut through several areas. If it’s big wall the cat might be able to move through different places in the walls making it difficult to get to the cat. You have to consider the amount of money it would take and possible damage to wires and pipes getting to an animal who is probably going to euthanized anyway. You hate to hear and know an animal is in need but some decisions are needed to be made for the greater good. A heartbreaking decision for all involved.

    1. darrell says:

      with all respect nitenurse thats BS. i personally have cut thousands of holes in walls where plumbing and electical lines were and never once cut into any. twelve years in pest control made me familuar with how these walls are constructed and whats required. during that time i also removed many live squirrels, cats, possums, baby and grown raccoons. allowing this cat to sit in an area probably no more than 16 inches long and 3.5 inches wide until it died is cruel and negligent on the part of this manager.

  4. SW says:

    I cannot believe the jury took more than 5 minutes to find this disgusting human being anything but GUILTY. This willful negligence was not only cruel to the animal trapped but to the emplloyees forced to listen to it without being allowed by him, to do anything for the poor animal. We will not be donating any money or supplies to the Dallas shelter as long as this man remains employed there. We’ll be giving to other animal facilities instead.

  5. Pat the Librarian says:

    McGill testified that he told his superiors about the trapped cat, but was advised not to cut into the wall without first checking on plumbing and electrical lines. Apparently, McGill did NOT check. And, his superiors did not follow-up to see if McGill had. Both are morally guilty of the death of an animal. If that cat had been my lost pet, I would keep them all tied-up in civil suits until I had exhausted all of my retirement funds, sold my house and cars, emptied my bank accounts… .

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