North Texas Family Forgets 6-Month-Old In Parking Lot

RONOKE (CBSDFW.COM) – A Roanoke family is under investigation after their six-month-old baby was found alone, strapped in a car seat, in a restaurant parking lot.

Police believe the baby was left behind accidentally.

An officer with the Northlake Police Department, who happen to be eating in a strip mall in the 1200 block of Highway 377, found the baby Sunday evening.

The baby girl was strapped in her car carrier, sitting in the parking spot outside of a Domino’s Pizza.

According to police, the baby’s father dropped off his wife at a nearby store to do some shopping and he drove over to pick up a pizza. The man had four children with him when he ran inside Domino’s.

Police believe when the father was getting all of the children back inside the car when he forgot his youngest daughter and drove away.

It wasn’t until the family got home that they realized the little girl wasn’t with them.

“If you’ve got that many kids you’ve got to do a head count, something like this could happen real easily, I guess,” said Roanoke police Sgt. Jeriahme Miller. “[They] probably just forgot to strap the kid into the infant car carrier and left without doing a head count.”

The baby is in good health.

Child Protective Services (CPS) questioned the parents and the child was returned to them.

No criminal charges have been filed.


One Comment

  1. The Duster says:

    Glad to see common sense about this.. It was obviously an accident.

    1. TNT says:

      An accident only a RET@RD could make…

  2. Susie Kasper says:

    How many kids do you have to have before you don’t know you are missing 1? LOL…but it could happen. I guess you should call roll before starting the car. I did forget to stop at my mothers house to get my kids once…so anything could happen. Doesn’t mean you are a bad parent….just means you are human.

  3. YRofTexas says:

    I remember the absolute PANIC that set in when my parents “lost” my wee little brother at DisneyWorld in 1965. Little bro was not yet 4, I was 6, other sibs 9 and 13. We finally found him, standing and watching a little kid ride. To this day, my folks get shook up when they talk about it.

  4. Marriedmanyyearsnow says:

    I feel sorry for that man tonight. I can only imagine what he is going through right now and for the next week with his wife. Every time any little argument happens you know she will say, “remember when you…”

  5. P.B says:

    All i have to say is, if that had been me a black woman i would noe be on my way to jail. I have 4 children and there is no way that i could ever forget one of them in a parking lot. YOU JUST DON”T FORGET YOUR KIDS.

  6. Rachel says:

    I will never judge someone for something like that. I once forgot to pick up my 3 yr old son at the daycare. Got home and his other four siblings asked me where he was. I felt terrible and even now that he is 16, it still bothers me that I forgot him. I did used to do a headcount but I happened to be driving home from work alone that dayand simply forgot to go get him. Things are so stressful nowdays and with the kids talking and thinking of 4 other things that are going on in our lives, it can happen! God Bless this family and if you are reading this, just realize that all of us make mistakes……we are human and thats why we can’t do things without Him.

  7. Linda Bennett says:

    I can’t imagine forgetting one of my kids, but it could happen and I’m just thankful they got their baby back. And concerning the comment by the black woman…why are they the only people who mention race?

    1. DUce says:

      “…the black woman…why are they the only people who mention race?”

      … and you did not mention race? or are you going to say “she started it”? 🙂 Of course, it is the group that gets treated unfairly… especially by law enforcement (you can deny it but it is true)… who will complain loudly about their being in that group. Why are you surprised?

      – someone who is not black but has seen them being treated unfairly… due to their race!

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