‘Occupy Dallas’ Fighting To Stay At Campsite

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Protesters from the ‘Occupy Dallas’ camp are taking their case to court on Monday. After city officials threatened to force them out of downtown Dallas last week, protesters filed a temporary restraining order. This allowed the group to stay at the campsite.

The protest group is now fighting in court in order to continue living at their camp – where they have been for about five weeks. Their first campsite was located in Pioneer Park and they have since moved to Dallas City Hall.

Dallas officials said that the protesters have violated their agreement with the city. Those in the ‘Occupy Dallas’ group have been using Dallas City Hall restrooms and not keeping a clean campsite.

But there have also been more serious problems at the ‘Occupy Dallas’ camp. A man was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor. Child Protective Services seized a baby from the campsite. And a demonstration became violent last weekend, which led to an altercation with a police officer.

However, those in the ‘Occupy Dallas’ camp argue that they are not causing problems in the area. “City Hall gave us a list of demands and we compiled with all of them,” explained protester Rich C. “And we thought they would drop it after that. We’ve done everything they’ve asked.”


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  1. Rosco O says:

    This is an example of how the Dallas Police turned a peaceful protest violent:

    A) Many “off duty” policemen are hired to “work” as “security” at locations being emphasized by the occupy movement.

    B) These pseudo “securitypolice” are then used to instigate violence and disrupt the protest.

    C) Then a wonderful story is run about the scary protestors assaulting police.
    Notice the careful wording: “a demonstration became violent last weekend, which led to an altercation with a police officer.”

    D) Rinse and repeat…

    1. Rosco O says:

      BTW: I was an eyewitness standing 6 feet from the protestor assaulted by the pseudocop.


  2. Carey Bst says:

    The Occupy Dallas movement will be much more respected by adopting an anti-corruption platform instead of the disjointed messages. An Occupy Dallas member’s page http://owwc.gu.ma , supporting a business owner who lost millions of dollars to a corrupt officials is a great example.

  3. Jason says:

    So cool! I wasn’t aware they are occupying here…I’ll find a way to help out this week!!!

  4. george says:

    Why don’t you occupy Highland Park. That’s where the so called Job creators live. Occupy their front yards until they start hiring. Go to their vacation homes in Cabo on Crystal Beach and occupy their quiet vacations. Occupy their private colleges and Hummer dealerships. Occupy Lamborghini Dallas and Ferrari. That’s where your jobs went. Occupy Gucci, Prada, Vera Wang and stupid stuff like that. That’s where the money for your job went. Occupy Citibank, Nationstar Mortgage, Chase and Country Wide for predatory lending practices. But in reality if you occupy their front lawns and bring it to their homes, they may think about using profits to hire instead of bonuses.

  5. Machine says:

    Don’t have a problem with your right to protest. It’s your right. I do have a problem with “camping out” on public property. That’s not your right and if I was mayor you would be “removed”.

  6. Mike G says:

    Because occupying private property would be against the law. Dallas protesters are exercising their first amendment rights by gathering in a public place to express their discontent with a broken system.
    Agree or disagree with their ideas you should at least support their right to express them.

    1. Jeff D Johnson says:

      Mike, there is a difference in gathering and squatting/camping. The 1st Amendment does not cover camping in public parks.

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