Sickness A Big Concern At Occupy Dallas Camp

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – While Occupy Dallas protestors wait to hear if they’ll be forced to move from their temporary home near city hall, a threat of a different kind looms amidst these signs and statements: sickness.

“A week or so after we moved here, a little cold was going through,” said protestor Rich Coffman.  “That got us thinking about the germ kind of thing.  We started making plans to hopefully deal with anything that comes up.”

Coffman says organizers got the word out and asked for medical supplies.  Donors like Heidi Hickman answered the call.

“I’m one of several people,” she said, “and the supply network is loosely organized.  We’re doing this over Twitter.”

Now a first aid station is stocked with the basics.

But as flu season begins, organizers are aware health threats may intensify.

At Occupy Atlanta, health officials found people recently diagnosed with drug-resistant active tuberculosis in the homeless shelter protestors are using as their base.

In the New York City camp near Zuccotti Park, the sickness going around has been given the nickname “Zuccotti Lung.”

Dallas protestors say they’ll continue to orchestrate efforts for help.

“We got with nurse practitioners and people who have access to antibiotics and flu shots,” Coffman said.  “If we need (help) they’ll come out on site and help us.”

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  • TNT

    Drug resistant TB. Nice. The government needs to build concentration camps and send these parasites and their ilk to them en masse.

  • oldman68

    Seems as if our so called authorities are SO worried about our health that they are willing to shut down our rights to save us.But these same morons are the ones who are against health care for everyone .No one seems to give a damn for the people who live on the street 24/7/365.they can just die off as far as our “leaders” are concerned.As long as they can keep power then they are happy-what a bunch of low-lifes.

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