FORT WORTH (CBDFW.COM) – Fort Worth has expanded its recycling program to Fort Woof — and not just the dog park but all of Gateway Park surrounding it.

Next to each trash container there is now a recycling cannister for plastic and aluminum. The program started in the spring. Already, the city is collecting three-quarters of a ton of recyclable material here a month.

“I think its definitely a big benefit to help the community,” said Eric Primera who brings his dog to Fort Woof to play.

And while most are happy about having more options to recycle, many are asking a simple question: Wouldn’t it be good if the City of Fort Worth did more to recycle on its own?

“Oh yeah!” Primera said. “Definitely. I think that would be big a help.”

Kim Mote with Fort Worth’s solid waste division of the Code Department agrees.
“Well, we’ve been recycling in city facilities since the late nineties,” Mote said. “So its not a brand new program. We’re just trying to expand it.”

The largest amount of recyclable material for the city is paper. The city recycles 30 to 35 tons of it a month. But if employees want to recycle the aluminum or plastic they use, they are on their own…For now. Fort worth wants to expand recylcing in city buildings.

“We’re looking at expanding that to a single stream recycling program that’s probably going to be very, very similar to residential program that we have in Fort Worth. We’re hoping to do that in the next couple of months.”

And that would give city employees the same recycling opportunites as visitors to Fort Woof.