License Of McKinney Chiropractor Temporarily Suspended

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners has issued a Temporary Emergency License Suspension against a North Texas chiropractor accused of sexually abusing at least two teenage girls.

Dr. David Russell is charged with sexually assaulting the girls at his chiropractic clinic in McKinney. According to police, he met both of them while volunteering at the Taylor Dance Studio, which is owned by his girlfriend.

Board officials said the suspension is based on ‘Russell’s two arrests’. Russell was first arrested on October 28 and again on November 4. He was released on $100,000 bond each time.

In a press release statement sent Thursday afternoon, Yvette Yarbrough, the Executive Director at the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, said, “The Enforcement Committee felt this action necessary to insure the protection of the public.”

A hearing on the suspension is scheduled for November 30, in Austin.


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  1. NiteNurse says:

    If the guy was a medical doctor the state board of Texas wouldn’t even bother to suspend his license until there was a conviction. I mean look at Dr. Conrad Murray he pretty much was responsible for Michael Jackson death and he could still practice medicine.

  2. Josey says:

    Why aren’t you investigating the women who made these allegations? I have heard from people at the dance studio that the women used to work there and that one was miffed becuase she was reprimanded for treating the students bad and the other was mad because she didn’t get the position she wanted.

    1. TDC parent says:

      Yes these women worked at Taylor Dance for many years. Each teacher resigned for various reasons during the summer months. One child reported the assault in February and it was reported to the police the other child reported it to a teacher in June,that was also reported to the police. Should these teachers have ignored these children just because the claims were being made against the owners boyfriend? Imagine if it was your child being abused would you even be asking what the motive was,I doubt it you would just want to make sure that the child was safe. If this was your child and these teachers DID NOT report possible abuse most people would be outraged that an adult would ignore these children.As in the Penn state scandal!!!! This is typical defense attack the accusers. There is so much information that the public is not aware of concerning this situation and can not be spoken of till this goes to court. Ask your self this if these teachers were unhappy with thie jobs why not go after Suzan? Why go after her boyfriend? This is about two children that did what all adults tell them to do” if you are touched in the private area report it to someone in authority” when they did that instead of being protected from any more harm the focus is now on diverting attention to discredit the children’s story and the teachers motives how sad.

      1. Boris J. says:

        I wish more people like you, who knwo the persons involved in this horrible situation, would speak up. I have been shocked by the way many people have chosen to defend the attacker and his girlfriend, and discredit the veracity of the children’s accusations. It makes me sick!! And it is sickening that Suzan is using the same lawyer as Russell… is she blind, stupid, or just tinterested and keeping her business alive and having her new building, instead of defending the dignity and well-being or her students¡?? WOW!!! I hope justice is served!! I applaud the teachers that risked a lot by reporting the incidents. Well done!!!

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  4. Josey says:

    Why are the teachers telling the police about the alleged incidents and not the parents of the children? The teachers should have alerted the parents first & then the police. The parents should be the ones taking up the charge, not the teachers. Seems strange to me. I’m not defending this man, I’m just saying that just because someone accuses someone of something, you should not automatically assume he is guilty. If this man is guilty, then he should get the full punishement he deserves, but let’s not jump to saying he is guilty before there is an investigation and trial.

  5. Amy L says:

    Look I have known David Russell for years. I do not believe the story at all!!! We dated when I was in college. He made it a point not to touch me until I was of legal age. Did I want something different at the time “yes” but he was very serious about making me wait. He is a good man and was always respectful of me and my parents. David is two years older than my husband now. These allegations are the reason male doctors do not treat patients without a nurse in the room. It is a sad place we are living in.

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