Fort Worth Man Gets 80 Years For Buying A Hot Dog With Fake Money

FORT WORTH (AP/CBSDFW) – A Fort Worth man has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for trying to buy movie theater hot dogs with counterfeit cash.

Charles Cleveland Nowden was sentenced Friday, two days after being convicted of forgery.

Two years ago Nowden used a fake $20 bill when trying to buy hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks at a Mansfield movie theater. Prosecutors say after his arrest, a police officer found more counterfeit bills worth $120 tucked into a wrapper of one of the hot dogs.

Prosecutors presented evidence about other theft cases pending against the 48-year-old in Tarrant and Lamar counties, including being linked by DNA to the theft of an 18-wheeler in 2010.

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office says jurors also heard about Nowden’s federal convictions for bank fraud and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In a release to the media, Tarrant County’s assistant District Attorney Dawn Ferguson said Nowden was “a career cargo-thief who needed to be brought to justice.”

Nowden must serve at least 15 years before he’s eligible for parole.

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One Comment

  1. Hootex says:

    You reap what you sow…either now or later.

    1. aunt - bea says:

      He went from making bills, to making license plates…. cool !

    2. harold Mellon says:

      Not if you steal millions like George Bush’s cronies and their bankster friends. They get rewarded and that’s why we need a revolution.

      1. Virtual Twit says:

        Yep. I knew it was all Bush’s fault this guy’s a freaking thief.
        i KNEW it!

  2. jmhughes says:

    how misleading to just mention a hotdog. that why people mistrust the authorities

    1. 1percenter says:

      The authorities didn’t mislead, channel 11 reporter did.

      1. FuManchu says:

        And Matt Drudge. “SHOCK! 80 YEARS FOR BUYING A HOT DOG! OMFG!”

        What a steaming load that guy is. His headlines are all too often that way.

      2. nunya says:

        Actually, I think matt drudge illustrates perfectly the way ALL media act. Who cares about the effects of the report, as long as it is sensational

        Your right of course, but their all guilty and so are we.

  3. Lonestar67 says:

    Classic example of the media trying to manipulate the public with some outrageous headline that is really not the story on this guy. Hey Jane, Next time read the story before you comment. You’re the reason the media loves to do this.

  4. goodyt says:

    To Nite Nurse – I only see a need to increase the punishment for the other crimes you mentioned, and NOT decrease the punishment for his crimes.

    To Dwayne – does it matter? Is committing a crime by one race, or another, relevant in meting out punishment? Should we have multiple sets of laws, i.e., if you are Caucasian then…. If you are Black then…. If you are Mexican then…. etc.

    1. 2sister says:

      I think you misread Nite Nurse’s comment or mistakenly thought that Jane’s comment was Nite Nurse’s comment. Nite Nurse never said anything about decreasing his punishment.

  5. Carmen Juanita Nelson says:

    80 years? You have got to be kidding me!! Child molestors get less time….man our system is seriously f’ed up!! Vehicular manslaughter gets less time…and sometimes out and out murder gets less time. I cannot believe 80 years for forgery??

    1. Mark Levin says:

      He had a lengthy rap sheet. Read the article, not just the headline, dummy.

    2. NiteNurse says:

      The law was designed to take career criminals off the street because if you commit 3 crimes or more in your life you aren’t going to stop. The courts were finding that they were seeing way too much of them so they made it easy for everyone and gave them a permanent home after 3 strikes. I

      1. Rose says:

        That’s B.S. As someone who used to work with recovering drug addicts, I know for a fact that is not true. People make mistakes, get hooked on drugs and end up in jail many times. I have seen many of them fix their lives and live as productive, responsible members of society. Get off your high horse. Our judicial system is broken. That is why we have more incarcerated people in the U.S. than any other country in the world. We jail people for victimless crimes like drug possession. We lock up people that need drug treatment and then turn around and let molesters and murderers roam the streets. Not everyone who gets arrested is evil. Many of them have serious issues that will take treatment and hard work to fix. I’m not excusing anyone’s actions, but you need to understand that good people can make mistakes and then turn around and change their lives. I’m sick of seeing young people who get hooked on prescription drugs, moving onto the harder stuff and acquiring records, essentially ruining their futures right as they should be starting their lives. What I’m saying has nothing to do with the article, by the way. I don’t know all the details, so I’m not going to speculate about it.

    3. beebolt says:

      You forgot the Banksters who stole trillions from hard working Americans got no gail time

      1. Miguel says:

        You hide the fact that Barney Frank and company (Increasingly under
        Clinton)) forced the banksters as you call them to give out our money to outright thieves who could not afford to buy a house. So, my former party’s response is to plunder our bankers, and financial institutions of those trillions you speak of. They knew people as uninformed as you would blindly parrot their blaming of bankers for their using Fannie Mae to give out money that wasn’t theirs.

        You fear to hear of Franklin Raines, Obama’s money man, who walked away from his role in Fannie May with 90 million of our tax dollars in his pocket. You are one who will keep this horrific corruption going, being a democrat lemming.

      2. David Emerson Powell says:

        If he’d been at the board of Fannie and Freddie, too, rather than this, he’d have been paid tons of money by the taxpayers and Frank & Co. would praise him and cover for him.

        I agree it wasn’t just a hot dog. Being linked ot the theft of an 18 Wheeler isn’t a joke, and neither is a convicted felon possessing a firearm, Both are more a concern than the funny money. This guy was “smart” enough to do all three so when caught will get charged with all three… still it makes you think about the different types of criminals out there.

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    I think it is clear, he did a lot more than just counterfeit money. So……..they threw the book at him…….which of course, means very little. It is highly unlikely that he will even serve 20 years of his sentence.

  7. James Cook says:

    Hey, folks. You are being manipulated by the way the story was written. This guy was convicted of forgery. During the punishment part of his trial, it was proven that he has also been convicted of a bunch of other stuff. That raised he range of punishment available to the jury for the forgery crime. The story makes you think the “system” unfairly whacked this guy for a hot dog. That’s the slant they wanted to give. I suspect that the jury — composed of men and women of all races and ethnicities — was convinced that this dude needed to be taken out of circulation because he just keeps committiing crimes.

  8. Mary says:

    Well, Banks create money out of thin air and we do not see them doing time, do we.? How come the “money” this man used is deemed fake and bank money isn’t when neither are backed by anything?

    1. Geoffrey Middleton says:

      Because banks can’t be forced into slave labor for the profit of corporate jails.

    2. luke says:

      you didn’t know that 3 months ago did you?

  9. Robert says:

    I don’t see he did anything wrong. He just did exactly what the Fed’s been doing.

  10. DavosSherman says:

    Ben S. Bernanke counterfeits 20 bucks in a millisecond.

    80 years, what an effing joke!

  11. Your Self-Hate says:

    Typical SeeBS, establishment career liars covering for a career criminal. The hot dog had nothing to do with anything. He’s a repeat felon and a counterfeiter.

  12. oldgeez says:

    “a police officer found more counterfeit bills worth $120 tucked into a wrapper of one of the hot dogs.”

    Were they really worth $120??

  13. Zin says:

    It is clear that passing “copies” of negotiable instruments is a criminal act, yet courts are giving no jail time to bank executives and their foreclosure firms who provide counterfeited negotiable instruments. This man and those executives and judges committing or allowing crimes in foreclosures should join this man in a jail cell. A copy of a negotiable instrument is only counterfeited if passed as authentic. For instance, simply making a copy of a $20 bill is not illegal, but presenting it and attempting to defraud or deceive for value is illegal.

    Counterfeit defined: made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.

    The banks and their lawyers admit they are submitting a “true and exact copy” of negotiable instruments, yet they seldom are found guilty even of fraud on the court. It has been proved over and over that the copies are intended to deceive or defraud. The banks ADMITTED robo-singing affidavits of authenticity to help precipitate the fraud.

    For every foreclosure that was dismissed, with or without prejudice, the plaintiff and the attorneys who participated in the suit should be jailed, too, as they have committed multiple felonies, as did this man. It is a felony to submit false statements for recording and to make false statements under oath in court. Banks have far more than a few counterfeited negotiable instruments on them and ready to pass for more gain than a few hot dogs, and even more than an 18-wheeler. Yet not one bank executive or attorney representing them has gone to jail?

    Banks don’t pay, why should this man? He only wanted food that day. How ironic that he had been convicted of federal bank fraud too.

  14. Craig says:

    Incarceration has become a money making industry for everyboyd involved from politicians, cops, judges, and the people who work at the prison.

  15. Auric Maston says:

    The US government itself, through the privately owned bank the Federal Reserve, does the same thing: it prints money in order to buy what it can’t afford, in turn diluting the buying power of every dollar already in existence.

    Tell me how what this man did is any different in essence and why everyone involved with the Federal Reserve shouldn’t receive 800 years in jail for the same thing, considering how much more dilution they’re responsible for than him.

  16. marcus says:

    And the bankers that serially dispossess hundreds of thousands of clueless and helpless people of their homes in criminally fraudulent ways? How are these repeat… repeat… repeat… offenders punished? Well they aren’t.

  17. Tony says:

    Now he will get “hotdogs” everyday in prison! So crazy its STUPID!

  18. Diego Roswell says:

    Why is this news? Because he bought a hot dog? I don’t get it. Counterfeit currency should be on the rise when the REAL unemployment rate is pushing 20%, that is your story.

  19. Bob says:

    What a poorly written story. AP is still hiring dopes.

  20. Jasonn says:

    Sounds like another fine job done by the State of TEXAS!

  21. John West says:

    The man doesn’t like it when you mess with the money …. you get 80 years for buying a hot dog with fake money, but you only get 25 years (or less) for raping, torturing and murdering a child.

    America has completely lost it’s moral compass.

    But then, we’ve known that for a long time

  22. John West says:

    i hope the revolution is televised, there ain’t much else on these days.

  23. Sean Breslin says:

    So how much time will BHO and Bernake get for counterfieting trillions of dollars?

  24. Steve Hollar says:

    Too bad we can’t give you people who don’t bother to read the article 80 years for posting stupid comments.

  25. newjerseybt says:

    Remembr when 27 year old Jerry Wiliams received 25 years for stealing a slice of pizza in 1995? He must serve 20 years to be considered for parole.
    His third strike. That last piece of pizza will cost taxpayers at least one million dollars.

  26. WhiteNationalist says:

    An illegal immigrant can deal drugs and just goes home for a vacation, then comes back. In fact an American claimed to be Mexican to avoid prosection for dealing drugs!

    SALT LAKE CITY A Utah man who claimed to be an illegal immigrant from
    Mexico to avoid going to prison is now wanted by police after he
    returned to the United States and acknowledged his true identity to a

    Jaime Alvarado, 27, of Salt Lake City, was charged Wednesday in Utah’s
    3rd District Court with a second-degree felony for giving false material
    statements and a misdemeanor charge for giving false personal
    information to a peace officer.

    The charges stem from a 2010 arrest when Alvarado told Salt Lake City
    police, a Utah state courts judge and federal immigration officials that
    he was actually Saul Quiroz and had emigrated from Mexico illegally. At
    the time, Alvarado was facing up to 15 years in prison for the
    possession of cocaine and heroin with the intent to distribute.

    Instead of going to prison, Alvarado was deported to Mexico based on his
    false identity, according to court records. But he then returned to the
    United States using his American passport and earlier this year was
    arrested in Salt Lake City on an outstanding warrant connected to his
    guilty plea.

  27. James Smith says:

    The punishment for forging US Currency has always been stiff. Kind of like bank robbery, but without the violence. You have to really, really stupid or ignorant of the consequences to attempt it.

    1. WhiteNationalist says:

      Or be a Mexican. My earlier post about Jaime Alvarado is an example. Obviously his is not an isolated case. The only reason we know about his case is that he was smart enough to use the illegal immigrant “get out of jail free card”, then got caught later. Such extreme disparity between treatment of Americans, 80 years!, and illegals has led many of us to turn to the far right. www. storm front .org and msn 88 .org. It isn’t about hate, it’s about survival.

  28. Jack Otto says:

    Crimes where citizens are victimized offer far less punishments than do mediocre crimes against the government because individuals are insignificant in the eyes of law and justice in America.
    80 months for this crime is outrageous when considering the entire U.S. money system is a fraud pandering to wealthy banksters who do no jail time at all and steal the entire wealth of nations worldwide. How much more atrocious is 80 years for buying a hotdog.
    This should be a slap in the face awakening to the American people, just how F’d up this country has become under the leadership of this ethnic, murderous marauding historically traceable tribe of genetic kleptomaniacs.

    1. WhiteNationalist says:

      I know it’s hard to believe, but the sentence was 80 years. People get less time for murder. Or no time at all when the feds just send them home to Mexico.

      1. Jack Otto says:

        There are MANY people using these types of stories as entertainment, when there are real people suffering the ramifications of such tyrannical perversions of liberty in America.
        Nothing will be done about it. That is the state of America’s condition. Brainwashed and indifferent. people have their opinions made up of what suits themselves best and to hell with everyone else. Also, 99% of all opinions are based on lies or convenient and willful ignorance.
        The really disastrous part is they will defend an untenable position with incredible arrogance, even when confronted with the truth.
        This is exactly why there is no hope for the U.S.A. and the world. Uneducated people making boisterous proclamations as fact, something they know absolutely nothing about.
        They are unread and unlearned. They have no grasp of history and for the most part, don’t want it.
        This is the same as putting a loaded gun at your head and an enemy has their finger on the trigger. And only a few people are aware and of those, only a small number are willing to do anything about it.
        An election will not save us, so look beyond that illusion of freedom. It does not exist anymore.

  29. Tony Williams says:

    what about the fed? they are legally counterfeiting billions of fake dollars.

  30. classifieds says:

    A bit of a sensationalist headline. The man had a ton of other charges as well!

  31. Aaron Anderson says:

    If all of his prior convictions were non-violent then this is truly excessive punishment. There are a lot of post boasting he is a career criminal who got what he deserved. Maybe in some perverse sense they are correct. An African American who has spent his life in and out of jail who certainly has absolutely no prospects for a legitimate job in this economy will now be taken care of by the state for at least the next twenty years. The state will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for at least the next fifteen years providing shelter, feeding, and generating profit for the private prison facility he will be held in. All of this will of course be funded from the pockets of the above posters demand an eye for an eye justice system.

  32. lurkermagoo says:

    So… Sandusky, who raped children, is free on bail, while a man who bought a hot dog with fake money and didn’t hurt anyone is in prison for 80 years. That’s justice for you!

  33. Bob says:

    who wants to pay to house & feed this bum for N years. Since our politicians are doing nothing to stop it, maybe we should just start observing Sharia law early and cut his hands off and be done with him.

  34. Judith says:

    I’m all for crackdowns on crime, but 80 years for what is essentially robbery and car theft? This is like Les Miz. People do way less time than that for murder!

  35. Harold Pugh says:

    HE was just doing what “helicopter” Ben-Shalom Bernake has been doing for the past several years. Small guy counterfeits, 80 years. Big guy counterfeits, he’s lauded as a saviour. Don’t be fooled: Quanititive Easing is COUNTERFEITING.

    You all will find out within a year when prices really begin to skyrocket.

  36. Jerry says:

    Um, Attorney General Eric Holder got people killed, while directing a gun-running operation (Fast and Furious), which Obama had to know about. And both boys are still running the show in our government? And then Holder lied under oath about it. Martha Stewart went to jail for doing the same. This was a Constitution end-around that both were involved in, and like Teflon, both Obama and Holder are still running things. Frankly, Rham was in the inner circle on this as well. This is the most corrupt administration in the history of this country, and should be held accountable for treason.

  37. keep me informed says:

    Don’t try to rip off the Hollywood Jew or you will suffer the full force of the liberal elite.

  38. Sterling Headset says:

    Mmmmmmm good hot dog!

  39. Nu Yawk Frankie says:

    80 years for a fake $20 bill – thats 4 year for ONE Dollar!

    Hmmmm….. lets see now: Wall St has stolen TRILLIONS – of YOUR money! – with fake securities. What did the Wall St perps get? Not even ONE year!

    Lloyd Blankfien – head of Goldman Sachs – has probabl looted a cool $billion himself – so, using the same math, he should be in the slammer for FOUR BILLION YEARS!!!!
    Seems like Wall ST could do woth some Texas styple justice.

  40. Gerry says:

    He’s black! lol

  41. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Yet, members of congress are above the law in regard to inside trading.

  42. Peter Courtenay Stephens says:

    But Wait! You mean he used a counterfeit of the counterfeit?

  43. derfel cadarn says:

    We find it OK to put this nan in jail for eighty years over at most several thousand dollars theft,but we see no problem with our elected “leaders” robbing us blind and using insider trading to enrich themselves by billions and billions. I realize that our school systems are failures but I am ashamed that Americans are this inherently STUPID. Wake up America and see where the REAL crimes are being committed.

  44. Brian Macker says:

    So he got 2/3 of a year in jail for every dollar he printed. Ben Bernarke just got done printing up 1.6 trillion dollars which he handed out to his friends. That’s over one trillion years in jail that Ben and his associates need to spend behind bars.

  45. RUFUS LEVIN says:


  46. beebolt says:

    What a mess. MF global, JP Morgan, B of A and the names goes on stole trillions from hard working Americans and still they got bail out money from the Feds. Where’s the justice. I don’t say he should’nt get sentence but it was two harsh. This is what happened when you get convicted by illiterate jury who can be manipulated by the prosecutors.

  47. john c smith says:

    man buys hotdog with counterfeit cash gets 80 years, Bankers ruin the world economy with ponzi finance, they get bailed out with golden parachutes

  48. desert dweller says:

    hummm? you think maybe those hot dogs weren’t kosher?

  49. 'Nother Son O' Ursus says:

    He should have committed a ‘crime, safe, from prosecution’ like…
    Sellling substandard, hyper-$$-inflated junk to the U.S. military, and/or war crimes in Iraq, &/or, sodomizing children in collegiate showers orthe local house-of-worship’s confessional, etc.!

  50. jim says:

    Now if he were connected to the government he could trample all over the laws and get away with it, the fool, that’ll teach him.

  51. no rulers says:

    Ben Bernanke counterfeits trillions, contributing to the eventual collapse of the world’s monetary system, but is heralded as some kind of hero. But a small timer like this individual must be caged for the rest of his life. This is fascist America in a nutshell- Commit a small crime and you get a cage. Commit a large crime and you get a crown.

  52. weldonhoeppner says:

    Another characteristic of FASCISM … two tiered justice system.

    while the extremist rightwing elites enjoy relative freedom to break any law they see fit, the police state takes its aim on the underclass and employs Draconian measures for the same egregious illegal acts.

    straight out of the NAZI playbook

  53. dog says:

    Don’t counterfeit, the government hates competition

  54. HeyHey says:

    Crazy! Murders don’t even get 80years. As someone who grew up in Texas, you know they thought about it for 5 or 10 minuets and then locked him up.

    Good news, Police and Prison guards pensions are secure

  55. Dan s. says:

    So ok to devalue our dollar by taking debt and selling to china, while US prints more money? No one going to prison for that

  56. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Yeah take that. Only the government can devalue our currency at an alarming pace.

  57. Tim says:

    Good, he’s a thief. Maybe now he won’t steal anymore.

  58. ChocoCat says:

    The comments here prove what everyone already knows, people in Texas are embarrassing to the human race. Texans are actually defending an 80 year sentence for non-violent crime. No doubt these same people will tell you that the Chinese abuse human rights, LOL, simply amazing.

    1. BlownfuelCoupe says:

      80 years of free Room & Board, Gym, Library, T.V., sounds extremely generous to me.

      This isn’t Counterfeit care.

  59. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Now the Tax Payer gets to support this Leach to the tune of $80,000.00 a year.

    Great, Now he can eat Steak.

  60. Phil says:

    So do Brack Obama/Ben Bernanke get 800 billion years in jail or what?

  61. Al G. Funguy says:

    Chapter 14 – The (Non-government) Counterfeiter

    “Taking someone’s rightfully owned property is theft, and therefore unjustified. But
    no such proscription holds for taking the wrongfully owned
    (stolen) property of the thief… In like manner, we can see that it does not follow from the fact that counterfeiting genuine money is illegitimate that counterfeiting
    counterfeit money is illegitimate”

  62. Nestor says:

    Yet Jon Corzine stole billions and not purp walk. Sort of puts in perspective who’s running the show.

  63. Thebes says:

    Silly Criminal

    ONLY the Federal Reserve gets to create money from worthless “paper”.

  64. Dallas says:

    You can’t counterfeit a counterfeit.

    Just a lil advise…

  65. Really? says:

    Where is the perspective? So he did a little more than use the counterfeit cash for hotdogs. It’s okay to get 80 yrs? You can get less than 10 for manslaughter, less than 15 for murder. Just shows what’s really important. Money, money money and who is allowed to have it what they can do with it. The average pork product will cry and moan over some Player or Corp. or steals millions and/or maims thousands and well that’s all. Now this guy, this guy he needs to be put under the jail! Same mentality where if a celebrity shoplifts and the prosecutor’s first words are we are not looking for jail time, or another celebrity hits and runs or fails to show in court and spends two nights in jail or none it’s cute. But a fellow citizen well yes lock them up and throw away the key. No, no more blaming the government or bankers, these institutions are made up of people just like a country. No, look in the mirror. You know how much contempt the so-called Elite have for you ? And well you deserve it. The train is going to keep moving along and many know the one’s with the biggest mouths will be doing just that and nothing more mouthing off on the way to their final destination.

  66. steve says:

    ummm your Govt counterfeits everyday, anyone else doing it it becomes illegal. Find out how a bank loan is made. paper money is counterfeit wealth,thats why debt keeps growing and prices continue to go up year after year

  67. THE MESSENGER says:

    In Australia if you murder someone you get 12 yrs prison. If you rob a bank you get 15 to 20 years prison. Paper more important than life. Who’s your daddy ?Wake up our American FRIENDS , lets end all the FED BANKS AROUND THE WORLD ! and end this stage of financial paper tyranny.Elect Ron Paul ,yes we know who he is, and protect him from the guns that killed JFK.

  68. mojorisin73 says:

    Yet,Ben Bernake and the Federal Reserve counterfeits everyday by printing money and they get away with it.

  69. ange says:

    By giving someone such a harsh sentence for a fake 20 dollars tells me that the justice system is so messed up. The real criminals Bush, Obama, Blair, the Bankers etc, who not only abuse the american people by drowning them in debt help spread this poison across Europe, Libya, Egypt . Who wants toatal control and who will get it?

  70. ghhshirley says:

    Still waiting for the CEOs and hedgefund managers of Wall Street to go to prison.

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