Christmas Decorations? What About Thanksgiving?

By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – We haven’t even carved the turkey and cities and neighborhoods are already decking the halls. It seems like Christmas decorations come creeping up earlier and earlier each and every year. But what happened to Thanksgiving?

There is no denying that the holiday season has arrived. The lights, the crowds, the sales. The holiday is definitely here. Just not the right holiday. “A lot of stores in September are already set up,” noted Southlake shopper Carrie Jovanovich. “They have decorations up and Christmas music playing. In Town Square, the lights have been up for a while. So, it seems like it’s getting here faster and faster.”

“We start the Sunday after the tree lighting,” said Anne Murray with Southlake shop Olde Tyme Carriage. “The Sunday before Thanksgiving.”

Wait. What?

A tree lighting before Thanksgiving? Forget the turkey. The only trimmings that shoppers are seeing are the ones decorating pine trees and malls across North Texas. “It would be good if we keep the essence, rather than making it so commercial. But for the kids and us in general, it’s good,” said shopper Farah Janjua.

But it’s not just retailers who have seemingly skipped Turkey Day. There are some homes in Keller and other parts of North Texas that are already decked out with Christmas lights and holiday cheer. “We have family coming in from Michigan and we really wanted it to look special for them,” said resident Val Woodall. “It seems like a lot of the neighbors are doing it too, so we were kind of keeping up with all the neighbors.”

“Everybody’s skipping over Thanksgiving and that’s not right,” said Jasmine Davis, a nice voice of reason in this backwards holiday world. “Thanksgiving is fun. You get full and eat and sleep all day!”

Still, for some, end of year festivities can’t come soon enough. Starting the holiday season earlier doesn’t spoil the fun. Rather, it prolongs the festive cheer.

Thanksgiving skippers said that the jump start helps them avoid the last minute rush and enjoy more time together with family. “Before you know it, it’s here,” said Kanitra Haynes. “And you end up like one of those people trying to decorate on Christmas Eve.”

So, what do you think? Does Thanksgiving need to regain its day in the spotlight? Or have you already starting decorating for Christmas? Sound off below!


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  1. Karen says:

    I’m appalled that there are Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving. I especially don’t like Christmas music on the radio 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and refuse to listen to them until AFTER Thanksgiving.
    I can see why the retail stores bring out the decorations because all they think of is money.
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I want it celebrated BEFORE Christmas.

  2. Leslie says:

    More and more we are losing the true essence of what Christmas means. I am a traditionalist. Christmas doesn’t begin until the Friday after Thanksgiving. No tree, no lights, no music no shopping until then. I enjoy Thanksgiving. That is the day that I get to spend with my children and grandchildren. Put Thanksgiving back on the calendar. And let Christmas once again regain its TRUE meaning and not continue to be a source of financial reward for the retailers. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    1. RussP says:

      Not sure how beginning Christmas celebrations the day after Thanksgiving shows the true meaning of Christmas or of being traditional. If its anything but the celebration of Christ’s birth on the day that’s been chosen (December 25), its commercialization for the sake of business.

  3. Cee Jay says:

    I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family with all of my Thanksgiving decorations up and surrounding us. Thanksgiving will always be on my calendar. I see Santa Claus out in the malls already at least a week or two BEFORE Thanksgiving. What happened to Santa arrives at the mall the Friday after Thanksgiving? Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  4. timby says:

    Folks are missing the meaning of Christmas. It’s not the start of the biggest uptick in sales for the year. It’s not the time to see pretty lights. It’s not about the hype. It’s about the greatest gift of all. Christ’s birth and what it meant to mankind. It’s not to be celebrated and forgotten till next Christmas but to be observed all year. So what if the malls and departments stores are rushing shoppers. Get into the spirit of Christmas. Forget the hype and remember what Christmas is really about.

  5. 2sister says:

    I don’t mind them putting them out in November, but I do think stores put them out too early. They often start putting them out in the Summer. I worked in a retail store, and they put Christmas trees out in August the last year I was working there.

  6. Jesus Claus says:

    I hate Christmas. I REALLY hate it. I hate how it brings out the worst in people – the greed, the shoving, the worst in humanity. I have a friend who camps out at places for Black Thursday deals. I won’t do it. I’ll take Thanksgiving over Christmas any day. God, I hate Christmas. I’m thinking of converting to Judaism, just so I don’t have to participate in that s#!t every year.

    1. Jesus Claus says:

      I meant Black Friday.

  7. HUMBUG! says:

    Some of my a-hole neighbors are putting up lights today. Imbeciles. We need to pause and give thanks on THANKSGIVING for many blessings, one of them being about having the money to buy Christmas lights that should be put up AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!

    1. 2sister says:

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting up Christmas lights on Thanksgiving day. Some people do that as a fun activity with their family. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t thankful for their blessings. We can’t know what is in someone’s heart.

  8. Rick McDaniel says:

    Simple……..everyone is VERY concerned about whether this Christmas will produce enough business to keep business afloat, in this economy.

    So…..they are starting earlier than EVER! Some stores had their entire Xmas decoration offering on the shelves in July. That is something, when you consider that the Xmas wholesale market is just in June.

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