DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Scott Ryan is one of many North Texans that will be seeking out the sales this holiday season.  “Everybody likes to save money right?” he said.

Finding the best deals is simple for this tech-savvy shopper, who uses an app on his smartphone to compare prices.

“We thought wouldn’t it be cool if you could scan a barcode of a product to save some money, and ShopSavvy was born,” said Alexander Muse, Co-founder and CEO of the Dallas-based company. “We’re going to tell you where you can find it locally, where you can find it online, who’s got it in stock and show you the best deals.”

ShopSavvy is a free application available on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms.

It allows you to scan a product’s barcode in one store, and pull up prices and availability at competing retailers.

“We’ll also show you things like product reviews, the price matching policy of the store you’re in,” Muse explained, “we might show you rebates and coupons and other information about the product .”

More than 20 million people have already downloaded the app, which was created in 2008. ShopSavvy now has a new feature, called the wallet, than can help users avoid the checkout lines altogether.

It allows you to buy an available item online directly through your phone.  “You can actually press one button and the product is shipped to your house,” Muse said.

”It makes it quick and easy,” Ryan said, “and a way to save money for me.”