NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The days of Tupperware parties are long gone. Now there’s a new kind of “in home” party in North Texas that’s becoming popular.

The parties help women find a pair of designer jeans that actually suit individual body types. Best of all, the jeans cost half the price of those selling at department stores.

“We carry overstock of some of the designers that are carried in high end department stores,” said Jen Ellis, a Vault Denim distributor who often holds parties at her home in Mansfield.

According to Ellis, women get honest opinions about the jeans, from their friends, in a comfortable environment.

So how can you choose a flattering pair of jeans?

First, take a close look at the stitch. Contrast stitching makes your leg appear longer.

Also pay attention the wash on the denim. It should be lighter just below your backside — to slim your legs.

The placement of the pockets is also key. Pockets that are closer together give the illusion of a smaller backside.

“Everybody loves jeans,” said Ellis. “All you’ve got to do is come in and try on jeans,” she adds noting that the parties don’t involve sitting through a sales pitch.

If a guest finds the perfect pair of jeans there’s no need to place an order. They can wear them home that night.

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