Fur Free Friday Protest At Neimans Ends With Fake Blood On Storefront

85264198 Fur Free Friday Protest At Neimans Ends With Fake Blood On Storefront

A pedestrian walks past a Neiman Marcus store window. (credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An annual animal rights protest at Neiman Marcus’ downtown Dallas flagship store ended with fake blood splattered across the iconic store’s front windows and two people in jail.

The protest involved throwing paper cups of fake blood at storefront window displays.

Neiman Marcus spokeswoman Ginger Reeder says the store is targeted every year on Black Friday by fur protesters.

The protests, called Fur Free Friday, are held worldwide to stop the sale of fur coats and other animal-based products.

Reeder says PETA is normally behind the protest, but this year a group calling itself Occupy Now were claiming to have organized it.

Reeder talks with KRLD’s Barbara Schwarz:

Occupy Now members say they did the protest with a group calling itself Animal Connection of Texas.

Occupy Dallas quickly took to its facebook page to claim Occupy Now was an offshoot group and that they were not responsible.

A police report estimates damage to the store to be around $3,000. According to the report the two people who threw the blood onto the building were arrested without incident and taken to the Lew Sterrett Justice Center. A jug containing more fake blood and paint supplies were also taken from the two.

The two were charged with criminal mischief.


One Comment

  1. Andrea says:

    And cops gathered around, stepping out into traffic to stop working people so Escalades can go into Valet parking. And meanwhile, “casual cop hosing down window”.

  2. 2sister says:

    I don’t agree with what they did,but I see know reason to trivialize the problem of mental illnesses. People from all walks of life can get mental illnesses. It’s a medical condition that is often caused by a chemical problem in the brain. Also, I don’t agree with abortion, but we don’t have to be so graphic while expressing that.

  3. NiteNurse says:

    I do find the practice of wearing real fur a bit unsettling. Who really wears fur now? That fashion trend ended in the early 70s. Besides rich people don’t have to worry about getting cold.

  4. willr says:

    2sister the people of PETA etc have had mental problems for some time now. There are treatments available but they refuse to take their meds.

    1. 2sister says:

      We don’t know that they have mental problems. I don’t agree with the extreme things that PETA does, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a mental illness. A mental illness is more than just tacky behavior. Also, I was replying to someone’s remark that has been taken off. He implied that all people with certain political beliefs have mental problems. I’m not saying that some people who belong to extreme groups don’t have mental illnesses, but belonging to the group doesn’t necessarily mean that they have mental illnesses. Sadly, sometimes people with mental illnesses are easily influenced to join extremist groups, self-medicate, etc. Not all of them, however, do such things. I think by making those kinds of comments ( i.e. All people within a certain political group have mental illnesses.) we trivialize the problem of mental illnesses. The truth is mental illness can affect people from all walks of life. It’s a medical condition.

    2. brazos says:

      The person with a mental problem is you, willr.

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