DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A second person has come forward to apologize for a relative’s action in connection with the death of a Dallas man who was killed after being pushed into a moving DART train.

The mother of the victim tells CBS 11 that both apologies came unexpectedly during a vigil for her son, 19-year-old Octavius Lanier, who was killed when a group of 12-14-year-olds allegedly pushed him into the train Tuesday night.

“It was absolutely a shock,” says Lainer’s mother Takesha Harper.   She says the very public apology for the death of her son from the unidentified woman touched her, mother-to-mother.  “My son was one of them, and ma’am I’m so sorry,” the woman sobbed as Harper and others finished a prayer for Lanier.

“The moment I saw her with tears in her eyes I just felt like she was a mother who felt my pain,” Harper said.   “She, as a mother, did all she could to cooperate with police and give them any and all information that she had and I really appreciated that, I thought it took courage and I thought she was very strong for coming out and letting me know that.”

So far Dallas police have reported two arrests in the case.

Despite the unidentified woman’s assertion that another boy had been caught, Dallas Police say there have been no further arrests.  But Harper adds that another woman had quietly sought her out earlier in the vigil.  “The lady that first approached me was an aunt of one of the boys and she wanted to convey her condolences as well,” said Harper, adding that the second woman apologized and said, “How shocked that someone she knew and loved had been involved in something so heinous.”

Harper says she doesn’t care how old the alleged attackers are, only that they all are caught and face up to what they did.   “I don’t want revenge, I want justice,” she says, adding she will be in prayer “and I’m just going to trust that what happens in the end will be the just and right thing to happen in the end.”