Texas Man Exonerated By DNA To Get More Money

AUSTIN (AP) – Texas will pay a Dallas County man released from prison in 2006 after DNA evidence exonerated him of a rape that he did not commit an additional $753,000 on top of $1 million already paid for the 20 years he spent wrongfully imprisoned.

Larry Fuller was pardoned in 2007 and in 2009 the Legislature raised compensation for the exonerated to $80,000 per year spent in prison. Initially Comptroller Susan Combs denied Fuller’s request for more money, but after Fuller sued, the state settled. The Texas Supreme Court dismissed the case Nov. 18.

R.J. DeSilva, a spokesman for the agency, said the state paid because Fuller filed his request in the three-year window. The filing deadline has passed for all other exonerees, he said.

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  1. ted says:

    well that’s one way to get rich. I doubt he could have earned that much money on ‘the outside’…..stick it to the taxpayers

    1. RR Worker says:

      While you are right about what he would have made outside, the “taxpayers” “stuck it to him” in the first place either with poor eyewitnesses or a crooked D.A. investigator or both. He deserves every penny and then some for what he was put through. The only thing that would make any of this any better is if the county he was convicted in had to pay the whole amount of his compensation instead of the state.

      1. 2sister says:

        While I think he deserves to be compensated, I don’t agree with the implication that every tax payer stuck it to him. Only a small number of people would have been witnesses, and they might have honestly thought he was the one who did the crime. In fact, the only witness might have been the rape victim. I’m sure the rape victim feels awful that the wrong person was convicted. I’m sure she wanted the correct person to be caught and prosecuted. Don’t get me wrong. I feel bad for him, but we need to be sensitive and realize that the rape victim was probably so traumatized that she just indicated the wrong person.

    2. Carl says:

      Would you like to trade places with hime. Would you lke to have to fight everyday to protect your Hinney? Are would you just give in and become someone you were not born to be? I’m sure he would have traded places with you.

  2. NiteNurse says:

    Henry Wade the Dallas DA during that period sent many innocent people to prison. 20 or more cases hae been overturned due to DNA or other evidence finding the person INNOCENT. Who knows how many have died or have been put to death because of this monster. NOW YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH IS 20 YEARS OF THE PRIME OF YOUR LIFE WORTH IF YOU ARE LOCKED UP AND DENIED YOUR FREEDOM???

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