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Perry Confused About American Voting Age At N.H. Stop

Manchester, N.H. (AP) – You might say Texas governor Rick Perry courted the youth, but not the whole youth, in a campaign appearance at a New Hampshire college.

Speaking at Saint Anselm on Tuesday, he appealed to students who will be at least 21 before Election Day to vote for him.

As for those younger than 21, he merely asked them to work hard on his behalf. Doesn’t he want their votes, too?

It turns out Perry didn’t know or had forgotten that the voting age in America is 18.

The flub caused some whispers in the crowd.

In a recent presidential debate, Perry forgot a key element of his plan to reduce the size of government.

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  • susan

    although i am not a rick perry fan, the voting age used to be 21 and rick perry is from the age group who were not allowed to vote until age 21..the push for the 18 year old vote came about because a person could be in the milikitary at 18, yet not be allowed to vote..i will say most kids at 18 do not have the maturity to make life altering choices, including joining the military,let alone understanding economics or politics…

    • NiteNurse

      That law has been around for over 30 years it’s not like they changed it just a few years ago. Slow down on the back pills Rick.

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  • P.B


  • Sarah Jampole Marks

    Perhaps Perry should follow Cain’s lead, and reconsider his run!

  • Hootex

    Rick, it’s time to come home before you embarrass yourself and the rest of us more than you already have. You are not going to win the nomination, so come home now!

  • nick

    crawl back in your hole (deep) before you embarrass texas any more.
    stay in your kitchen with that hot chief!
    but could you relocate to alaska?

  • Andrew

    Im from TX and cannot stand Perrys beliefs. He is irrogant and full of lies! Are these seriously our presidental candidates?

  • bdub77

    @Susan…seriously, don’t make excuses for him…he’s been a political figure long enough(sadly) to know what the voting age is…as others have said, it’s not like the voting age changed recently, or even in the last decade…if he’s that stupid, he doesn’t deserve to be in the office he’s in, let alone president.

  • darrell

    some issues i support perry on, some i dont. the one thing i cant do though is support someone who time after time proves himself to be a complete idiot. perry, time to stop kicking yourself in the tail with your own spurs and call it quits.

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