Santa & Christmas Gifts Banned From Fort Worth Schools

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Santa’s not welcome in Fort Worth ISD Classrooms.  Neither are Christmas presents.

The district says Santa is welcome in the school cafeteria.  And the lobby.  But not in the classroom.

And no Christmas cards or presents, either.

“Santa Claus is welcome to visit our schools,” Interim Superintendent Walter Dansby said in a statement.  “But he cannot visit the classroom while the teacher is teaching.”

One of the district’s lawyers is reportedly concerned that if they allow students to exchange presents, they would also be be required to let them distribute a religious message with the gift.

Many people in Fort Worth are upset at the decision.  On the CBSDFW Facebook page today, Joe Perez wrote, “Sad to see how much freedom we’re losing just to be politically correct.”

Other commenters echoed his feelings.

But some support the move.  Another Facebook commenter said, “This is such a non-issue. If you want your child to have a religious experience, take them to church.”

What do you think?  Sound off in the comments, below!

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  • liosa

    I think this is a bunch of garbage the way people are behaving ,its all about how the adults feel and not the children. This is not a communist country were children cannot dram and enjoy a little innocent fantasy in believing .

    • S. Pearson

      What a disgrace to the entire community of Fort Worth!! They work so hard to be one of Texas’ greatest cities, and the schools undermine Christmas? The school administration and the elected school board should be embarrassed for their lack of leadership regarding a holiday tradition that teaches generosity and kindness! This type of political correctness will have a negative impact on people wanting to work, live and play in this great city! George Washington, Adams and Jefferson would cry if they really knew about this!!

      • Isenki

        “George Washington, Adams and Jefferson would cry if they really knew about this!!”

        Are… are you being sarcastic? State endorsement of a particular religion is a VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. A public school cannot hire a Santa Claus any more than they can hire a Hindu priest to read the kids’ fortunes.

  • Lisa

    correction ( Dream)

  • Gary D. Osborn

    It amazes me that the U.S. has gotten to be the world leader that it is with its devotion to Christanity. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves. Why such a small minority of agnostics, athieists, and non-christians can thwart the will of the majority is so unjust as to defy explanation. What they find wrong with “thou shalt not kill” or “thou shalt not steal” or “thou shalt not bear false witness,” just is not logical. The inmates are running the asylum.

    • Chris Moody

      Are you serious? Did you read what you wrote. Santa is not a biblical figure, nor is every student a Christian. Why should anyone, christian, buddhist, muslim, be forced to be around celebrations of something they may or may not believe in. School is for learning, not for pandering or prophetizing. Keep god, buddha, allah, santa and whoever out of schools. Allow the children an unbiased, uninfluenced education. Given all of the facts, they can determine what they believe. People like you Gary, i can almost guarantee you over the age of 45, are what is wrong with this country. A fake deity, for who there is no proof of existence, other than a man made book, has no place in today’s society. You sir, are a joke and hopefully, once your generations die off, we can abolish this tool of man and really move forward in society.

      Your local, educated, open minded human

    • Isenki

      Oh yes, it’s so unjust that the majority can’t trample the minority according to its whims. In this country, people have the right to not be Christian, so leave them the hell alone. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s wrong to kill and steal; that has absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with common sense.

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  • laura field

    Then no hanaka…no quanza….no allah….no nothing then ppl

    • Moe Moore

      Amen Sister Amen! Oh, but they’ll have some sort of Stupid Quanza celebration or even a recognition of Witches..But God firbid some heathen kids hear a Message of Hope from God’s Word..This world’s gone mad!

  • rebecca

    I agree with laura…

  • Fed up

    It seems anything that in any way reflects a Christian beleif we have to hide it. But we have to be “tolerant ‘ and show respect for all other religious Holidays and/or beliefs. Where is their tolerance? I’ll bet they had Halloween parties and let the kids dress up-but that actually is a pagan holiday making it okay. And they get to pass around valentines in Feb. for SAINT Valentine. I guess it’s just because CHRIST is in the word Christmas. Send the kids to the library if they don’t want to be a part of a celebration. Stop trying to turn our children in little “stepford” robots.

    • Ken

      WE need parents to stand up to this kind of Bull S— NOT TO FORGET THESE OUR OUR SCHOOLS BOUGHT AND PAYED FOR BY US.

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  • Stan Field

    Santa in a working classroom probably not. Exchanging gifts banned because the students might pass out a religious message…wrong. The School itself can’t but individuals can which is the basis of the freedom of religion. I don’t care what a lawyer says.

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  • Brian W Price

    Inmates running the asylum ? NO. The asylum has been burned to the ground and the inmates are running loose with with the embers of (LIBERAL) insanity.

    • KEN COPE


      • Moe Moore

        Nothing like a bunch of overpaid, underworked Union Employees to mess up a lot of good stuff quickly!

  • There is No God

    I hate to rain on everyone’s parade but Christman in reality is just a pagen holiday. Christ really wasn’t born in December. Christians took it away from the pagans just like they did with Easter. Now it’s just a time to BUY STUFF. So who really cares if Santa or Christmas is celebrated in the schools?

    • ken


      • Kurtz

        Oh please Ken, go back to school. Twice now you’ve misspelled paid and now happier. Obviously you partied too much when you should have studied more.

        Why do the righteous religious have to spoil Christmas for everyone? These kids just want to share Santa’s joy.

  • VFW American

    This will be a 3rd world country before long and all our rights will be trampled by the idiots running things. These idiots are willing to use the money of our country, but wait it is money, IN GOD WE TRUST!!

    GET OUT and VOTE
    VFW American

  • Lupe Gomez

    This is America!!! Love it or leave it!!! I agree with VFW American!!! Leave our traditions alone!!! In God we trust!!!! Iwill vote!!!!
    American and proud of it!!!

    • Chris Moody

      in God you trust. I don’t trust him, nor people that have so little backbone that they need a fake deity to make sure they get the best seat on the airplane. Drop the God stuff, that is so 1950 and believe in yourself and the people around you.

  • Jamie

    America, Land of the free!!! Whatever happened with that? Lately it seems we are not allowed to do anything, everything has rules now. When I was growing up I don’t remember people complaining about Santa Clause, and present exchanged because it “may” be religious…this is getting out of hand and it’s just going to get worse.

    • Kurtz

      This is what’s become of the religious right shoving their agenda down the public’s throat. The USA is not a theocracy!

  • Jean Meslier

    I love the illiterate rants, “school bord,” “payed,” “happyer,” not to mention the bad grammar.

    Yes, I’m sure our forefathers are “rolling over in their graves,” at how the Christians are trying to make this a Christian nation. Something that they worked hard to avoid. As always, they had to pander to the Christians, even though the founders of this great nation, were for the most part, agnostic.

    There is nothing about the Christmas traditions that hasn’t been stolen or copied from pagan religions. The Holy Days around December 25th are simply the celebration of the winter solstice. The Church made it a Christian holiday to try to keep the people from getting drunk in celebration of Saturnalia, (also December 25th). People still get drunk on Christmas. It’s odd that Christians celebrate the birth of Christ by getting drunk, don’t you think?

    Most of you seem un-aware that there are many Christians and Christian Churches that DO NOT celebrate Christmas. They know it’s history and origins.

    The holidays (holy days) never change. Only the names of the gods.

    Islam is almost purely Old Testament religion.. Mohammed was very familiar with the Hebrew Bible, that’s why he copied so much of it.

    It’s funny, in a way. The ultra-conservative religious crowd worship and venerate the ultra-liberal Jesus. If you don’t know that Jesus was a liberal, you don’t know what a liberal is and you don’t read the New Testament.

    His name wasn’t Jesus, anyway. He didn’t found Christianity or any other religion. Paul was the inventor of Christianity. Oh, and Paul never read the Gospels, they hadn’t been written when Paul was alive.

    Jesus forbade public prayer. Paul forbade Christians to insult non-Christians. Christians are happy to do both, as often as possible. Christians don’t know this because they don’t read the Bible, or can’t, I’m not sure which.

    Luke 14:26. So much for Christian family values.

    • Bret Frohwein

      Thank you for saying this.

    • falconflight

      Lady, your conclusion about the intent of the ForeFathers is either cravenly dishonest or youre a typical ChattelCratic Party member Mooing on command. Moo!

  • CanadianTexan

    Yay! No one should “expect” teacher gifts this year! My budget just got a little easier to manage!

  • parent of three

    I don’t know why parents are making such a big deal about this. School is for LEARNING not celebrating holidays. Not everyone is from the same religion and not everyone celebrates holidays. Why should children be sent to the library because they cannot participate in some school activity that involves holidays? I sent my kids to school to learn not to be celebrating holidays. There are other ways to teach children to be generous, caring and joyous.

    • Trent Gilley

      school is also for teaching values and supporting the culture of our society. If our culture does’t fit you then you can move. Truly. Why must the majority submit to the sensitivities of the majority?

  • M Wall

    I’m a great grandmother now but I still remember all the fun I always had at my school’s Christmas party. I think it’s sad that these children will no longer have those memories!

  • WeArentAllLikeYou

    I wonder if all these same people would be pitching a fit if my kid went to school and handed out Satanic gifts in the name of Our Dark Lord…??? My guess is all of a sudden they would have a problem with religious activity happening in the general vicinity of their precious little christian child.

    • Trent Gilley

      not our fault you’re a damn wierdo that got beat up on the playground. You and you’re strange kid can suck it. We don’t play dungeons and dragons nor playcate to those that do

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