DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If the season makes you want to break something… anything… Donna Alexander is a businesswoman with you in mind.

She has invented the Anger Room, and hostilities are welcome.

You pay her, sign a waiver and put on the safety goggles.  She hands you a bat and tells you to swing away.

Cell phones, lamps, plates, even televisions. She gets most of the stuff on bulky waste pickup day, but she also buys televisions from companies that make props for furniture stores.

KRLD’s L.P. Phillips Reports:

Alexander has done this for a couple years out of her garage. She is now renting space in North Dallas and selling time.

Groupon paired with her for discounts earlier this month and called her business one of the most successful launches this year.

If you have some pent-up rage you want to get out, you can check out the Anger Room website at http://www.angerroom.com/ – just don’t destroy your computer in the process.