delonte west1 Five Reasons Delonte West to Dallas Made My Day

1- The 1 year deal is brilliant for the Mavs. I can’t believe Delonte can’t get a better contract than JJ barea and it’s sad for him, but this isn’t a piece about his unfortunate life. 

2- The history between West and Lebron’s mom.  I don’t know if it really happened, but I do know it’s in Lebron’s’s head for one reason or another.  Delonte replaces Deshawn in the get under the Queen’s skin role.  Oh Btw, I love typing the words “Lebron’s mom”.  Makes me laugh.

3-DE-FENSE CLAP CLAP DE-FENSE!  West is a wirey 6-3, 180.  Old school guard in that he can play both positions, and he plays old school defense.   No doubt he’ll find the court more than Deshan Stevenson did and be critical against guys like Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker and Dwayne Wade.  And West is quite comfy behind the three point line.   Career .373.

4-Texas Gun dealers should love the arrival of Delonte, assuming he’s not legally prevented from purchasing firearms as a result of his 2009 arrest for being hammered on the back of a three wheel street motorcycle with a guitar case full of gats and what not. 

5-All championship teams NEED a guy with neck tattoos.  It’s sad but in the NBA it’s still very possible to scare the hell out of the other team and get the W.   Oh but Stephen Jackson already pointed that out so who am I telling?