Police Say Car Burglars Targeting Busy N. Texas Mothers

MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Police think a sophisticated gang of car burglars has set up shop in McKinney and is scoping out busy mothers.

The burglars sit near daycare centers and outside parks. The thieves watch for busy mothers who may be shuttling kids inside or onto the playground — but leaving their purse in the vehicle.

McKinney police Deputy Chief Scott Brewer said the scene has played out over and over again.

“For our city alone the punitive loss exceeds that of $100,000, so let’s just don’t focus on the amount of offenses but the reality is this is hitting our citizenry and our economy very, very hard,” he explained.

Police say in most cases it doesn’t even matter if the woman tries to lock up or hide her purse in the vehicle.

“Typically a citizen will get out, they may secure their purse in their trunk area, or try to conceal it within their car,” said Brewer. “Well, these folks are actually watching for that and they’ll bust in the glass or they’ll bust out the driver’s side window and they’ll pop the trunk and they’ll still take the purse.”

After the theft the crooks quickly get busy cashing checks and using credit cards.

Brewer offered some advice for anyone with a purse or wallet. “For these sets of circumstances, it’s really best just to take that property with you so it’s in your own possession,” he said.

The Felony Lane Gang, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is believed to be the group behind the theft ring.

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  • jdc

    Damn, they have title now!

    • rsm

      “Sophisticated” ??? LOL!!!

  • Apocalypto

    These Dic*kless wonders are worthless sub-human wastes of oxygen. It’s all good because there is a special place in hell for them. Curse on their house’s.

    • Ken Dixon

      I think there should be a legal distinction between predators and prey in this society. If they are convicted of a predator crime – from taking a human life right down to taking another’s property by force or threat of force – they forfeit their right to live among us. Put them on an island secured against the possibility of escape, and let them live out the rest of their lives with others who have the same values.

      • matt

        You’re talking about the millions of Govt workers sucking the live out of the people. We’re going to need a very big island for that.

  • Kelly

    This isn’t new — it’s been going on for years here in Houston — they even target church Sunday Schools —

  • Mikee

    In San Antonio, a friend of mine had their purse stolen while at the cemetary.

  • George

    There’s nothing “sophisticated” about this, just sleazy leeches of society.

  • firstpoppa

    Just part of that 99% making sure that things are “fair”.

    • Drake

      Hahahaha. Best comment so far.

  • Gary

    Like bait car, put a brick of c4 in a purse and have remote trigger on a necklace….problem solved.

  • Drake

    This would never happen in a socialist Utopian society…

    • Spanky

      cuz we wouldn’t have cars or purses or money to steal…

      • firefly

        also, in utopita everyone would be exactly like me!

  • davec

    What STUPID advice, “take your property with you” in context of felons?


    THAT will stop it.

    But police thrive on terrorizing terrorized Citizens, it gives them two groups to pretend to have power over, the criminals and soccer moms they set up as victims.

    ARMED CITIZENS ELIMINATE CRIME. But thats the problem, “armed citizens” = NO NEED FOR POLICe and police dont like that.



    • DaveFL

      It isn’t just the police, it’s the whole “judicial-industrial complex.” That includes the judges, DAs, defense lawyers, bail bondsmen, bailiffs, court clerks, jailers, prison guards, prison builders, etc. All of them have a vested interest in keeping crime as high as possible to justify their jobs and bloated budgets.

    • freecheese

      where i live, i’ve seen women walk out of the mall. after stepping outside, they pull a pistol out of their pruse and walk to their cars. no problems!

  • davec

    Whats needed is someone stayign in the trunk with a 9 or 45 and ear plugs.

    Blast off a blank round when they break in.

    Follow the trail of s*** leading away to catch them

  • http://www.fastnews.tv/?p=130637 COPS: Sophisticated Gang Of Car Burglars Targeting Busy Moms In Parking Lots... | Breaking News

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  • Everyday Guy

    Brewers advice for anyone with a purse; “Hey Dallas Cowboys, don’t take your purse out in public.”

  • CBS Censorship Test

    I love Obama.

    • CBS Censorship Test

      Interesting. Multiple other posts with no profanity and whatnot never make it.

      • Greg B

        I think the Rothschilds own CBS, along with Reuters and AP. Their minion dictate the news, and if they don’t like your comments they are deleted.

  • Robby

    Open Carry.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    This is why public hangings should be brought back. Make a few dance at the end of a rope and your problems would end.

  • Charlie Tango

    These people work for the IRS, this is just their hobby in their spare time

  • Kestrel

    If the police know which parking lot they are hitting and they strike repeatedly, how hard could it be to arrest them? Maybe you could fill a trunk with super glue and wait for sticky fingers to grab the purse.

  • Mike

    I don’t understand. DFW and no CCWs? If this FL gang can stake out malls, Texans with CCWs can’t do the same? Maybe TX should go be part of CA? : )

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