RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Running a small car shop in Richardson, Rod Resh and his wife, Pam Shaw, rely heavily on the local community.  “So, all we donate to is the churches, the schools, and the police department and that’s it,” said Shaw.

“We have a limited advertising budget, so that’s really the only advertising we do,” said Resh.

Last May, the owner of Bass Automotive got a phone call about sponsoring the athletic department at Richardson High School.

“Being as how they mentioned they were with the school, I didn’t think twice about it,” said Shaw.

“I was actually pretty excited,” said Resh.

A receipt shows they paid $180 dollars to TKO Sports Advertising and Production.  The couple says, in exchange, the company was supposed to print this ad on t-shirts.  “The t-shirts were going to be given away at the ball game. The cheerleaders were going to pass them out the crowd randomly,” said Resh.

But, more than six months later, the company has yet to produce any shirts.  When the couple called in September, they say they were told to wait just two more weeks.  In November, they say, the company hung up on them.
“Every time they told me they’d call me back, they didn’t,” said Shaw.

CBS 11 found the Better Business Bureau has 33 complaints against TKO made within the last three years.  They all sound very similar, with small business owners claiming “the t-shirts were never printed.”

Richardson ISD spokesperson Tim Clark confirms the Richardson High School never received any t-shirts or money for TKO.  In fact, he was surprised to learn the company was taking money on the school’s behalf.  “We are requesting that the firm return the money to the companies that they received money from,” said Clark.

We called the T-shirt company and spoke to owner Jeffrey Kirk, who dismissed the complaints.  “We have over 15,000 corporate clients. So we have one one-thousandth of a percent for a complaint ratio,” he said.

He claims the T-shirts can take 3-6 months on average to deliver and that they are still coming.  “We never fail to get our shirts out,” he said.

The school district, meanwhile, says it has asked the company to stop using its name.  “I can’t imagine how in the world they’re not being stopped to where they just continuously get to pocket money. They’re just stealing, That’s all they’re doing. They’re not producing anything that I can see,” said Shaw.

TKO Sports claims it has done business with Plano ISD.  A spokesperson for the Plano district, Lesley Range Stanton, confirmed Plano Senior High School did receive T-shirts from TKO on one occasion several years ago.