Poll: Dallas Cowboys Out As “America’s Team”

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you believe a recent poll, the Dallas Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team.”

Responders to the survey, done by Public Policy Polling (PPP), made it clear that the Cowboys weren’t beloved and in fact voted the Cowboys as America’s least favorite team.

So, if Jerry’s crew is out – who’s in? Survey says… the Green Bay Packers!

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According to PPP, some 22-percent of voters had the Packers are their favorite NFL team, that compared to 11-percent for Cowboys favorites. (In the ‘favorite team’ voting the Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers each got an 8-percent vote as favorite pick.)

And there’s more.

As part of the survey, responders were asked ‘favorability’ questions about both the Cowboys and Packers.

Regardless as to whether the subgroup was narrowed by ideology, gender, race, or age — all really like the Packers. The team was seen as positive by 57-percent of voters.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Cowboys were generally viewed unfavorably, with 41-percent of voters having a negative opinion of them.

The overall dislike of the Cowboys wasn’t even challenged along political lines. According to the poll, Democrats prefer the Packers 44-26. Republicans had Green Bay on top 60-29 and independents prefer them 44-30.

The Cowboys only came in first when pollsters were asked one question – “Who’s you’re least favorite NFL team”. Twenty-two-percent had the Cowboys as their least favorite. Jerry and the crew were disliked twice as much as the Chicago Bears, who 11-percent had as their least favorite team.

Diehard Cowboys fans would argue that unprecedented press conference coverage and television game ratings prove the poll wrong. But it appears that a large number of people contributing to those high TV ratings are tuning in hoping the Cowboys will lose.

If Cowboys fans were hoping to save face with the America’s most popular quarterback vote – they’re out of luck. Tony Romo only garnered 4-percent of the favorite QB vote. Given a choice of nine quarterbacks Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow came out on top with 15-percent of the outright vote, but when looking at net favorability Peyton Manning was favorite.

PPP surveyed 700 Americans, through automated telephone interview, from December 16 to Dec. 18.


One Comment

  1. susan says:

    we all know football fans are fickle and stick with a team only if its winning..the cowboys will come back into fashion again f they get a new winning streak next year..they do have that beautiful new stadium to play in!

  2. Geffen says:

    This is a really dumb poll to take. Of course it will be the Green Bay Packers, until someone else wins the Super Bowl. I think the fact that they came in first for being least favorite shows actually how well known they are. As just stated, if they have a really good season then they would be at the top right away again. I am personally not a Cowboys fan but I know that they will always be America’s team, which means they will always have either everyone happy with them or everyone angry with them. Right now everyone is angry with them. As for Tim Tebow, he is a fad that will be gone as quickly as he came, he will never rank amongst the great QBs that are known for years.

  3. John says:

    Please enough already with the silly polls by bored reporters. They were saying the same thing about the Steelers just a few years ago too..Cowboys will ALWAYS be “America’s Team” rain or shine…

  4. Cliff English says:

    America’s Team is and always will be the Dallas Cowboys. Its not up for grabs. You can’t vote Elvis out of being the King of Rock or Michael Jackson out of King of Pop. Its just not a voting issue.

  5. Chris says:

    Not according to Facebook… Dallas still on top.

  6. Dallasfan says:

    If stories like this keep coming out, they’ll continue to fall:


  7. jazzcat says:

    They’ve never been America’s Team in MY book. There are other teams more worthy of that title than them.

    1. SusieQ4u says:

      @jazzcat…Jealous much? Lol.

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