Court: New Texas Districts May Be Discriminatory

AUSTIN (AP) – There are “genuine issues” of whether Texas Republicans in the Legislature intentionally discriminated against Hispanics in redrawing the state’s political maps, three federal court judges said in an opinion.

The Washington-based court sought to explain why it refused to approve redistricting maps drawn earlier this year by the Legislature. Texas is one of 16 states covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and must get pre-approval from either the Dept. of Justice of the federal district court in Washington before changing any voting laws. The rule applies to states with a history of racial discrimination.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked the Washington court earlier this year to approve the new maps, but the Justice Department and Texas minority groups argued that the redistricting plans were discriminatory and asked the court to put them on hold. The court refused to approve the maps and set a trial date for Jan. 17 to hear more detailed arguments.

In a 44-page opinion filed late Thursday, the court explained why.

“We conclude that there are genuine issues of material fact regarding whether the plans were enacted with discriminatory intent,” the court wrote. “The ability (of minorities to elect a candidate of their choice) can rarely be measured by a simple statistical yardstick, as is the essence of Texas’s approach (to drawing fair districts).”

The groups opposing the maps argue that they are drawn to give whites a majority of seats in the Texas House, Senate and in the Texas congressional delegation, even though, according to the 2010 census, whites only make up 45.3 percent of the population. As an example, the congressional district map drawn by Republican lawmakers made voting-age whites the majority in 25 out of Texas’ 36 districts.

In arguments before the court, state lawyers denied any intentional racial bias. They explained that because Republicans control the Legislature, it was only natural that they drew maps that would benefit Republican candidates. The reason Hispanics are not the majority in more districts is because most Hispanics vote Democratic, not because of their ethnicity, the Texas attorney general’s office said.

The redistricting maps are also under attack in a second federal court case in San Antonio. Minority groups asked that district court to throw out the Legislature’s maps completely, claiming they are drawn to make sure minorities do not win elections. That court decided to wait until there was a resolution in the Washington case and drew up temporary maps for use in the 2012 election pending a resolution.

The court created those maps by working off the old districts and accounting for racial factors. Democrats welcomed that map, which gave them greater chances of winning more districts.

Abbott, however, said the San Antonio court overstepped its authority by overruling the Legislature’s maps before the Washington court had made a decision. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear that appeal on January 9.

In court papers filed Thursday, Abbott asked the Supreme Court to order the use of the Legislature’s maps until the two pending court cases are decided. If the Supreme Court agrees, the decision would permanently change how the Voting Rights Act is enforced by allowing the use of contested maps before a court can decide if they are discriminatory or not.

Meanwhile, the uncertainty has left many politicians in limbo, not knowing what their districts will look like, and therefore, whether or not they have a chance of winning. If the courts can reach an agreement on a map for the 2012 election by late January, the Texas primary is scheduled to take place on April 3.

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  1. its me says:

    MAY HAVE? More like “intentionally and with great forethought and malice”.

    1. C.M. Thomas says:

      May have is like saying POOP don’t stink

  2. Hootex says:

    Let Texas be Texas! Tell the federal courts where to get off. Stupidity has to stop someplace!

    1. C.M. Thomas says:

      You sir are a BIGOT in the worse way

      1. Nonya says:

        How is that?

  3. WeArentAllLikeYou says:

    You really have very little understanding of the concept of the UNITED States of America, huh hootex?

    1. Nonya says:

      You mean like the sovereign States created the federal government and not the other way around?

  4. I have seen all 57 states! says:

    I am SOOO glad the Department of Justice (the same group that approves of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers and approves dead people voting) is helping to clean up our states mess, I feel like BIG BRO is taking all of my states best interests in consideration or at least how they can inact enough class warefare to tickle the fancy of the drones. From the Department that brought us Fast and Furious, we will soon be given a GOOD MAP!

  5. FedUpTxn says:

    The ONLY non-discriminatory way to draw voter districts should be based on population numbers ONLY or square miles and race should NEVER be a consideration. Every voter should also submit a fingerprint to prove identity and that they are qualified to vote and have not done so more than once Anyone not born in this country who wants to complain, needs to go right back where they came from and stay there because it is NONE of your business!

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