Hood County Man Jailed After Failing To Get Gift For Wife

turnock Hood County Man Jailed After Failing To Get Gift For Wife

David Lewis Turnock was accused of assaulting his wife, after the couple argued about the fact that he did not get her a Christmas gift. (credit: Hood County Sheriff's Office)

GRANBURY (CBSDFW.COM) – A husband in Hood County wound up behind bars after getting into a fight with his wife, all because he failed to give her a Christmas present.

David Lewis Turnock was arrested by deputies late Tuesday night at the couple’s home, located along Linden Court, in the Pecan Plantation development outside of Granbury.

The 47-year-old husband is accused of assaulting his 53-year-old wife, twisting her wrists and breaking her watch. A spokesman for the Hood County Sheriff’s Office reported that the couple got into an argument over the fact that Turnock did not buy his wife a present this Christmas.

Turnock was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for family violence and was released after posting a $5,000 bond.


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  1. Nick says:

    In other words, he says she attacked him…she says he attacked her…he goes to jail, and she doesn’t.

    She was angry that he didn’t buy her a gift. Who do we really think started the fight?

    1. conlin says:

      States are payed by the federal goverment to make DMV arrest.The article doesnt say the mr. turnock may have been ordered to stay away from his home for 90 days. spanking your kids is DMV. to be on the safe side don;t get married and dont have kids.

  2. Hootex says:


    1. Bill Haley says:


  3. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    the gift of domestic violence.

  4. DomesticViolenceHurts says:

    There was a valid reason why CRIMINAL CHARGES were filed. It was not a ” he said, she said” situation, or the man would not have spent a night in jail and be facing a Class A Misdemeanor.
    Violence against women is not a laughing matter.
    OBVIOUSLY CBS 11 did not bother to obtain a written report of the scene or the victim’s statement.
    They relied solely on what the man, who is charged, told the deputies. And for those of you who think that women would lie about violence, think again. I believe that is called ” perjury”.

    1. 2sister says:

      I agree that domestic violence is not a laughing matter. I have a loved one that was victim of domestic violence. People, however, do sometimes lie about crimes to get someone in trouble. The sad thing is that the ones who do that make it harder for true victims to be taken seriously.

      1. 2sister says:

        By the way, I’m not saying that this woman liked or did anything wrong.

      2. 2sister says:

        oops. I meant lied not liked. In any case, there is no excuse for assaulting someone. I seriously doubt the woman is lying.

    2. Bill Haley says:

      Valid reason? Oh, you mean police philosophy of “If we roll on a call, someone is going to jail.” Because…that’s the way domestic violence is treated by law enforcement. It’s all well and good to take the high ground and presume a man should never touch a woman in anger but the sad truth is many women know precisely what buttons to push to drive their mate livid. Does it excuse the man? No…but it is the reason. What sort of woman escalates a discussion to this point?

      1. 2sister says:

        There is no excuse to physically assault someone. Period. Also, blaming the woman is exactly why many abuse victims aren’t given the support and help that they need. I think it’s sad that you seem to be excusing spousal abuse. That is very insensitive. I have a loved one that was abused by an ex-spouse. She didn’t deserve or ask for the abuse that she got. Thankfully, she got away.

      2. 2sister says:

        By the way, I’m not saying that there aren’t ever people that lie about things, but many times they aren’t lying.

    3. conlin says:

      women perjure themselves all the time. The womens rights lobby is loud and strong. A woman leaving her husband gets $2000 to get an apartment and other payments to leave her husband. DMV is a 2 billion industry and growing

      1. 2sister says:

        Many times they aren’t lying about the abuse. The ones that do make it hard on those that are telling the truth about abuse. I have a loved one who divorced an abusive spouse. She didn’t get any help from him, $2000, or payments to leave her husband. Please don’t put over the top comments on here that probably aren’t accurate.

  5. IWasThere says:

    Abuse did occur and has occurred for over 10 years in the household.
    The facts of this incident, or more accurately, non- newsworthy incident, were not reported accurately or responsibility by Hood Co. Sheriff Dept.. This woman has been physically and verbally abused for over 10 years.

    The ONE time she had the courage and strength to file charges has been turned into a ” hate fest” by the uninformed on the Internet.

    If I used this article as a true representation of what actually transpired, I would think the incident was superfluous and without merit.
    This is NOT the case.
    The reporting was NOT thorough, it was NOT accurate, and it was NOT fair. The news manager of this TV station is now aware. And the victim in this case was re-victimized by a totally sensationalized version of what happened and why. It had NOTHING to do with a holiday or any gift. Material possessions have never been a problem/ factor.

    The wife did not lie when she called 911, nor did she indicate in any way that Christmas gifts played a part in the incident at any time.
    The husband, shown above, remarked to a deputy that he guessed she didn’t like her Christmas present. That’s his sick sense of humor at work when he is stressed.
    The police report, if obtained by any interested party, will show that the altercation began around 2300 hours on December 24th. The person who was the violent instigator went to jail. The person who did tell the truth, his spouse, is now a laughingstock ( and has been called vile curse words) on the Internet.

    Do you think a person in trouble in their own home would ever call the same law enforcement agency in the future and put themselves in a position to be called names, a liar, a b****, and worse , when this is all she hears at home?
    I can tell you with 100% accuracy, NO, she will never again call for or expect ANY support from Hood Co. Sheriff Dept.
    I can also tell you with unerring accuracy that she will not be alive very much longer.

    1. Bill Haley says:

      So…since YOU WERE THERE…just what part did you play in interceding? And…from personal experience as a career police officer, I assure you …police officers seldom know who is telling the truth…nor do they care. The presence of the police will not fix the problem, only counseling or divorce will resolve it.

      1. 2sister says:

        Some police officers probably do care. You can’t speak for all police officers.

      2. 2sister says:

        Apparently, she is the abused spouse. I read a comment from her on another site. I think we should be sensitive in our responses. I have no way of knowing if she is telling the truth, but I feel that she most likely is telling the truth.

  6. beazr says:

    who cares I dont jesus does

  7. adrianh says:

    I think she was just trippn . Xmas is about jesus ,not herself !

    1. 2sister says:

      How do we really know that it had anything to do with a Christmas gift? We are reading a news story, and they aren’t always accurate.

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