Fort Worth Woman Shoots & Kills Home Intruder

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Fort Worth are investigating a fatal shooting in the 6700 block of Fortune Road. A woman shot and killed a man that is believed to be a home intruder.

According to police, the woman was home alone and heard someone persistently ringing her doorbell and banging on the door at about 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning. The woman called her husband, who was traveling out of town visiting family, and he told her to get the couple’s gun. She did so and dialed 911.

A short time later, police said, the suspect walked into the home through a backdoor and entered the woman’s bedroom. The woman fired the gun and struck the suspect in his torso, all before police arrived on the scene. He was taken to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth where he died.

KRLD’s Jane Slater Reports:

Police are not sure why the man — later identified as 29-year-old James Green of Fort Worth — was in the house or why he was ringing the doorbell, but authorities did not believe that he was a burglar. The name of the female shooter has not been released. She was not arrested.

“I think they just moved in recently,” said neighbor Patty Smith. “So, you don’t know if somebody knew she was home by herself or why they would choose that house. It could have been any of us, really.”


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  1. FedUpTxn says:

    As long as this man wasn’t a neighbor come to save her from a house on fire, or an officer of the law, he had no business entering the home, particularly at that hour. She had every right to shoot him!

    1. Randy says:

      He had no business entering the home “unannounced” even if he was an officer of the law; she had every right to shoot an unannounced policeman just like she does a rapist or burglar.

  2. Hugh G. Rekshun says:

    Could’ve been blitzed out of his mind and thought it was his own home or his girlfriend’s home or something. Either way, you can’t blame the woman.

  3. Steven Senior says:

    I’m thankful she decided not to be a victim and will live another day because of that!

  4. Nonya says:

    Great shot! Saved the taxpayers loads of money.

  5. Barry Tobin says:

    I agree NONYA, If anyone is interested I just got my concealed gun license from virginia 39.95 and had the state send me my application. Virginia has a 26 State agreemnt and Texas is one of them. It cost 100.00 for the license.

  6. JaneDoe says:

    Why didn’t she lock her backdoor … she locked the front door. And, if she had time to call and talk to her husband … grab and load the gun … talk to the 911 operator. Shouldn’t she had had time to lock the backdoor, and perhaps lock herself in a bathroom. Sounds like there is more to the story.

    1. JohnDoe says:

      The woman chose not to be a victim. It’s easy to judge when you aren’t the one in her shoes.

    2. Gumby Rules says:

      Maybe she thought her back door was locked already.

      Maybe she was in fear of her life and was just hoping the intruder would go away.

    3. diane says:

      i agree,

    4. Major Phil says:

      What do you mean “load the gun?”. What good is an unloaded gun?

    5. Jim says:

      Where does it say that she had to waste any time loading a gun? Next time READ the story. Also, if you are the type of person who keeps a gun for self defense and doesn’t have it loaded…you’re a nimrod, waiting to become a statistic. And, did you ever stop to think she may have believed the back door was already locked? The bottom line is that this women doesn’t HAVE to do a thing except protect herself. It’s up to everyone else not to try to gain access to a house that isn’t theirs.

  7. George Lyle says:

    The intruder didn’t die right away. Couldn’t the police or someone question him to find out why he was there before he passed on? I

    1. Larz Blackman says:

      They questioned him. He said, “Unnnnggggg” and died.

  8. Quoc Ma says:

    Who said the backdoor with unlocked? Article said he walk through the backdoor. It could have been locked and he broke the door down and walked in. Anyway, good job for the lady.

    Nothing ever good happens between 2am – 6am.

  9. Mr. D says:

    Good shot! She did exactly the right thing in that situation!

  10. Mac says:

    Sadly enough…this was the woman’s first night in this house. They just moved in. I feel bad that this will be the everlasting memory for them in their new home. I’m proud she took care of the situation though and, as others have said, she wasn’t the victim.

    1. workingman says:

      hell his is a good memory, just think what a bad memory would be!

  11. CC says:

    For those of you saying “good shot” and other such remarks please reflect on the family and friends of the man who actually was shot. He was not a “thug” or someone trying to rob or cause her harm by any means. His girlfriend had also just moved in- next door to the woman, and he sadly got the houses confused in his inebriated state.

    I am not trying to say the woman did the wrong thing by any means, she was rightfully very frightened and protecting herself. However this was a tragic mistake that has left many people devastated and it would be kind of others to treat it as such. Thanks.

    1. Larz Blackman says:

      That makes him an idiot. And it makes her smart for protecting herself against an intruder, regardless of why he broke into her house.

    2. BryanJ says:

      Nice try CC. But these are the same people who applaud executions and cheer for the death of the uninsured at Republican debates. They lack any sympathy or ability to reflect on this topic thoughtfully because a gun is involved and guns can do no wrong!

    3. Major Phil says:

      That’s probably this idiots first mistake, but surely his last. GOOD SHOT !!!!!

  12. workingman says:

    Well i guess you can fix stupid!

  13. Annie says:

    I would have shot his A%& too!!

  14. friend of a friend says:

    This was ruled a homicide and rightly so. The lady can see well enough to get ALL 3 SHOTS into the man, but “can’t” tell that it’s NOT her recently divorced abusive x-husband? Or that he is un-armed, doesn’t give the guy enough time to say “Oops, I’m sorry, a little drunk and at the wrong house, I was thought I was next door?” Obviously if she had time to call the police she had time to turn on the lights. Hey at least he knocked first, its her fault for not answering the door regardless of the time.

    1. BryanJ says:

      Was it really?? That’s great. Maybe she’ll think next time before she blows someone away for being drunk.

      1. John D. says:

        Ruling this a “homicide” is merely stating how the subject died (suicide, homicide, natural causes, etc). Homicide is not necessarily a criminal offense. Murder or manslaughter are criminal offenses. Homicide is a manner of death. Furthermore, the Texas law known as the “castle doctrine” is applicable in this case, and makes it perfectly legal for this woman, or any of us, to defend ourselves when an intruder enters our home.

    2. John says:

      omg get a clue… All deaths not natural and caused by a person are labeled homicides…

      This is a Justifiable homicide..

      Better check your state castle law.. doesn’t matter if someone breaks in to put 100k in brand new bills on your table and leave… you can be shot…

    3. John says:

      oh and doesn’t matter if you call the police. The police have no guarantee to help you even if your being raped or murdered while talking to 911. This was the ruling of the supreme court. So thinking the police will help you is crazy because they don’t even have too..

      she didn’t answer the door…. stupid ass.. what female is going to answer the door at 4am? one who likes to be raped? idiot… you must be drunk to even think like this

    4. SAL says:

      Let us know how that all works out for you when someone is beating on your door and breaking into your home at 3:30 AM and you are home alone!

      I hope you get the opportunity to practice what you are preaching – and hope for your sake the person isn’t there to rape or kill you OR your children, while you are asking them “Um, are you sure you are in the right house?”

      You must be someone who is devoid of placing responsibility where it belongs –on THE DRUNK GUY! Who was DRUNK because of HIS own actions! If he had gotten behind the wheel and killed your family in an accident, would you be spouting a different tune??

      You must subscribe to the theory that is is morally superior for a woman to be found raped and strangled, rather than explaining to the police how her attacker or intruder got a fatal bullet wound.

      I am proud of this woman for doing what she needed to do to protect herself!

      1. sal says:

        above comment is directed to “friend of a friend”

  15. Hay Man Nice Shot says:

    I can understand one shot in the arm or leg (self defense), but it’s defiantly sounds like the 2 extra shots prove intent to kill. Police get in trouble all the time for excessive force. At least give the lady a grand jury and let the court’s sort it out – even if she does get off. ***It would be good to know if the bullets went in from the front, or in the back like the guy was trying to leave.*** please let us know!

    1. JB says:

      You watch waaaaaaay to many movies there dude…

  16. George A says:

    This is a disaster. The comment page he is one of the saddest moments in humanity I’ve ever personally encountered. James Green was a friend of mine. And while I sympathize with the woman in question, I just wonder how much our American culture plays into a decision to end someone’s life like that. If we believe the account here, that he was knocking on the door for over THIRTY MINUTES, A) where were the cops B) WHAT KIND OF VILLAIN KNOCKS ON THE DOOR FOR THIRTY MINUTES!!!! What if it were someone who was dying of a heart attack on a late night jog? Just knocking on the nearest door? Why not shoot him in the leg? Why the obsession with killing? This is so, so useless and sad. And all you people should be ashamed of yourselves. How convenient it is to sit in anonymity and cast stones.

    My family lives in another country where they have to drive in bullet proof cars. I’ve had three cousins kidnapped. And NONE OF THEM carry weapons. Because the sad fact is that (at least in America), a loaded gun in a home is ten times more likely to innocently kill someone than be used in self-defense. Some may argue this was self defense. But given the full account of the story, it just seems absolutely devoid of rationality and humanity. Earth to Americans….not everyone is out to kill you! Calm down.

    1. John D. says:

      Shame on your drunken buddy for entering a house that was not his, or his girlfriend’s or whoever’s he thought it was. He entered a home that he had no business in, in the middle of the night, and the resident legally defended herself after your drunk idiot friend put her in fear for her life. As far as “What kind of villain knocks on the door for thirty minutes?”, this is a common m.o. that burglars use. They will first knock or ring the doorbell repeatedly to see if someone is home before they break into a home. If no one answers the door, they break in. If someone answers, they come up with some excuse like a broken down car, etc, or just force their way in. I applaud this lady for defending her turf. Perhaps this will be a lesson for other drunks out there that if you enter the wrong home at night, and scare the bejeezus out of the homeowner, in Texas, you might just be met with legal, deadly force.

    2. Marc Richardson says:

      George A. I’m not quite sure where you found your statistic that a lawfully owned firearm is ten times more likely to be used to kill an unintended victim than be used in self defense. That is so ridiculous that I laughed out loud when I read your comment.

      Firearms are used between 4,100 and 6,500 times a day for defensive purposes, about 92% to 93% of the time the firearm is NOT discharged. There are about 9,200 gun-related murders each year.

      Doing the fundamental mathemathics, we discover that guns are utilized defensively as much as two hundred fifty eight times (258X) more for defensive purposes than murder. But don’t let me confuse you with the facts.

    3. Greg G. says:

      That ten times more likely stat is old anti-gun propaganda that has been proven to be completely false.

    4. Bill says:

      “My family lives in another country where they have to drive in bullet proof cars. I’ve had three cousins kidnapped. And NONE OF THEM carry weapons.”…????…maybe if they did….they wouldn’t get kidnapped! We keep weapons to defend ourselves because policemen aren’t always with us.

      I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend (and only the police and the shooter know the facts for sure) but I have to agree with the rest of the sensible people on this post. If someone breaks in don’t recognize them you have to presume they are out to hurt you. We don’t aim for shoulders or knees. when you’re scared you aim for the big parts and shoot till the threat stops to make sure you survive.

  17. Pat F. says:

    Shame on all of you who have said such hurtful things about James. He was a fine young man from a lovely family who thought he was going into his friend’s back door. A horrible tragedy for all and we miss will miss him terribly.

  18. Mike Jones says:

    After reading all of this, I think he will get a Darwin award. Look, if he wouldn’t have got too drunk to know what he was doing, he wouldn’t be dead. It his fault, he got drunk, he broke into the house. She, obviously being scared, defended herself. Seems pretty basic to me, and all the other people on here would do (should do) the same if they were in the same situation. Drunk man breaks into your house acting a fool at 3am, what do you do? Try to talk to him and see what he is doind there? Nobody forces their way into your house for good reasons.

  19. David says:

    a “fine young man” does not get drunk.
    a “find young man” does not walk around in public drunk
    a “fine young man” does not enter someone else’s house at 4am uninvited.
    He may not have had a criminal record and maybe there was no criminal intent.
    It looks like a sad situation where the woman had to defend herself. (Protecting her is *not* the job of the police. according to court decisions).
    Sadly the intruder is at fault for his own demise.

    1. Liz says:

      a “fine young man” does not get drunk….are you kidding me?

      these posts literally make me sick to my stomach and 100% grateful that I do not live in this state with ignorant people

      it’s a tragic accident where unfortunately one life was lost and many others changed forever, not to mention the nightmares that this woman will have to live with for the rest of her life

  20. CanadianTexan says:

    Sad situation since it appears that the man was drunk and not trying to harm her, but, she did have the right to defend herself and her property. She had no way of knowing he was just a stupid drunk and not a rapist. She’s not guilty, yet she will still live with the mental consequences forever. All because he was an irresponsible drunk.

  21. ha says:


  22. Ronny says:

    Tradgedy for all involved can not blame her but tough for all

  23. G Bryant says:


    1. JR says:

      That’s a common ruse in Texas. They knock on the door repeatedly and assume if no one answers the place is vacant. We all know this MO. Granted that was not his intent but she had no way of Knowing.

      But, Welcome to Texas. We shoot “first” and let God sort em out later.

      You don’t like it then move back to wherever you came form.

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