DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Despite warnings ever year, Dallas Police have issues with people firing their guns into the air on New Year’s Eve.

This year was no different.  And when a bullet crashed down from the ceiling of a home on Woodlot Drive, it barely missed Alicia Munoz, who was breastfeeding her 5-month-old son Jayden.

Almost a dozen family members, including her mother, sister, nieces and daughters, sat around her in the bedroom of her sister’s home in southeast Dallas, all waiting to celebrate the New Year.

The blast left them covered in dust.  “We heard the sound, like it was a bomb.  It exploded loudly,” Munoz said.
Police say the stray bullet landed on the bed, where Munoz was sitting.

“I just ducked to get something from my bag,” she said, describing how she managed to miss the bullet that passed just behind her.

“It fell right on top of her,” said her 15-year-old daughter Erica Velasquez.

The family believes someone shot the bullet into the air, unaware it would come down straight through their roof.

Frightened more gunfire would follow, the family panicked.  “Everybody started to run,” remembers 7-year-old Maria Ramirez, Munoz’s niece.  “We were all scared and the adults told us to get in the closet because maybe they were going to throw some more at night.”

Ramirez says she thought someone was hurt.  Her aunt believes someone very easily could have been.  “Thank God it didn’t hit me,” said Munoz. “I think it’s a miracle of God.”

Police were unable to find the shooter.