Grand Prairie Neighbors Pay More For Falling Trees

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – The Lynn Creek Subdivision in south Grand Prairie is nestled up against a wooded landscape that is home to all types of birds and animals; and that’s just the way many residents like it.

“We bought here so we would have the view and be close to nature,” said homeowner, Bill Burch.

Dozens of residents paid an extra $7,000 to $18,000 for their homes, just to have a slice of nature in their backyards. “When I see the eagles, I enjoy watching them nesting,” said neighbor, Kathy Hicks. “There’s a number of hawks and a wonderful variety of birds,” she added.

The homeowners say they were assured that the woods behind them were protected and that no construction would ever disturb the beautiful scenery. However, just before Christmas, their beloved trees started coming down.

The city of Grand Prairie is currently clear cutting a path to extend Lynn Creek Park road. The road will cut through the trees and connect Lake Ridge Parkway with Highway 360. “We’ve never been notified. None of us,” argued Christina Moly, who bought her home seven years ago.

The Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the land, says notices were sent out in August of 2011. But at Tuesday night’s Grand Prairie City Council meeting, a handful of neighbors delivered 27 written statements from residents who swore they were never notified.

The Mayor of Grand Prairie says the road extension has been in the works for years and that the project should come as no surprise. “This has been on the master plan since 2005,” explained Mayor Charles England. “There’s been several hearings that the [Army] Corps has had,” the Mayor added.

With construction well underway, many neighbors now fear there is nothing they can do to save their trees and what’s left of their little slice of nature.


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  1. amalia castillo says:

    Give then their money back for their homes and it’s all about the money..The City of Grand Prairie Officials all they want to do is make more money for them ..They don’t care about Nature or the wildlife ..It’s MONEY ,Plain and Simple MONEY…….So give these people their money back for their homes..Instead of protecting God’s Animals and the Plant life..We destroy everything in sight ..That’s what we as Humans do is Destroy and without trees and plant life we are destroying the Oxygen Levels that we need to Breath and with all the pollution Levels going up and up ..Soon we won’t have to worry about oxygen we will all die…

  2. Jack says:

    Who did they pay extra?, and who “assured” them it was protected?? That person, or people should pay back the money. Sounds like empty promises from eager realtors wanting to sell property. Construction has started…there’s nothing that can be done now.

  3. Ann says:

    The city where I live has their long range plans available on their website for all the public to view, and they have for years. If these people did not research their city plans and took the word of one individual, they have no right to blame their city. If they have a complaint, they need to take it to the person or entity that gave them that promise.

    1. Kathy says:

      Many contacted personally the Corps of Engineers who controlled the land. These individuals were assured that the land would remain protected. They did research to the source. Even though the city wanted this project. The Corps denied it repeatedly and indicated to prospective buyers contacting them that permission would not be granted. With a change in command; evidently the position changed. Research was done but positions changed. One major issue is the lack of communication. Residents do derserve notification, a publicized overview of the project that includes studies, projections, and visual renderings of completed project.

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