Father Pushing For ‘Eryk’s Law’ After Son’s Murder At Hands Of Ex-Wife

SACHSE (CBSDFW.COM) – All Rod McCall can do is take comfort in the memories he had with his 7-year-old son Eryk. “That’s what I remember. Just a happy go lucky kid. When he was with me, we had a good time.”

Those good times were cut short in October.

McCall’s estranged wife Karen shot and killed their son, then herself at their home in Sachse.  Only an hour before, a jury awarded McCall sole custody following a bitter battle in which McCall was accused of abusing his son, but cleared of any wrongdoing.

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Mccall says, “My attorney said Rod, go get your son. Go now.”  He says Eryk wasn’t at school that day, but home with his grandparents.  So McCall says he got to the house as quickly as possible and knocked on the door. “I was hoping to avoid a confrontation.”

While still standing at the front door, McCall says he remembers seeing Karen’s parents walk across the street. “That’s when I heard the gunshots. Police tell us to get down, and I’m just standing there mortified.”

McCall says a week before their custody trial, he warned his attorney something like this could happen. “I wish I had asked that she not be allowed to leave the courtroom until Eryk was safe.”

Now, nearly three months later, McCall is on a mission to create a new state law, named after his son. “I want to try to make Eryk’s death mean something by changing the way in which once a case goes before a judge or jury, that children can be protected in a way they don’t suffer like Eryk did.”

McCall contacted the office of State Representative Stefani Carter of Dallas about his proposal.  In a statement to CBS 11, Carter says she is “Currently researching whether there can be a legislative solution to prevent such a tragedy from happening to another family.”

McCall says they’ve raised money to make pins calling for Eryk’s law.  He says he appreciates all of the cards and letters he’s received from his former high school students, and even strangers from other states.  But he says it is still difficult to get through the dark days. “I was looking forward to teaching him how to play ball, cub scouts, teaching him all the things my dad taught me, and now, I don’t get to.”

McCall says he has set up the Eryk McCall Memorial Fund at the American National Bank in Wylie and Sachse.  He says the money raised will help him make up for the costs associated with funeral expenses.

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One Comment

  1. ATareen says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who get unhinged when they don’t get what they want. But children are not “things” that we want, they are people who love and care about their families. No one should ever shoot an innocent child because “if they can’t have him or her, no one can”.

  2. ilvrw says:

    I hope and pray there is a solution that will help avoid another incident such as this. Maybe we need to have children in custody suits like this to be in the care of someone other than the parents until custody is awarded. Too many kids suffering from adult foolishness.

  3. AMPP Watcher says:

    Let’s start with some facts. The fact is 95% of child abuse allegations reported by mothers against the father are true. The fact is less than 20% of child abuse allegations reported by fathers against mothers are true. That is a pretty big gap. Despite these facts, 58,000 children a year are taken from loving mothers and sentenced to live primarily with their abusers. If it was your child being abused by the other parent, would you want your child unsupervised with their abuser? Would you even want your child to have contact with their abuser? That being said, I feel no sympathy for this abuser who used the debunked Parental Alienation theory and other false allegations typically used by Fathers Rights members to take custody from a mother.
    Just because he managed to pay professionals to lie well enough that the judge “gave him a pass” (he even admitted as much) doesn’t mean he didn’t abuse the mother or the child. It just means that this judge ignored the facts, like so many have for decades now, and chose to add one more child to the 58,000 a year sentenced to live with their abuser until the abuser murders them. I can’t see this law as anything except another way for abusers to keep mothers from having access to the children at all costs.
    Close inspection of contested divorces and child custody cases will find abusers, not loving fathers mind you Abusers, do everything in their power to take the child and prevent the mother from having any contact. If that fails, the abusive father murders the child out of spite. I have no doubt that if this father had gained custody, we would be reading about the child’s death in the near future. This is not a father to be pitied, this is an abuser who pushed a mother to the point there was no option left but to take the life of her child and herself as a mercy killing rather than permit her precious baby to be tortured to death by his abuser. Like it or not, that is what happened.

    1. always seek the truth says:

      did you know Karen when she and Rodney were together? Also, I would love to have the empirical information that you based your percentages on please.

    2. darlingclementine says:

      @AAMP Watcher: It sounds like you have some really big “daddy” issues you need to seek help for.

  4. altha says:

    Wow now he is using his dead son to fill his pockets with money. What law is he talking about? how to make money on your dead child bast#$@.

    1. always seek the truth says:

      Oh my goodness, you do not even know this man. He did not start the fund, The mayor of Wylie started it. He is using it to help fund Eryk’s Law to prevent this type of incident in the future. He is not the sole signer on the account so the money can not be misused. The funeral expenses were paid for by his parents and an anonymous donor. Please get the facts before you make such hurtful and unwarranted statements.

  5. Niko Donovan says:

    Hey AAMP, if these alleged ‘facts’ were in fact facts, you will have no problem stating the unbiased source right? Having been trained as a physician I can tell you based on studies I have read as well as empirical experience, the perpetrators are quite often the mothers.

    In 2003, an estimated 906,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect. Neglect was the most common form of maltreatment, with 60.9 percent of child victims suffering from neglect in 2003. Neglect was followed by physical abuse (18.9 percent of child victims), sexual abuse (9.9 percent of child victims), and psychological maltreatment (4.9 percent of child victims). In 2003, approximately 1,500 children died because of abuse or neglect.29

    According to one of the major studies:
    The largest percentage of perpetrators (83.9 percent) was parents, including birth parents, adoptive parents, and stepparents.(30) How do fathers compare to mothers in the perpetration of child maltreatment?

    Federal data derived from CPS reports in 2003 indicate that in 18.8 percent of the substantiated cases, fathers were the sole perpetrators of maltreatment; in 16.9 percent of the cases, the fathers and the mothers were perpetrators; and in 1.1 percent of the cases, the father acted with someone else to abuse or neglect his child.
    Mothers were the sole perpetrators in 40.8 percent of the cases and acted with someone besides the father in 6.3 percent of the cases.(31) This means that fathers were involved in 36.8 percent of child maltreatment cases and that mothers were involved in 64 percent of child maltreatment cases.

    Additionally, more than one-half of the male perpetrators were biological fathers, and, although recidivism rates were low, biological fathers were more likely to be perpetrators of maltreatment again than were most other male perpetrators. This may be due in part to the lack of permanence between a mother and her boyfriend or that the perpetrator may be excluded from the household before recidivism can occur.(32)

    Moral of the story? You want to be very, very careful spouting useless data when trying to make an emotional appeal. You never know who may be reading.


    30. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (ACYF). (2005). back

    31. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (ACYF). (2005). back

    32. Shusterman, G. R. Fluke, J. D. & Yuan, Y. T. (2005). Male perpetrators of child maltreatment: Findings from NCANDS [On-line]. Available: http://aspe.hhs.gov/hsp/05/child-maltreat/report.pdf. back

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