By Matt Goodman,
dscf1405 Stay Ahead Of The Weather With CBS 11s Winter Special

CBS 11 News meteorologist Jeff Jamison prepares his weather forecast on November 8, 2011. (credit: Phil Stauskas/KTVT/KTXA)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The long-awaited Winter Weather Special is here: CBS 11’s group of meteorologists will spend the 6 p.m. hour Saturday exploring various winter topics that will help our viewers and readers anticipate and prepare for what may lie ahead.

We all remember last winter’s freeze during Super Bowl week. Snow plows had to be borrowed from other agencies to help clear the slick, white roads. Well, now we have our own.

Chief meteorologist Larry Mowry breaks down the region’s new stockpile here. 

The spring and summer months were some of the most disastrous in the state’s history. A record-shattering drought created dangerously dry conditions throughout much of the state.

Every electrical spark and each lit cigarette butt flicked out of a car window morphed into something dastardly; something that could set a single flame that would accelerate through thousands upon thousands of acres of dried-out land.

Up until Oct. 31, nearly 28,000 fires claimed about 4 million acres of land. The drought is here to stay, so what are the chances of wildfires this winter? Meteorologist Jeff Jamison explores that here.

On a lighter note, winter tends to be an energy hog. Meteorologist and environmental reporter Jeff Ray writes about ways to stay warm without draining bank accounts.

And another troubling aspect of winter? Wind chill. Read on as Jeff Jamison offers up a brief history of how it’s tracked and what you can do to protect yourself this season.

As usual, CBS 11 will cover winter weather with veracity and passion this season.

A new piece of equipment known as Mobile 11 will offer more mobility for our photojournalists to bring high-quality footage of severe weather, should it rear its ugly head this season. Larry Mowry wrote about new opportunities that technology will open up.

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