Keller Teacher Accused Of Having Improper Relationship With Student

HALTOM CITY (CBSDFW.COM) – A Keller middle school teacher has turned himself over to police after being accused of having an improper relationship with a student.

Three days before Christmas, officials with the Keller Independent School District notified Haltom City police of the accusations. A 17-year old female student had told her parents that she had a sexual relationship with 34-year-old teacher Chad Eric Bearden and the adults contacted the school district.

The teenager claims she and Bearden had sex on two separate occasions at his apartment in Haltom City.

The girl was not a student of Bearden’s at the time of the alleged offenses. The teenager attended Keller Central High School, while Bearden taught at Hillwood Middle School, also in the Keller ISD.

An arrest warrant for Improper Relationship Between Educator/Student was issued for Bearden, who turned himself in to the North Richland Hills Jail on January 5.


One Comment

  1. Chanel says:

    Really? For crying out freaking loud she’s 17 years old. She’s old enough to move out in the state of Texas so she’s old enough to decide who she wants to have sex with. She seriously told her mommy and daddy? awwww. He doesn’t even teach in the same school she goes too. This is ridiculous. Teachers should not be sleeping with students but some of these that are like the teacher and several 18 year olds. This 17yo and a teacher. They shouldn’t even be arrested. It’s just stupid.

    1. 2sister says:

      It is against the law for a teacher to have a romantic relationship with a student. He doesn’t even have to sleep with the student. If he or she is dating the student, that would also be illegal. The teacher in this case is not being charged with rape. He is being charged with having an improper relationship. Teachers know the law and that they can’t date students. If is not stupid for them to arrest a teacher accused of this.

      1. 2sister says:

        Oops. I meant to say it is not stupid and of if is not stupid.

    2. Rachel Johnstone says:

      Having personally been taught by this guy in middle school… He needed to go. He was suspended from Hillwood when he wrote a porno on the school computer about the students. So don’t comment on the situation if you don’t even know.

  2. David says:

    hE IS NOT HER TEACHER AND TEACHES IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SCHOOL? I could understand if he taught in the same school or was her teacher, but this is stupid.

  3. please choose another says:

    WHAT WAS HE THINKING ? She is under 18 ,are there exceptions other than being in congress written into this law.

    1. please choose another says:

      I stand corrected; the laws have been changed since I was a kid. You two crazy kids have fun.

  4. johnnie says:

    17 is age of consent in texas. this is stupid

    1. 2sister says:

      !7 is the age of consent as it relates to rape charges. The teacher has not been charged with rape.

  5. Laura says:

    She probably only told because he wouldn’t have sex with her anymore! Think about it she never said a word when it 1st happened now all of a sudden she tells her mother & father.

  6. Randy Weaver says:

    I knew this guy was a little different. He was my teacher in 8th grade.

  7. Crissy says:

    that is disgusting he use to be my teacher when i went to that school and he was a huge creep then so now even more ew ! and you go to hillwood middle before central high they are down the street from each other and close schools so it is kind of like the same school its nasty and not right who ever thinks that is ok , um yeah your nasty !

  8. Kacie says:


  9. Crissy says:

    hahahaha kacie your in front of me and cracking me up about this ahahhahahah

  10. Kacie says:

    Hahahahah this is so funny to me, the girl must have had some serious problems as well as Mr. Lepracahn

  11. Crissy says:

    hahahahah i wonder who the girl is its gunna be so sad for her when we all find out who she is and to get with him out of everyone here in keller hahahah SAD !

  12. kelsey says:

    If he was still here he would still be my teacher… This is really scary… All the rumors were true, that everyone was talking about. Our assistance principal said he couldn’t tell our theatre class because of the law, and now I understand completely. This is really scary… just wow… He was a good director too. I had to find out through Facebook….

  13. lexi taylor says:

    ha, anyone vouching for him obviously never went to school while he was teaching there, biggest creep alive that constantly had a hard on. about time.

  14. ilvrw says:

    As the lyrics in the Pink Floyd song say….”Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.”

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