Fort Worth Man Arrested For Walking Dog With His Car

screen shot 2012 01 09 at 5 39 55 pm Fort Worth Man Arrested For Walking Dog With His Car

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth police say undercover officers on a burglary patrol saw a man struggling with his leashed dog on Avenue I near Texas Wesleyan University Thursday.

The officers say the man got into his car holding the dog’s leash out of the driver’s side window. Then, police say, the man drove down the street dragging the dog behind.

The dog’s owner, 35-year old Anthony Brown, was arrested for animal cruelty.  “They did me like I robbed a bank or something, y’know?” Brown said. “So, I don’t understand it.”

Brown says his female pit bull, Sugar, was left at his house by a friend about a year ago and he’s taken care of it since. Brown said the dog was acting up that day and he was taking the dog to his father’s house a couple of blocks away to put her in the back yard.

“When I tried to get in the car with her, she growled,” Brown said. “So I didn’t get in the car with her, I just pulled her out of the car and held the leash out the door and drove from here to right there not even 50, 75 feet at the most,” Brown said pointing a point about half a block away. “I was doing probably about seven miles an hour because I was hanging out car with the dog, y’know?”

The Fort Worth police department wouldn’t talk about the case and wouldn’t let animal control comment on it either.  But sources say Brown apparently intended to harm, if not kill, the dog.

Brown says he cares for his pet and wouldn’t harm her.  “I wasn’t dragging a dog, man, I ain’t that kind of dude.”

An animal cruelty conviction could mean up to $4,000 in fines and two years in jail.  Sources say the dog is the care of Fort Worth animal control and is in good condition.

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One Comment

  1. YRofTexas says:

    Is this a case of animal cruelty or someone over reacting to a stupid way of walking a dog? I am hoping that there are some witnesses of neighbors to help clear up what really did happen.

    Cops are people, too, and they may have misunderstood what the man was doing.

    Next time, just walk the dog those 3 blocks; avoid the jail time!

    1. Kathy Carter says:

      you aren’t really that stupid are you??

      1. YRofTexas says:

        Kathy Carter, if you can’t keep an open mind to the ENTIRE story, then shut up and wait for additional information. Were you there? Then be a good witness and give the cops your point of the story. The dog was unharmed and healthy.
        Think before you speak. If you maintain your silence, others will ASSUME you to be wise.

  2. BDK says:


    Misunderstood what the man was doing? You are just as stupid as that man. How about we wrap a leash around your neck and take you out for a drag around the neighborhood and see if you can keep up.

    God I am so sick of stupid people I could scream.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      @ BDK:
      Were you there, dear? People lie; people stretch the truth. The man may have been lying or the cops. You weren’t there. Article mentions no witnesses to back up either the cops or the dog owner.
      You are stupid when you ASSUME one point of view without ALL THE FACTS. I am not going to judge the dog owner nor the cops. That’s for a judge to decide, once neighbors are interviewed; witnesses, family and friends. Then we can understand the character of the dog owner before judging him.
      You are judging the dog owner from one single article and you are judging me and calling me stupid.
      Are you, in fact, showing your inability to consider the entire story before setting down judgment?
      Look in the mirror and if you see perfection, then call others stupid. Until then, keep silent or be respectful of the OPINION and PERSPECTIVE of others.

      1. Kathy Carter says:

        you are stupid and no one has to be perfect to see that

      2. Bill Haley says:

        Skippy, by the OWNER’S OWN ADMISSION, he was going 7 miles per hour. Give that some thought for a moment. That’s not an assumption, that’s a direct statement from the defendant. It is, however, an assumption on your part that the dog was “unharmed and healthy”. I believe the article simply states the dog is in “good condition”.
        I fully agree people should avoid judgement until all the facts are in. However, you yourself put your own spin on the article; are others so different than you?

  3. Kathy Carter says:

    I would LOVE to drag this STUPID STUPID “man” around my neighborhood by a leash around his neck behind my car. What a sic creep

    1. YRofTexas says:

      Takes STUPID to know STUPID.
      I’m certain that you have walked a perfect life, and when people saw you doing stupid things, they thought you wise.
      Notice that I don’t slander you. Just try to be patient with you and BDK who are very quick to judge others….unseen.

      1. Cindy says:

        So ture YR….. you speak with experience.

  4. cindy says:

    You clearly know what you are talking about YR. I see you know stupid really well.

  5. Bill Haley says:

    Is it possible for you two to be any more juvenile? Nanner nanner to you both!

    1. sadiedog says:

      i totally agree ‘but children will be children

  6. Highland Park Snob says:

    Jesus, this comment board is filled with stupid hicks.

  7. Travelex las vegas says:

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