Richie Whitt, CBSDFW.COM

10. For those of you yelling “Tim Tebow has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo!”, why didn’t you scream the same after the Texans’ victory led by a first-time quarterback named T.J. Yates?

9. If I were the Packers I wouldn’t try a quarterback sneak against the Giants. New York stuffed Tony Romo last week and then Matt Ryan yesterday on key 4th-and-1s.

8. Nobody fake laughs more than CBS studio host James Brown. They’ll come back from a commercial and he’ll seemingly be chuckling so hard that he can barely get out a sentence. C’mon, JB, let us in on the joke. Oh right, there isn’t one. You’re just fake laughing to make it seem like you fun-loving guys are just cutting it up on the set. Embarrassingly lame.

7. Drew Brees’ accuracy – even under pressure – is uncanny. I said way back on Sept. 8 that the Packers’ season-opening, 42-34, win over New Orleans would probably be the best regular season game of the year and a preview of the NFC Championship Game. Standing by that.

6. Take Terence Newman’s pathetic game against the Giants and multiply it by three. Then you have an idea of how bad Steelers’ cornerback Ike Taylor was against Denver on Sunday. And Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan is now 0-3 in the playoffs. Guess his critics will start labeling him a loser?

5. In the game of network analysts, NBC’s Cris Collinsworth is slaughtering the competition. Fox’s Troy Aikman too many times couches his milk-toast opinion in superfluous wordiness, as in “I don’t know that the Falcons called a play that had the potential to work there.” Just say it already! “The Falcons made a bonehead call.” As for CBS’ Phil Simms, we get it. Your network pre-arranges interviews with players and coaches on the Friday before the game. You don’t have to remind us in every sentence that “When we were talking to John Fox … ”.

4. Best player I saw over the weekend was Lions’ receiver Calvin Johnson. With his size, jumping ability, long arms and athleticism added to the rule where defensive backs are now leery of hitting receivers high, he is basically indefensible.

3. With the season on the line last week Tim Tebow went 6 of 22 in a 7-3 loss to the Chiefs. And with the game on the line in the final 2 minutes of regulation last night he sent a wobbly pass three yards short of his receiver on a key third down. With a reprieve thanks to a Raiders’ loss that allowed Denver to back into the playoffs and an assist from a defensive line that sacked Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and allowed him another possession, Tebow threw a 16-yard pass that Demaryius Thomas turned into a game-winning 80-yard catch. Honestly, I’d stopped paying attention to Tebow during his team’s three-game losing streak to end the season because he was exposed as an ineffective fraud, but now the irrational, misplaced “Tebow Does It Again!” headlines have re-kindled my hatred of his fans. Not him, mind you, but those who blindly worship him. I gave Failure Jesus the week off because, as I said on 105.3 The Fan last week, I started to feel sorry for Tebow. But, trust me, the darkest powers of failure will be summoned to New England Saturday night.

2. Very cool moment by the Texans to have Bum Phillips introduced before Saturday’s win over the Bengals. And good for Wade Phillips. A “Stumbledoofus” as a head coach in Dallas, but I always said he was a good defensive coordinator.

1. No matter the circumstances or ramifications, it’s always a good day when the Steelers are eliminated from the playoffs.