ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – An explosion and resulting fire in the Fall of 2011 destroyed the Magnablend Chemical Plant in Waxahachie.

Now there is a proposal to relocate the facility to an area just west of Waxahachie. But some Ellis County residents are saying, “not in my backyard.”

Monday morning dozens of affected residents are expected to gather at the Ellis County Commissioner’s meeting.

The residents want to let commissioners know they are opposed to them even discussing raising the load limit on Arrowhead Road.

The increased weight limits would open the door for heavy trucks to travel to and from the Magnablend chemical facility that the company wants to open.

Residents say they will fight the proposal to protect their way of life.

“I wanted to get out somewhere, where we could relax and get clean, fresh air to breathe,” explained resident Carl Watson. “I have not been able to sleep every since I found out about it.”

The October 2011 Magnablend fire burned for days. Since then, company owners have been working on a proposal to relocate the plant. Their first choice is the former site of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), near FM1446 and Hoyt Road that shut down 20 years ago.

Residents who live near the proposed site worry about the potential for another fire and those heavy trucks traveling on nearby roadways.
On Friday, some 200 people packed a meeting to learn about the plans.

“When it comes to a chemical plant, that raises a flag,” Ellis County Resident Luke Tamminga said.

The CEO of Magnablend did not attend Friday night’s meeting but told CBS 11 News that he met with residents and “understands their concerns.”