Fuel City Owner Surprised By New DPD Shoplifting Policy

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The owner of a well-known Dallas gas station learns the hard way about the new Dallas Police Department policy on shoplifting.

Fuel City owner John Brenda found out the department’s new policy is to not respond to calls of shoplifting for an amount less than $50.

He says an RV full of people decided to steal beer from the popular gas station and taco stand Thursday morning.

A sheriff’s deputy that frequents the spot intervened and called the police, but because the suspects didn’t steal more than $50 worth Benda will now have to file a shoplifting complaint with the DA’s office.

Benda says he understands that the department is trying to direct more attention to more serious crimes, but is still frustrated with the theft.

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports:

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One Comment

  1. Chuck Bronson says:

    Shoot them. Problem solved. We’re in Texas, remember?

  2. mark lampkin says:

    you just tell them it is $51.00
    thats what they did at kroger in 2006. i was just getting off work, and this woman was being beaten severely by some 6’5″ 300# man. iand she was screaming bloody murder. everyone was ignoring her, it was 730am. i paid for my groceries (i had been going there since 2002). i went to see where the noise was coming from. it took a few seconds before i coul;d see the 110# woman smothered by the 300# man, beating her against the wall. i tried to pull his arms back. thats when he told me he was undercover. they took us both to the back room, charged me w/assault, and also for hitting his lezbo partner. she only stole $35.00 worth of stuff, so they went and got another $20.00 and took us both to jail. yay dpd. the finest liars in the world. so just do what they do, lie.

  3. William says:

    DPD has gone too far with this policy. All business owners pay taxes and have a right to have police enforce laws and protect property. Chief Brown is more than willing to jail criminals who dare to stare from stores that sell items worth over $50, but DPD can’t be bothered to even show up to help the small grocery store or gas station owner. Hopefully, one of the business owners will take Chief Brown to court, so he can fully explain why only some businesses are worthy of police protection.

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