Website Selling Rick Perry “Action Figures”

rick perry dolls Website Selling Rick Perry Action Figures


FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The Rick Perry action figure went on sale Thursday morning.

Emile Vicale, owner of, said while he can’t predict how well the doll will sell, because it seems Perry is on his way out, he thinks most of the sales will come from people who aren’t fans of the governor.

“I remember in the past us doing action figures of people that weren’t liked,” recalled Vicale. “People on the other side of the fence would buy them and give them as gag gifts for people on the opposing side of the political fence.”

There’s a selection of four different Perry dolls – including a talking version. And what would you expect that talking doll to say? The doll plays a recording of Perry’s famous “oops” moment, back in November, when during a debate he struggled to name all three of the federal agencies that he felt should be eliminated.

There are two models of the Rick Perry doll – one wearing jeans and tennis shoes, the other in a suit.

Before lunchtime Vicale said had received a couple dozen orders for the dolls.

Just because Perry is coming in at or near the bottom of most polls, don’t think the dolls are cheap. The “action figures” start at $40 and go up to $70 and that doesn’t include shipping.

A footnote – Perry isn’t the only political action figure offered on The website also sells Herman Cain, Hillary Clinton and Michele Bachmann dolls.

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  • Moe Stuuge

    Anything to make a buck sheeeesh………….

  • Susan

    What do these Rick Perry action figures do …. nothing? Hmm, same old, same old.

  • dpfromtx


    • Kitty

      Yep, just like the real thing!

    • Grahawk


  • Grahawk

    They missed out on the “Broke Back Mountain” jacket…

  • dpfromtx

    Pull his string and he says “OOPS” and “DUH” and “BOOT’S ON THE GROUND” !!!

  • Shots For All! Sieg Heil!

    Is the action figure’s accessory a giant bag full of Merck money?

  • Made In China

    The thing looks more like Jay Leno than Rick Perry, especially the tux picture.

    • Made In China

      On a side note, does that GD doll have NIPPLES?!

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